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Hello, and welcome to the domicile of Heddwyn McCloud. I'm a person who likes to read and, moreso, to write. My favorite book series is the Xanth series by Piers Anthony; I've also recently read The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, of which I thoroughly enjoyed. I'm not too big on nonsensical fiction (such as that of Lewis Carroll), and I very rarely enjoy a crackfic. My least favorite book so far is "Aloft" by Chang Rae Lee. I am mostly interested in Disney (full-length animated classics) fanfictions, but I also, from time to time, enjoy "The Swan Princess" and various other movies made by Disney.

I don't think I'll ever write lovefics or crackfics. I mainly focus on drama and adventure.

Apart from being an undistinguished, lackadaisical writer, I also enjoy reviewing others' works. If you recognize my reviewing process, it proceeds as such:

-Spelling and grammar--Do you spell correctly, and do you use correct punctuation? This is a 1/1 statistic; perfect gives you one point, a few errors will give you 9/10 of a point, a consistent error will give you 1/2 a point, and sloppy grammar will award you with nothing.

Note: Due to a former review, I will take note of the author's native tongue and language; American English and British English are apparently quite different.

-Prose: Is your story interesting to read sentence for sentence? Does your story read smoothly? This is a hit-or-miss moment, with interesting, smooth sentences being rewarded with 1 point; boring or choppy structure will be given 1/2 a point, and boring AND choppy structure will be rewarded with nothing.

-Setting: Is your setting described vividly? Is it important to the overall story? This is ranked as follows: 2 poins for a vivid, interesting and important setting; 1 point for having a bland or unimportant setting; no points for the setting being nonexistant. Half-points are also used, 1.5 awarded to a weak setting in possibly one chapter, and 0.5 awarded to, if all else fails, a very bland picture and mention of the setting.

-Character: How are your characters developed? Are your characters' dialog and actions consistent? Are original characters well-developed? This is ranked as follows: 2 points for a well-crafted cast, staying loyal to the original characters and giving a three-dimensional feel to OC's; one point for sometimes ditzy and bland characters; nothing for characters that talk and act the same, and do nothing interesting. Half- and quarter- points are also used.

-Motivation: A sub-set of character; is everything motivated? A hit or miss, either 1 point or none.

-Plot: Is your problem interesting? Do your characters proceed in an intelligent and exciting manner? Are there any plot holes? Is the conclusion worthwhile? How does the denouement advance? There are 3 points possible, and they will be rewarded at the discretion of the author (me :P) with proper justification.

So, if you have anything you'd like to have reviewed or checked, please message me. I'll be blunt, but I'll also [at the very least attempt to] be fair and kind.

That's how my reviewing system works. Now, a little more about me: my favorite Disney movie is "101 Dalmatians" (the 1961 animated film), and my favorite film overall is the 1985 film "Ladyhawke," starring Matthew Broderick and Michelle Pfeiffer. I was also fond of "Swan Princess" and "Free Willy" as a child. I cannot stand Dreamworks' "Open Season" or Lionsgate's "Happily N'ever After," nor can I stand "Dragon Wars" or "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: the Lightning Thief."

I'm not quite film or pop culture savvy, and I don't have a favorite band; I have favorite songs from bands, but not a favorite band.

The first fanfiction I ever wrote was called "101 Dalmatians: The Hidden Dalmatian," and it was bad; my OC was a Mary-Sue, my plot lost its way somewhere, and my denouement was overall uncalled for. It's been taken down, but I do have the story on my computer.

I don't usually have pairings, but if I did, my main one would probably have to be Sergeant Tibbs from "101 Dalmatians" and Angel from "Lady and the Tramp II: Scamp's Adventure." I know that they're can and dog (respectively), but hear me out: Sergeant Tibbs is an honest cat from the streets who wants nothing more than to help others in need; Angel is an honest dog with experience on the streets, and may have a bleeding heart someday (but not in the movie; she makes that clear). I would think that Tibbs may see a mature woman (or doggess, to avoid misinterpretation of a more specific term) and Angel may seem an honest humble sire in him. This explanation may seem convoluted, but, for me at least, it would be Sergeant Tibbs x Angel.

Favorite characters of mine, apart from Sergeant Tibbs and Angel, would be Bagheera ("The Jungle Book"), Vitani ("The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride"), Penny and Pongo ("101 Dalmatians"), Basil ("The Great Mouse Detective"), Madame Medusa ("The Rescuers"), and Maid Marian ("Robin Hood").

My favorite Disney villains are Madame Medusa, Dr. Facilier, Judge Claude Frollo, Professor Padraic Ratigan, and Percival McLeach. I think Maleficent is overrated for one reason: instead of appealing to Aurora's curiosity with a sspinning wheel, or tempting her into disobeying the Good Fairies, she merely hypnotizes her. That may be evil, but it really was lacking.

Anyway, my favorite two authors are DitzyMinx and Willliam Stock.

Recent News: I don't know if you guys read this, but I've set a date for the new chapter of "Conscience and Law" to be up: Saturday, 9:00 PM PST. If I do not have it up by then, I will officially abandon the story. I'm currently working on typed rough drafts.

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