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Note 6/2/10: I am taking down Eternally Bella today. It will be re-published; however, I am changing my writing somewhat to make the story a teen-rated one. I would love it if it was available to a younger audience (not that I don't know that underage people read the M rated stories), and I wanted to clean it up.

I'm a wife to a wonderful man and mother of a toddler. I teach high school and first read Twilight because all my kids were talking about it nonstop. I, along with a few of my coworkers, got hooked immediately. Stephenie Meyer wrote the characters in a way that made them seem real, and I didn't want to stop reading about them after Breaking Dawn. My writing is a result of what I hope isn't an unhealthy obsession=).


Some random things about me:

I'm Southern--and I have the drawl to prove it.

I'm a Christian.

I have recently discovered that I really enjoy writing. I have never been interested in it until the past few months.

I am very proud of what I've written, but would die if anyone I know in real life knew that this is me.

I am an avid reader. My husband thinks I'm certifiably insane.

As far as Twilight goes: I do not like Renee. As a mother myself, I think she was a sorry excuse for a mother. I would never put my child in a position to make the decision to leave me just so I could have my alone time with my new husband. Also, Bella was more the mother in that relationship. I don't like Renee, and I probably will never include her in my stories at all, unless it's to kill her off (so I'll probably just always pretend she didn't exist). Furthermore, Charlie wasn't much better, constantly deserting Bella either for a fishing pole or the television.

My favorite of the Twilight books is New Moon. Most of my imaginings for fanfics center around that time frame. I thought that Stephenie Meyer did such a beautiful job of expressing Bella's pain in that book. Having experienced that kind of pain after a breakup myself at one point in my life, it was heartwrenching. S.M. wrote so well that I felt like I was going through it all over again, but with Bella. Not that I'm sadistic or anything; I just thought it was very impressive that she wrote well enough to make me literally sick to my stomach until I finished reading the book. Again, my husband thought that I was a lunatic while I was in the middle of this book.

I can't really get behind Jackson Rathbone as Jasper. Don't get me wrong, he's a wonderful actor, and he does a great job playing Jasper. The problem is, before the movies were ever thought of, while I was reading the books, I always pictured Jasper being played by Jesse Spencer. If you watch House, you know exactly who I'm talking about...yummy. If you don' should definitely Google him.

I believe in a happy ending. I don't really do unresolved angst. If you don't like a good level of sap or a story that you know will have a happy ending, don't read my stuff. So, there's you a spoiler for anything I will EVER write: It WILL have a happy ending, so there!

Currently I'm writing a Bella/Jasper fic; time frame: you guessed it; New Moon. I am also jotting ideas for another Bella/Edward fic; this one's time frame would be the same as the first Twilight book. I still have a lot of kinks to work out in it. I also have part of the first chapter written for a series of one-shots about the characters' lives that takes place after "Eternally Bella". I will just publish those as they come to me; I'm in no rush to get them done. The first one is about Emmett. Mostly comedy and probably boring to anyone but me and maybe a few of the rave reviewers of "E.B."


Totally abandoned the one-shot spin-offs of "Eternally Bella". I'm just not that interested in what everyone's doing after that. Still working on the Bella/Jasper FF when I have time. School will be out for the summer soon, and I'll have more time to devote to it.

Eternally Bella reviews
Bella Swan ceased to exist when the Volturi recruited her into their ranks. Will Isabella Masen be able to move on, or is she destined to grieve over losing Edward for eternity?
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