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Hi there. Here's just a little bit about me.

I'm a university student currently studying Engineering, Japanese and Writing. I'm also aware that is a very strange combination.

I mostly use this site to read, but am beginning to get my own stuff up (see below for the ridiculously small list of my creations).

I love manga and anime as you might be able to tell from my favourite's list, as well as all things Disney. I love fantasy books (think anything from Mortal Instruments to Eragon to His Dark Materials) and Sherlock Holmes. I'm also a Robert Downey Jr. fan, which leads to me being a fan of Marvel and the Avengers as well. And of course I can't forget my love of games.

I actually prefer writing stories with pen and paper first, then typing them up and editing until I'm happy that it's not something people will read a paragraph of before deciding they can't stand it (with any luck they'll get to the end of a chapter before deciding that). Sadly, this process takes time.

The stories in my favourites list are the ones I'm reading/have read and really like. Go check out the other stuff from those authors, as they're pretty amazing writers. The same thing applies to the people in my Favourite Authors list. They're in there because they have multiple stories I like, and I'm always on the lookout for anything new they publish.

My avatar is Hyuga Akito from Code Geass: Boukoku no Akito. Go watch it.

My old avatar/picture thing comes from Pokewalls. Link is here

I believe that I can always improve. I'm currently trying to redevelop my creative writing style (engineering has kind of killed it) so any pointers, constructive criticism or thoughts on my writing in general is welcome and greatly appreciated :)


18/11/13: Uhh... So yeah. I'm not dead yet. I've got good news and bad news. Good news is that I'm finished uni for the year and don't start back again until the end of February since I'm not doing a summer semester this time around. Bad news is that over my mid semester break (which was back in September), my computer had a spaz at me. But I made a boo boo when backing up files. Long story short, I lost everything. Four years of uni work—proof I've actually been doing something with my life all this time—completely gone. I just about ended up in tears. But my exams finished a week ago and I'm done looking at new apartments for the moment, so I thought I'd try to finish off that chapter I never got around to finishing. Only to remember I lost everything. So I now have to start from scratch again because it has been that long since I've even looked at my own work that I don't remember what was in the chapter. I'm probably going to have to go back and read through my entire story to try and work it out. Which will be cringe worthy. So you'll be looking at an update maybe around Christmas time. I'm going to tentatively say December 20th? But you've all learnt not to hold me to anything I say.

30/08/13: Sorry, still no updates. Basically being a 4th year sucks. I haven't had a week without a piece of assessment due since week 2 (we are now at the end of week 6), and this continues all the way up to week 13. Since I can't afford to fail any subjects from now until I finish my degree in two years time, my writing has gone beyond the backseat and into the boot. It is something I do for fun, and in my free time. I have neither at the moment.

24/06/13: Finally done with exams and I'm now on my semester break. Although I'll be keeping myself busy with cosplay making, work, and a game I got for my birthday called Pandora's Tower (which I haven't been able to play since I got it in January), I will get around to finishing chapter 12, no matter how many times I have to rewrite it. Turns out being an engineer makes battle scenes with machines incredibly difficult. I've also made an account on deviantArt to put all my research and drawings for this story on. This is partially for me so I don't forget what I've already done, and partially for you so you can see how much time I actually put in to each chapter. I'm also contemplating making a fictionpress account so you guys can read the short stories I wrote for my narrative class. This depends on what mark I get for my final piece though (I don't find out for another week or two yet). Hope you're all keeping well :)

26/05/13: Uni attacked me from behind. I have three assignments due this week that I completely and utterly forgot about.

13/05/13: I just suck at deadlines. I really shouldn't since I'm an engineering student and deadlines are pretty much what we live off, but I do. I've actually got about 2/3rd of chapter 12 written, but there's a lot I'm not happy with and can't seem to get right, so can't get onto writing the last scenes. But, I got my first flamey-thing today. Surprise surprise, it's from someone who's not signed in, so I can't reply to them. Since they're unlikely to actually check my profile, it just means I'm gonna have to post the shitty version of my story up on the weekend so I can tell them they're wrong and why they're wrong, and get them to read it. However, I can tell that if I start on them it'll turn into a rant. Since I don't want all my faithful readers to have to read my completely unrelated waffle, I am going to get most of my ranting done here. Start rant.
TO THE FLAMERS: You are free to flame me. Honestly, it's your opinion and you can have it. All you're doing is adding another review count to my story, which is a good thing for me. I mean, when I browse for stories I order them in terms of reviews, read a chapter of the top couple, see if I like the author's writing style, and then go look at their other stories or their favourites list. That way I'm pretty much guarunteed to find things that are not only grammatically correct, but in a style I like and something I'll enjoy. BUT PLEASE, if you are going to put things in your reviews that aren't your opinion (like Bitch from hell did), make sure they are correct so that I don't feel the need to correct you and make you look like a fool. I actually do a shit tonne of research for all my stories, and know the subject matter in them as well as I do the English alphabet. I will cut you down and feel no remorse in doing so because it's your own damn fault that you thought you knew better. For anyone who hasn't seen Bitch's review (I don't know how many people read reviews that aren't on their own work), it was "It's Viceroy not Vicerene you idiot". Grammar and spelling aside, she's wrong. Cornelia is a vicereine because she is female. A viceroy is someone who runs a country as a representative of the reigning monarch. As such, it is part of the list of royal and noble titles such as king, duke, marquis, baron, and so on. Like every single royal and noble title, it has a feminine form for females who hold the rank or are married to someone who holds the rank. The feminine form of king is queen, duke is duchess, marquis is marquise (or marchioness), baron is baroness, and viceroy is vicereine (please note the 'i' in it and lack of a capital letter). The people who dubbed over Code Geass got it wrong, as Americans are wont to do when dubbing (usually in an attempt to make it match the characters mouth movements). Know your shit before you try and show me up and call me an idiot. Rant end.
Oh, and for anyone who actually made it to the bottom of this, my explanation for vicereine vs viceroy that is going at the bottom of Chapter 12 will pretty much be copy pasted from this since I'm incredibly lazy. Now I've got that off my chest, time for me to get back to writing my original piece that gets marked by the university and is due on Thursday. Kasai out.

Works in Progress:

These are stories I'm currently publishing. The summaries below aren't the same one's as the story summary. I figure a bit more information can't hurt if you've come all the way to my profile...

A Change in Policies - Princess Euphemia doesn't agree with Britannia's policies of encouraging discrimination against Numbers, but to change them, she must become Empress. Can she gain the support she needs and overcome the challenges that stand in her way to change the very foundations of a nation?
Chapter 12: 0% complete

Future Works:

These are just ideas that I'm playing around with. They may or may not come to anything. If you like one of them and want to use it, ask and I'll tell you if I actually have anything done for it.

Soul See-er - A child touched by a demon sees the world a little differently. (Code Geass)

The Shadows and Shapes of Shinobi - A child reflects what the world shows them. Can the such a world stand its own image? (Naruto)

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