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KRILLISON FTW!! (Don't care that the boy is married, though Katy is great! Luv ya Katy) And now it's SIOBHAN! SIOBHAN EVELYN MAGNUS! GO IRISH GIRL GO! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, COOKINESS FTW!! I support Crysdiobhan Benasoxus (Siobhan, Crystal and Didi), should have been Top 3!

I am a MAJOR American Idol Allison Iraheta and now Kris Allen fan! Plus Cookie!!

Yes i do have red hair as well, no it's not bc of the amazing idol...

Alright, i'm gonna say as of now, that i want to hug Adam Lambert, yeah that's right, i do! As long as you're mine... OMG! Luv that song and luv him doing it. His theatrical side wins me over!

Allison's rock side, though i everything with her is crazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzy. Come on ppl wake up and smell the coffee ooh Coffee!! runs to get some It's season 8 and Allison Iraheta has the potential to go all the way and win, Allison is so damn cute! You can not say no to her. She is just too DAMN CUTE!! I am proud to be a red head! Krillison FTW, cause Allikat's gonna sing with Krisi!!

I'm currently wondering what David Cook and Allison Iraheta would be like together? Would they look cute? I mean they're both rockers and they both did "I don't wanna miss a thing". It's kinda cool!

Anyway sorry to burst the bubbles of all his fangirls but this guy, Adam has just gotta quit and go prefessional right now... or he can at least try to keep his theatrical side instead of screamo maniac. My precious ears ... Allison is the TRUE American Idol! All those with me say "Yay! ALLISON IRAHETA!"

I can put up with Gokey though, cause Gokey's awesome like that and he takes risks. Gokey is amazing!

My Favorite Idols:

Carly Smithson- With Total Eclipse of the Heart... i thought she rocked that one!

Allison Iraheta- Allikat/Alli/Al- She had me at Alone! RED HEAD WIN!

Alexis Grace- Lexi- Her personality and she reminded me of a good senior friend named Sarah with her looks!

Kris Allen- Krisi- Heartless, No Boundaries and She works hard for the money! Those were his best performances to me! And he's amazing!

Danny Gokey- Risky but cool, he's unique and thus forth awesome.

Anoop Desai- Funny little idiot!


Carrie Underwood- She can sing! And she's pretty!

Only Adam Lambert's theaterical side like Wicked!

Fav. Dancers from So you think you can dance (Season 5):

Jeanine Mason- Talented and pretty and great personality

Jason Glover- He's soooo cuteeeeeee!!

Janette Manrara- Spicy, funny, awesome... loved her

Phillip Chbeeb- Made it far for a beat-boxer, and he ain't that bad looking either.


Karla Garcia- She's so pretty and i love her and Jonathan together.

Caitlin Kinney- She was really sweet and i fell in love with her.

Brandon Bryant- Amazing dude.

Kayla Ramsomething- I forgot her last name, but she was TALENT ON A STICK MAN!

Evan something- He was cheerful and he made it far, plus he's a broadway star! Ooh ooh for my plays or play i call him!

I think that was it, though i only really never liked Kupono or the four who left, as i never got to see them.

Fav. Warrior Cat:

Yellowfang- I think she'd be like Allison-cat-form!

Bluestar- Jeanine and Janette and Allison and Alexis all smooched together

Lionheart- Cool name and cat

Dustpelt- Funny and humorous!

I hate (Michael) Sarver and (Jorge) Nunez, no matter what. THEY'RE EVIL!! Well to me! That's why i hate them, well er love them in a way. Idk! All i know is that for me, they are my bad guys. I love you two! (Sarcasm) Ooh hate's a strong word, so let's say that i strongly dislike them and add Kupono Aweau to that list... the dude creeps me out.

Current Stories/ To comes:

- Heartless (Maybe, if Boberto allows me to)= Krillison, minor Cookison

- Don't Speak= Krillison, Cookison, Adison

- I can't get you outta my head= Cookison

- Dancing With the Idols (Dancing with the Stars, season 8, American Idol style)

- Someone to watch over me= Midnight's tale (Midnight is Allison's cat hee hee)

- There's the girl= Adison (My only Adison straight on)

- Battlefield= Sytycd and AI meet up in a mix all around mystery genre story

- Truinfara El Amor= Uh... one-shots.

- Alone= Dunno

- As long as you're mine= Mystery with Kris's past enemy

- Kann es wiklich liebe sien?= Dunno

That's all... ROCK ON!

Quirky quirky gal!

She can also be quite pretty.

All in all, i LOVE this Girl! Go Siobhan go!!

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My Musical Crush by A Scarlet Rebel reviews
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What is Love? Baby don't hurt me: Sequel to Ich
This is also real life mixed with non, as David pursues to help his dear friend Siobhan,who has been taken and held hostage in the world of Idol, where we all know her as Siobhan Magnus!
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Ich Steh Allein!
This also has a bit of real life in it. David and Megan are two people in the real world and they get caught up in a sinister bet made by Wassmuth, the king of bets. David's old friend, Siobhan Chizmar AKA: Siobhan Magnus arrives to help, or not.
Misc. Tv Shows - Rated: K - English - Adventure/Suspense - Chapters: 1 - Words: 11,797 - Published: 4/20/2010 - Complete
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This was originally and still is for my senior pal in the band. all the first names- just about- are of the names of people in our/my band. Thanks for the great friendship and year all!
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The Wicked Idol reviews
This is an idea that was bugging me throughly in the head and i just had to put it down. I don't own this Wicked script, put the idea process i do! Allison Iraheta is Elphaba, Alexis Grace is G a linda, Fiyero is Skylari..... See how you like it!
Crossover - Misc. Tv Shows & Wicked - Rated: K - English - Friendship/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 16,220 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 3 - Published: 4/24/2009 - Complete
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