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Author has written 8 stories for Blue Bloods, Wicked Lovely, Vampire Diaries, Peeps, Shiver, Maggie Stiefvater, and Harry Potter.

Look at your life, Look at your choices. Have you even slept with him?

I don't like writing a lot about myself, probably because it's taking time away from writing more important things.

But just for the hell of it, here's a few things about me.

I am Female and I have a Name, a very nice name at that.

I am Teenaged

I chill with the penguins in Canada!

My goal in life is to be some ones muse

Or really rich

Sometimes I wish I was one of those Elitist in New York City

I Heart NY

A Bitchy feminist

I Would live a penniless Bohemian existence in New York, New Orleans, Dublin, Paris or London.

I Love EVERYTHING about the Emerland Island (Ireland)

You let me violate you
You let me desecrate you
You let me penetrate you
You let me complicate you

My Stories:

L'Excuse D'Amour: A past life of Cordelia and Lawrence Van Alen. Taking place in the early eighteenth century Paris. Lisette Vuillard is a bit of a fire cracker, sharp tongued and strange witted, people usually steer clear of her. Christian Boisellier is certainly not what his parents expected him to be. Already tired of the Coven, he spends most of his time in Montmarte. When the two met, they are opened into a new world. Lisette finds she is more than what she appears, Christian finds faith in the Coven once more. But when a series of sinister attacks sweeps across the Young Blue Bloods, Lisette and Christian yet again question the Coven's judgement.

Preview: Lisette never faltered, she never admitted defeat, or Fear. But now, well none of those statements were not true. Lisette was faltered, Lisette was afraid. Lisette was always confident in who she was, and she never questioned it, but it seemed it was being questioned for her. Who could she know who she was when she did not know she wasn’t even human.

Darkest Grace: A Blue Bloods Fanfiction: In Plymouth he was corrupted, leaving her with the dark truth of the abominations, also marking her one of the paranoid delusion members of the Coven. Four hundred years later , she has tried to forget him, while trying avenge him. He was been hunting her out of obsession and confusion. Grace Foy a blue blood with a haunting past and a dark mark on her record, or just your average fifteen year old rich kid. After her cousin Dylan goes missing, her family relocates to Manhattan, bring back memories of who Grace was and the danger that still lurks in the darkness, the darkness the Coven still has turned a blind eye to. Seth Amory lost his sister Summer to the Silver Bloods, finiding an ally in Grace might be their best shot in altering the Coven of the dangers that lurking in the Dark. But things are never as simple as they seem.

Preview: "No thanks needed, it was just a public service” “Well Thanks anyway” “You’re welcome then” “Not everyone is as bad as they seem” “But then again we are in New York” he cracked a wicked grin. “So, Dead Kid’s Sister” “Grace” Grace said firmly “Please” she added “Well then, Grace” “I will bid you good day, but beware, here be dragons”

Feileacan: Siobhan had simply been known as 'one of Keenan's girls' for the past four hundred years. But Siobhan longs for much more than just that, Niall, the Fearie she has had romantic ties to for centuries leaves her for The Dark Court. Giving Siobhan some motivation to go out in the world. She meets a mortal boy named Torin, and he is without a doubt the most fascinating person she has ever met. But Siobhan is not some one who gets to have a normal relationship with anyone, especially when she realises the ties she might have with The Dark Court.

Preview: We were trapped by mortal eyes so often, pretending to be mortal when we were not, living in a city inhabitant by so many of them, one sometimes forgot what it was like to actually be fey. I was dancing then, I was caught up in a rush of energy that filled me with great delight, an energy that just made me want to move and never stop. And I didn’t, I could barely remember if my feet were actually touching the ground or not. Sometime, hours later, when the sun had fully died and a sheet of stars filled the inky stars, I stopped dancing. Eliza and I met up, our faces glowing, our limbs felt strange, like maybe they didn’t belong to our bodies.

Love Will Tears Us Apart: A Vampire Diaries Fanfiction: Katherine Pierce, or Katerina Petrova, has never needed anyone, but oh how, she loves to play with them. And there has been no one in the world she loved playing with more than her ill fated Salvatore Brothers. It’s been over a Century she has seen them, since she destroyed them. It is curiosity, is it malice that brought her back? Katherine herself didn’t really know the day she returned to Mystic Falls, all she knows is she can’t wait to see them again.

Preview: “I missed you” he told me in Russian, there was something so Nostalgic about my native tongue, it still gave me Shivers, I still loved it. I honestly wanted him to miss me, a strange want, but I wanted him to. “And I missed you” I said “So, so much” and I grinned at him.

Make Me Wanna Die: A Peeps Fanfiction: Deirdre-England 1348. Deirdre was a simple girl, she never meant to get involved in all this treachery, but it was all too much, and Deirdre would do anything for her sister, even when Helen started hurting people. Megan-New York Present Day. Megan Amory is a gifted young Musician, she just wants to forget about what happened over the summer. But, it becomes harder and harder to ignore when everyone is going Insane all around her.

Preview: But no one wanted to admit, people were afraid to. The world was sick but we were ignoring it. And every time I look back, I just can’t believe I didn’t figure it out sooner.

What's in Progress

Where Angels Fear To Tred: A Blue Bloods Fanfiction: Meet Piper Crandall, by Day she is a popular and beautiful girl, with a wonderful future and many friends. By night she is a Centuries old Angel with a destiny and a fear of what's to come. Piper recently lost her best friend Victoria, and Piper starts to feel more alone as time goes on. Her bondmate, Bryce, who shoes no interest in respecting their bond, ignores her. Even though it's the least of Piper's worries, she can't help but feel humilated and hurt by his rebuffing.

Meet Bryce Cutting a Former Dark Angel finds himself in Modern Day New York, seemingly belonging in the New York Coven. He has a place in the world, a bondmate, friends. And yet none of it feels real. There is a war going on, they all know this. But Bryce has a strange longing to fight. He knows what he's supposed to do, he's supposed to pretend to be human, he's supposed to date Piper and be a nice little Blue Blood, the problem is he's anything but.

Though Piper and Bryce, belong to the same kind, they couldn't be more different. And yet fate has contiuned to through them together, they are bonded for a reason, even if they can't really remember why. In the growing danger, as Piper knows her allies are dwindling, as her trust for Bryce grows. And Bryce understands that even though they don't trust him, the Blue Bloods will always be his family, and Piper will always be with him, no matter what.

Out Come The Wolves: A Shiver Fanfiction: Meghan Adler lived in Duluth, Minnesota when Sam Roth was almost murdered by his parents. Meghan always thought there was something more than just that, Meghan remembers Wolves and she doesn't know why. Meghan slept with Cole St. Clair the night he disapeared, and Meghan remembered the Wolves that haunted her childhood again. Now after her nervous breakdown (I.E Overdose) her parents move to middle of nowhere Minnesota (Mercy Falls) and Meghan finally sees the Wolves, and begins to learn the haunting truth about them.

The Hidden People: A Wicked Lovely Fanfiction: Deirdre Cavanaugh and Seth Morgan were best friends for a very long time. The summer Deirdre's brother Tommy went missing was when her life started to go wrong. That was when Deirdre's discovered she could see the Faeries, the Hidden People, and Deirdre has been on High Alert ever since. When Seth walks back into her life, Deirdre gets back some stabilty back into her life, but she has questions for Seth's strange new behaviour. Seth promises Deirdre he'll help her get back Tommy, but Deirdre has yet to know that Seth is one of the things that took him away.

Fix You: A Skins Fanfiction: Skins done in the late Victorian age, wait, think about. Know freak out.

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