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Name:Leslie,Les... (Curse you 5th grade language arts teacher)

Age:Well I'm old enough to write :)

Favorite music:Walk Away,Break away,Poker face,Disturbia,Stronger,So Much for My Happy Ending,Listen to your heart,Toxin,This is Me,I Hate You,Close to your Heart,Everytime,Tear Drops On My Guitar,You Belong With Me,Our Song,Unwritten,Reaching for Heaven,Beep,Chemical React,Hot and Cold,Every time we touch,In the End,Face down,Please don't the Music,Bad Boy,Skater Boy,Who's that Girl,He loves me not,He Said She said,Witch Doctor,Push it to the limit,It's my turn now,All about Us,Friend or Foe,My Secret Combination,Take Me Away

-I LOVVVEEE a lot of music but this is just the beginning

I have WAYY more coming


-I Have one sibling a older sister Christina (NIGHTMARE!)

-My hair is dark black and about to shoulder length it used to be down by my back guess who did that? (glares at dad.)

-New Jersey is very famous for it's rain so that's why I can be very pale :(

-I'm extremely good with school, i try hard. I drive to prove people that girls can be more then pretty faces and cheerleaders.

-I don't stuck-ups (who does?)So if your going to have a attitude with me you better watch out!

-Well i love soccer its the reason why i work out and work hard everyday :)

-I'm very active I love to play sports and join clubs.So I might not Be on Fan fiction That Much But I'll try to keep up with my fics! :)

-I enjoy chatting with people so if you want to talk fill free to PM me if you want to talk.

-I love animals I even had dog name Baby I did have fishes but... Let's just say their funerals are in the toilet :(

My name is Leslie

Well its nice to see you guys again sorry i haven't been on high school is alot of work -_-

I'm planning to start updating more and start working on my new stories since Ikarishipping is starting to die out since Dawn and Paul are kicked out of Pokemon

I promise not to disappoint ^>^

Stories I'm Planning To Make/Or Making:

1.Title:Destiny Between Us

Genre-Romance,Drama Rating:T

Summary-After A family Tragedy Dawn and her mother moved to Veilstone City.Dawn meets a boy name Paul and his brother Reggie.Paul helps Dawn get settled in her new life in Veilstone City,But what happen when fellow enemies try to break the love they are trying to hold together will it survive or die out? Ikarishipping PADL


2.Title-Love for a New Beginning

Genre-Romance,Drama Rating:T

Summary-Johanna expects Dawn to become a world famous Coordinator.But what happens when Dawn find new love for Ice skating and for a boy that her mother can helplessly despise Ikarishipping slight Curtainshipping PADL and RAML.


3.Title-Video game Madness

Genre:Romance,Humor Rating:K

Summary-Dawn always loved Video games But what happens when she sucked into her Princess Rescue game and that Paul is her Prince Charming?Plus the Players of her Nintendo DS are Ash and Brock.Will Dawn be free? or stay in the game forever? along with Paul Ikarishipping PADL!


4.Title:Were all in this together

Genre:Romance,Drama Rating:T

Summary:Dawn and her friends Misty,May and Zoey enter the Talent Show as the Dutch Girls planning to win the show with Double Dutch Jumping Rope.But what happens when The heartthrobs of the school Paul,Ash,Drew and Kenny compete against them as a rock-band called Heavy Metal.Who will win? and more importantly who will fall in love? mainly Ikarishipping,Pokeshipping and Contestshipping.


5. Title:The Warrior and the Princess

Genre:Romance/Adventure Rating:K

Summary:Dawn is the princess of Twinleaf who is sentenced to go to Celectic Town to be married also escorted by Paul a famous warrior but what happen when the two started to form a bond ? will they continue to love each other? or will they never see each other again? Ikarishipping!


6.Title:Magic in my heart

Genre:Romance/Action Rating:T

Summary:Dawn is really who she was, she not just a human full filling a dream, but she is really a fairy destined to save her long-lost kingdom and find her real birth parents but what happens when she must fight and protect the ones she love including a certain purple hair trainer? Ikarishipping.


7-Title:Mysterious in the Darkness

Genre-Romance/mystery Rating:T

Summary-Dawn moves to The Almia Region from Sinnoh Region, and meets Paul, someone that isn't who people thinks he is mainly ikarishipping, pokeshipping, contestshipping and curtainshipping

8- Title: An unexpected change

Genre- Romance/ humor Rating:k

Summary-What happens when Paul insults the widow of the enterna forest and gets changed into a aipom, and the only person who shows true interest in him is Dawn? How will he change back? and will they fall in love?


P.S-If you want to request a story that alright just PM we can discuss it together


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