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Hey everyone! Please feel free to message me at anytime if you want to talk :D

News: This author is currently on hiatus...
BUT! Yes, there is a but, ladies and gentlemen!
I got FictionPress! Yay! I'm also 'They Call Me Alex' on there, and I have a story in the works up already :D

Oh the joys of the internet!

Name: Alex, or Alexandra if you're really angry, or my mum. Or both. :)

Random facts about me:

I am a girl

- I will be turning thirteen soon

- I have brown hair and blue eyes

- I have double-jointed fingers and toes

- I cannot live without my iPod.

- My iPod is like a first born son to me. I nearly cry when it runs out of battery (nearly never xP)

- Music is my life

- I am a total caffiene addict. _

- I love all energy drinks

- Today (17/4/2010) I have drunk 3 cans of V, Monster and Rockstar.

- I am a total social butterfly but I still think that the best time is a time by yourself.

- I love hoodies and skinny jeans. :D

- My favourite movies are Paranormal Activity and the Exorcism of Emily Rose

- My favourite kids movie is the Nightmare Before Christmas

- My favourite cartoon character is Hello Kitty

- I am single :D

- I have wonderful best friends who I am very fortunate to have and I love them to bits :D

- My favourite colours are yellow and purple and blue

- my favourtie books are Harry Potter, Alex Rider, Maximum Ride, Twilight, Rangers Apprentice, Power of 5, Artemis Fowl, and many many more

- I loves me some anime :D

- I style my best friends hair

- That's about all I want to say :D

Current Stories:

My Tourniquet: Alex Rider.This is my main priority at the moment. Although, I need to take a break from it at times, figure out where I stand with it and sort out my head. I haven't updated in a while, but I promise I will soon. -Incomplete

Sweet Sacrifice: Harry Potter. Yes! it is back! I said it was done for good, but it is now under major construction, and needs lots of TLC. Please treat it nicely. -Incomplete

Justice And Mercy: Alex Rider.I haven't updated in a while... as I said, My Tourniquet is my main priority. I will update ASAP! -Incomplete

Playlist: Alex Rider. What you expect playlist to be. Just a random filler staory :D

Possible/Maybe/Soon-to-be stories:

Bread and Butter Pudding: Rangers Apprentice. -.- I just read the newest book (Halt's Peril) and John Flanagan stole my idea! So I'm not sure about this one...

Ignorance and Misery Business: CHERUB. A birthday ficlet for my friend Xipil. BoyxBoy slash ;) Or it could turn into a conjoined fic with Xipil.. we are working on that ;D

Lord Voldemort and the Deathmobile: Harry Potter: A possibly very long, very random collection on when Voldemort and some of his followers go on a Field trip. Includes McDonalds, allergies, Hermione as a tea lady, and Draco, of course :) Written with my best friend Britters :)

Quotes! XD

You hold the answer deep within your own mind. Consciously, you've forgotten it, that's the way the human mind works. Whenever something becomes too unpleasent, too shameful for us to entertain, we reject it, but the imprint is always there...
-Evanescence, Understanding

There's no half-singing in the shower, you're either a rock star, or an opera diva. (I'm rock star all the way, baby!)

People die... real love is forever
-Evanescence, Even in Death (Taken from The Crow, I think)

I’ll reach for your hand in the cold of winter, I'll reach for your hand in the heat of summer. But if my short life can’t reach the dawn of spring, I promise, in heaven, I’ll reach you with my wings.
-(One of my favourite quotes ATM) Anoymus

"Stop blowing holes in my ship!" - Captain Jack Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean

“This is not my vessel. My vessel is magnificent, and fierce and huge-ish and…gone. Why is it gone?” - Captain Jack Sparrow

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I’m the type of girl who will burst out laughing in dead silence because of something that happened yesterday.

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Day 1: People notice strange behaviour in squirrels
Day 2: Series' of mysterious deaths.
Day 3: Squirrels found killing human with knife
Day 4: Squirrels develop guns and bombs
Day 5: Cities in chaos because of squirrel gang killings and robberies
Day 6: Squirrels develop leaders and a military
Day 7: Squirrels declare all out war on humans
Day 8: The battle for earth. Squirrels vs Humans
Day 9: Squirrels victorious, humans made slaves.
Day 10: Earth belongs to the squirrels


Mental anxiety, mental breakdown, menstrual cramps, menopause, did you realize how all our problems begin with MEN!

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It is impossible to lick your elbow.

75 of people who read that tried to lick their elbow, and you are now smiling because that's exactly what you did.

Mel Blanc (voice of Bugs Bunny) was allergic to carrots.

Each day more money is printed for Monopoly than the U.S. Treasury

The United States has never lost a where they used mules.

On average, there are about 178 sesame seeds on a McDonalds BigMac bun.

The word "lethologica" describes the state when you can't remember the word you want to use.

Some weird dogs laws are that in Ohio, the police are allowed to bite their police-dogs to get them quiet.

A dime has exactly 118 ridges around it's edge.

Ways to make sure you're insane:

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So this is a short song that I wrote for Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic, it's on XBOX:

(Clears throat) "Gizka, Gizka, Gizka. I lOOOOOOVVVVVVE Gizka. Gizka, Gizka, Gizka. Gizka are so CUTE! Gizka, Gizka, Gizka. I wanna be a GIZKA when I grow up! Gizka, Gizka, Gizka...(Drop) No Don't die! (Gizka dies) Ugh...stupid Gizka...Gizka, Gizka, Gizka. I HATE Gizka."

Ok, so thats about all I wanted to say :) Thnxx for checking out my profile :D


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