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Author has written 4 stories for 39 Clues, and Percy Jackson and the Olympians.

Hi, I'm The Flames of the Pheonix, and I am the author of: The Life Dan Had (found in the 39 clues section), 39 clues? (also in 39 clues section) and The last day in the life of Percy Jackson (In the Percy Jackson section). As you may have noticed, I am more of the reader type on FanFiction.

Here is a little bit about my thoughts on my favourite book series.

39 Clues:

39 clues is very interesting and educating. It is a creative series and exciting, but not only does it have education, it has opinion. I like that. It makes me debate with myself about some of the topics that Amy and Dan (the main characters) have to deal with. Another good thing is the fact that it has its own WEBSITE, where you can become Janus-like me (Creative and Imaginative) Tomas (Sporty and Adventurous) Ekaterina (the Geniuses) or the Lucians (Leaders and Spies). It has 10 books planned. I recommend you read this!

Diary of a wimpy kid:

Diary of a wimpy kid is a brilliant cartoon novel series. There are in total 5 books, but only 4 have come out. By the time it reached book four, the whole series in total sold over 25 million copies! That is an amazing amount. It is extremely funny and so realistic! I am from the UK, England, so I might be wrong there. Also, 25 Million for me is 25,000,000. If I am right, it has sold 25,000,000,000 copies?*Faint.* If you have not read the books, I recommend you do. Greg Heffley (main character) Seems like the stereotypical guy, but a lot of the guys-from what I've heard-can relate to him.

Percy Jackson and the Olympians:

The Movie has shown the success of this series. Rick Riordan is my favourite author, and the way he describes things is amazing. Percy is a lost kid in book one. Until he becomes a Demigod, where we first find out what his best friend Grover is. Also, that's when we meet Annabeth, One of his best friends. Over the 5 books written, every time I read it, I could see myself with Percy, Annabeth, Grover, Thalia, Tyson, Clarrise, you name it. Not just with the characters, but in the setting. The sea of monsters, Underworld, Camp Half Blood, Olympus, again, you name it. It is such a powerful and creative piece of fantasy writing it could-in my opinion-compete with Harry Potter, and maybe even win.

Harry Potter:

I had to read it. I just had to! Everyone seemed to know what was going on and they were dying to talk about it. And so, I am in the process of reading all 7 Harry Potter books, and boy, are they amazing! They are creative, original and full of brilliant twists. Harry Potter is a delightful, pleasure brought by the amazing JK Rowling. These are the sole purposes of it's success. Expelliarmus!

Fact File

Name: Maxi_Gray

Author of: 39 clues? The life Dan had, The Last Day In The Life Of Percy Jackson, It Isn't Over Till' I Let Go

Fave book series: Percy Jackson, Diary of a wimpy kid, 39 clues, Harry Potter, Kane, Heroes Of Olympus, Artemis Fowl, Skulduggery Pleassant

Fave Films: Percy Jackson-Lightning thief, Iron man, Iron man 2, Harry Potter all films, Inception

People I know on Fanfic as a REAL person: No.1heathfan, Virgoletta

Gender: Boy

Nationality: Croatian/British

A little bit about my stories:

The Life Dan Had (Complete)

This is my second least favourite thing I have put on the website, but it's a One shot about Dan thinking about the life he had before he went on to the hunt that could kill him. It was quite fun writing this. Please, please read! I got the inspiration from the first book, when he is talking about the rocket that exploded and his Au Pair didn't hear it. You might Enjoy! R&R!

Story link:

39 clues? (Complete)

This is what I imagined could happen if Amy and Dan refused the hunt. I am proud of this, so R&R. I enjoyed writing this 8 chapter story, because it was my actual first real story. It is also complete. I got my inspiration thinking about parallel worlds with opposite choices, then looking at my shelf with all the books. I know it's crazy, but I think it's worth a read.

Story link:

The Last Day In The Life Of Percy Jackson (Complete)

This is my favourite, but I warn you, the chapters are tiny. It is weird, but I don't want to give away the main story outline. My Finale chapter which is coming soon, (around chapter 10), will be long. I will make sure of it. My inspiration was a piece of homework I had to do, and I started writing a story, and I turned it into a PJO Fan fiction. Let me just say, and this is all I will tell you, the flashbacks will lead to something. This is a work in progress. I am BEGGING you, R&R and CONSTRUCTIVE criticism only. No point going "Oh this is crap." I need something that will help me improve, especially with this story.

Story link:

It Isn't Over Till' I Let Go (Incomplete)

I was seriously considering Abandoning this and I still am. This is the sequel to 'The Last Day In The Life Of Percy Jackson'. Again, I don't want to give anything away, so read the first part and then you will understand my description. Percy needs to get to the bottom of something that isn't supposed to feel right, but he has no choice to face it when he encounters his guide throughout the story. Are all of his friends enemies? I like this but the reason I felt like abandoning this is because I lost my inspiration for it, and having only one review which was negative didn't exactly help my situation either. So please, Read and Review, and please, if you see anything positive, tell me and anything negative, make it CONSTRUCTIVE. Thanks.

Story link:

I'm Not Helpless by Sun Daughter reviews
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It isn't over till' I let go reviews
This is the sequel to 'The Last Day In The Life Of Percy Jackson' There is shocking news for Percy that gets him torn into pieces. He needs to get to the bottom of it. This time his time limit is the time until he goes crazy. R&R and CC appreciated.
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The Last Day In The Life Of Percy Jackson reviews
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39 Clues? reviews
This is what would happen if Amy and Dan decided NOT to take the hunt for the 39 clues. Please review and I hope you enjoy it! -No.39cluesfan
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It's a one-shot about Dan's life before the 39 clues. Basically just a way for me to publish my first fan fic without having to wait for a proper story which would take a slow writer me MONTHS to finish. Hope ya like it and plz review. - No1.39cluesfan
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