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Author has written 4 stories for Spyro the Dragon, and Kingdom Hearts.

Real Name: Marie Whatley

Alias(s) (listed from most recent to least recent): Horus Goddess, Tora, Draconia, Marie the Dragoness.

Age: 18

Interests/obsessions: Anthros, Kingdom Hearts, Disney's GARGOYLES, my own original characters, and most of all, my love of art and writting. I don't write much... but I do like to do it when I do. ^^

Story References: Here's a few links (hopefully they'll work) to some visual references for the Gargoyles in my "Shadow of a Phoenix" fic.

be sure to check out the "Gargoyles Around the World" section
for the gargoyles, and for Elisa be sure to check the "Allies
and friends" section. For a picture of Angela, you can refer to
these two pictures:

All pictures linked above are copyright their rightful owners, not me. ^^


1-05-05 = Hello all. Again, haven't been around for quite some time... I hope you guys don't hate me too much for my unsuccessful-ness with Destinies Intertwined.. I just really honestly couldn't finish it. But if you liked what was there, I'm happy you did. I do, however, have a new fic in progress. This time not shounen-ai/yaoi oriented or anything, just clean fun fanfiction based off of Kingdom Hearts and Disney's Gargoyles. I've been wanting them to add in a world for my all time favourite show but I have a feeling they wont.. :shrug: So to make up for it I'm writting a story based off of what I think would happen. Takes place right after Kingdom Hearts but doesn't have to do with CoM, at all. Besides I'm not quite finished playing CoM so yeah. It'd be hard to base my story around it since I don't know all the story yet. ^^

Anyway enough talking, I hope you enjoy what I've got up. I'm gonna delete my Gijinka explanation piece because it's useless to me now. :nods:

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