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It all began many years ago.

I had taken the car into town to town to pick up some new driving gloves. Papa had just purchased me my own motor vehicle and it would be uncouth of me to drive without wearing them. As I did not want to bring shame on my family, I decided that a nice pair of soft leather gloves would suffice.

Upon reaching the ladies fashion store, I came across Icknognito who had her hands filled with hastily cobbled together books made of paper and string. When I enquired what she had there, she said it was "fan fiction" and that it needed some fixing. I walked away from this obvious lunatic.

After many requests via letter and carrier pigeon, I consented to be Ickcognito's beta, and did she ever need the help. These days it is a daily request to beta her work on this new fangled internets.

My job is a struggle, because as well as fixing Ickcognito's bad spelling and grammar, I also have to drag her away from the internet hourly. She is forever reading updates to her favourite Of Mice and Men fics.

My favorite character is Jasper Hale. I love a southern gentleman.

When betaing, I like to listen to New Kids On The Block.

If you want, you can look at the bane of my existance's profile here, if you're going to contact her, please bombard her with pictures of Nick Carter - that's her favorite BSB member.

I also enjoy the smooth sounds of Shabba Ranks.

Mr. Loverman, SHABBA!

Look at that slick, mofo.

This is a picture of Icknognito and I, with a few of our friends. I'm the one on the far right.


Here is another picture of Icknognito and I, with our good friend, Mel. I'm in the middle. Icknognito is on the left, and on the right would be, Mel.


This next picture is a bit risque. I'm on the right, Icknognito on the left.