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Hey everyone Im going to give you more detail for my Warriors Series called Dark Days. There are 6 books I think: Black sun (1), Stardown (2), Falling Clouds (3 and its posted as 4th), Dead River (4), Skystorm (5), and finally White blood. I know "Whiteblood" doesn't go with the whole Nature theme I was going for but its supposed to show that the terror ends. Then theres a next series of generatios ahead but I havent gotten to writing that yet.

AND... Im doing a lemon. Yea I am. YEY! I know Ive been waiting for one to. Its based off of Twilight to finally show the "twi" side of me XD so... I'll give you a hint... Its with the actual characters who played in the movie like Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart but their not the main characters. The main character is A girl named Nova Juliette I know weird name. But its based of off a youtube person called missnova10. Anywayzz... I'll be getting atht doen but its still in process. I'm gonna update this when I finish the 6th chapter. To get it started off right? KAY

Poems about... Poetry DUH! is a book from a couple friends of mine Sydney Taylor and Hanna Keinan. They do really wanna get it published so REVIEW THX A BUNCH. When I get my Twilight Lemon up I hope ppl will be a bit interested in my stuff! Gosh thx.

I will be making more stories and sorry I havent latelt its Christmas and Kwanzaa so Ive been busy. Thx a bunch for looking at my stories. The girl who read Black Sun's pratial draft I thank you!! I'll fidn you name and put it on my profile and a friendly person. Im getting used to this Fanfic profilebetter now thx a bunch AND LOVE YA !!

P.S fRANkiEGirL61 thx :D o and yea HIII!! Hope everyones holidays were good. Mine were kay. OK ive been at my lemon and its coming havent rly had time to finish to the 3rd chapter.. soo... anwayz! I've kindv been bored with Falling Clouds so Im doing Dead River's partial draft until I get bored then I'll do Falling Clouds. I wanna also get Black Sun done and over with. Stardown is... increasingly boring at the begining So Im going to change it up a bit. Take me longer but Itll evenutally get done. Im gonna upload the "BETTER" version of Black Sun with different chaps. I'll also get the excrept out. K enough bout the Warrior stuff!

I've recently found tht little kid books are one of my past times so Like the unfinished and boring book Chocolate Im going to do this book call My Everything Ball. It's about a girl called Syd who wants a ball that is a basketball, volleyball, soccer ball and something else...? hybrid ball. I officially want to get this published so the more reviews the more love! And also Im making a book called the Road that Stopped Me about a girl called Max who wants to be a pro snowboarder. Theres also this story Ive made called The Restless Wild and your in the POV of a tiger called Sanabi in India. Cool? I think so.

UPDATE: Im writing a series called Pointless Moments. It's a bunch of stories inspired by crap (sometimes literally) introducing someones life. Cute and really short well for a story. I might not be on be4 Valentine's so everyone hope uve got some love and reme,ber the lemon is up and coming. It's probably gonna b short tho. I can't stand making long stories I'm not rly interested in.

Im gonna do some nice Twilight one-shots since they appreantly get alot of notice. -.- I have to now so... Whatever! Ill enjoy it anyways Xd So keep watch! And also SOME RANDOM ONE SHOT LEMONS.


Ive got a bunch of cool ideas I just never complete them. XD Bare with me Plz and TY FOR THE PPL WHO TAKE TIME TO READ MY STORYSS :) REVIEW ENCOURAGE ME TO WORK FASTER! Thx a bunch :)

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This is My Cousin's work. She did an awesome job. And also this was inspired by Twilight. I dont know what its called but for now it's Blade. Thx
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