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Author has written 23 stories for Mamma Mia!, It's Complicated, Harry Potter, Dark Shadows, James Bond, and Penny Dreadful.


The Basics!

My nickname is Char- but most of you on here know me as 'TheBitterAftertaste'

Okay so some basic things about myself.

I'm 21

I'm from the UK

I LOVE to write.

I seem to develop huge obsessions with actresses.

My favourite three being Eva Green, Helena Bonham Carter and Meryl Streep

I love to sing and I love to act

I secretly want to publish a book!

My FAVOURITE fiction types.

Penny Dreadful

(Ethan X Vanessa)

(Sir Malcolm X Vanessa)

Dark Shadows

(Barnabas X Angelique)

James Bond

(James X Vesper)

300: Rise of An Empire

(Themistocles X Artemisia)

Sweeney Todd

(Sweeney Todd/Benjamin Barker X Mrs Lovett)

Harry Potter

(Bellatrix X Tom Riddle/ Voldemort)

(Bellatrix X Lucius)

(Bellatrix X Sirius)

Mamma Mia!

(Donna X Sam)

A List of Favourite Characters and WHY I love them.

-Angelique Bouchard-

*sighs* Okay. So a lot of people don't agree with me on this one. But they haven't actually read up on the facts of Angelique. Barnabas was a player okay? Agreed? *raises eyebrow*. He broke her heart. Now if you were a servant in the 1700's you would know it wasn't a very nice situation to be in. Servants often faced abuse, rape, and other despicable things just because they were classed as beneath those who were higher in society. It was also difficult, if not impossible to escape servant status whilst you were categorised as such. This was because it was a recurring situation that if someone married someone who was so beneath them, they would be cast out by their social status. It was a very difficult time. So we have Angelique and Barnabas right? Having an affair because it was oh so forbidden by the expectations of society. So Angelique gives him everything. Including that of her virginity. (I assume this because of Lara Parker's 'Angelique's Descent' in which she does mention that Barnabas took her virginity.) Now this was a VERY important matter at that time. A woman's chastity was only supposed to be taken by the man that she married. So with Barnabas accepting such a gift it would be assumed that he was in love with her (and I secretly think he did tell her that but I'm trying to stick with the basic facts here.) So to be told that the person who took your innocence that they do not plan on marrying you and you were basically just a bit of cheap entertainment to pass the time until he found a suitable wife...well that's just going to suck isn't it? I feel that Angelique was perfectly justified when it came to turning Barnabas into a vampire. Let him suffer. (Oh yeah, I read far too much into this sorta stuff!)

-Vesper Lynd-

Oh my god.


This is a big one.

If I hurled my laptop across the room each time I saw a post on tumblr that involved a hate rant of how much of a cold hearted bitch 'Vespa' was (for Christ's sakes at least spell her name right! VESPER okay? VESPER. V-E-S-P-E-R)...well let's put it this way, I wouldn't have any money left due to repairs. Those who think of Vesper as such clearly didn't understand her part in the film. So I'll just spell out what a HERO she was shall I?


Vesper had a boyfriend who was 'kidnapped' by the enemy's of MI6 (Quantum) Now these were really some nasty little bastards. Funding murder, terrorism, and deception- all that shit. She was contacted by Quantum and told that if she was ever to see her boyfriend (whom she loved) again she would have to ensure that James won the poker game (this is debatable as to whether she knew right from the start or whether she was told when she was kidnapped by Le Chiffre) and then she would be able to give the money to Quantum in return for her boyfriend's life to be saved.

So as any film leads on she fell in love with James, and she did fall in love... BULLSHIT to what anyone else says because you could see it in her eyes just how much she adored him. However she was pressurized even more by Quantum and she was torn. She realised she loved James more than she loved Yusef (her boyfriend) but she still didn't want him dead as she had feelings for the guy. In a final desperate attempt she knew that the game was up. So she went to give the money to Quantum without James realising in Venice- hoping to save her boyfriend and James from death. Now James was clever, and when a coincidental phone call was made by M enquiring as to where the money was he realised that Vesper had 'double crossed him'. He found and followed her to an abandoned building, but it was too late. After a mighty long battle and fight scene where shit blew up in the water and the guy got a nail to the eye James emerged triumphant and despite everything that had happened is first port of call was to rescue Vesper. Who had been trapped in an old elevator. Instead of allowing him to rescue her she locked the elevator door and stopped him from rescuing her. She could not deal with the guilt of having lied to him, and she couldn't bare to see the disappointment in his eyes.

So the elevator fell and she died. (It's alright, I wanted to start sobbing uncontrollably anyway.)

Anyway. James was full of hatred for Vesper and even told M 'The jobs done, the bitch is dead.' (sob) as to which M corrected him, telling him that Vesper's 'boyfriend' Yusef- who had been kidnapped by Quantum... actually wasn't kidnapped by Quantum and had staged a false kidnapping in order for Vesper to feel pressured. (There's this whole thing with an Algerian love-knot necklace in which it was really special and rare and it turns out that Yusef had given the necklace to all the girls he was trying to screw over.) After realising this James checked Vesper's phone, and she had left a message SPECIFIALLY for him telling him exactly where to find Mr White (the next fundamental part in order to disabling Quantum altogether.)

-So to clarify. Vesper KNEW she was going to die...and she did it to protect and help James...who's really the hero here? I think I win.)

Vesper Lynd saved James, and she was the only one who held his heart. Despite this Tracey shit...she was the first woman he properly loved, and she was the last.

-Artemisia of Caria-

Well she was one bad ass wasn't she?!

Okay so for basically all those who have not seen 300: Rise of an Empire...

FIRSTLY...though Artemisia of Caria was a real person she does not get depicted in the film, it's literally just the title of a warrior. Artemisia was not proven to have any story background that was given to Ms Green on scripting!


Artemisia is a the lead commander of a HUGE Persian navy. She was originally from Greece. (She held Greek blood in her veins.) But when she was a young child she was attacked by her own people. After watching her whole family raped and murdered in front of her the Greek soldiers turned on her. She was taken to the bottom of a Greek Vessel and chained there for years- brutally attacked and raped numerous times. Once she was released because she was no longer good enough she was left for dead where a Persian guy picked her up and saved her life essentially.

She was trained hard and became one of the most feared swordsmen in Persia despite her being a woman. Now King Darius who was head of the Persians saw her talent and she quickly rose up in the ranks as his warrior, eventually becoming head of the Persian Navy. (Hell yeah Misia!) She has a hatred for all those and everything Greek, and is determined to destroy every single fibre of the city for what they did to her. So she's a little bit of a know...slaughtering...decapitating heads then making out with them as their lifeless bodies lie on the floor.

Now it's VERY important to mention that Artemisia isn't a cold hearted bitch. She shows feelings okay? When King Darius was quite LITERALLY on his death bed she shed tears. Because he was literally a Father figure for her. So in true badass style she decided to manipulate his son Xerxes into thinking he was a high mighty god when he was actually just a pawn in her manipulation.

I love Artemisia because she is so ruthless, and lives each day like her last. She didn't just sit on her ass when her men were fighting, she went ahead and fought with them.

My Ongoing Fictions (That I actually plan on updating...)

Dark Shadows

The Way I Loved You

Baby of Mine

James Bond

Resurrection I've revealed a lot about myself...perhaps a bit too much...if Eva Green was to come across my page I'd probably be expecting a restraining order through the post. Ah well.

I hope you enjoy my writing...

Because at the end of the day I wrote to entertain and to be able to express my imagination and creativity.

Thanks for listening! :)

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