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Hello, peoplz!!

Welcome to dude overdrived's world of stories!!

I'm a total game freak, and I also like certain animes, which all inspire my stories!

Here are some of my favorite games/shows (give a shout out if ur the same!!) :

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Fullmetal Alchemist
Sonic the Hedgehog
Super Mario
Code Geass
Kingdom Hearts
Guitar Hero (ownage!!)

That 70's Show
Family Guy
Supernatural (say no to Wincest!)
House MD
etc, etc, etc...

I'm not a big fan of summaries, so just enjoy what I have in store for you, and give a shout out if my stories are good (and not horrible, I hope)!

By the way, here are some ideas I have for some new stories! Tell me which ones sound the best!

Pokemon: Griseous Platinum
A prequel to Pokemon: Battle Region. Shows Zecher Scott's travels in Sinnoh, leading up to his triumph at the Sinnoh League Competition.

Kingdom Hearts: Dominion of Chaos
What if Sora didn't end up in the Disney universe? What if he became a warrior of the Nintendo/Sega universe? Join Sora, Riku, and Kairi as they travel through the worlds of the Sega/Nintendo universe, and unlock the mystery of the enigmatic Blivion.

Dissidia: Mega Man
Cosmos and Chaos have long been at war. Then one day, Chaos became determined to end the endless cycle of fighting by having seven villains from the two Megaverses collect the Megarocks, which will tip the battle in Chaos's favor forever. Cosmos is determined to stop him by collecting seven brave heroes Megaman (Classic), Megaman X, Megaman Volnutt, Vent, Grey, Lan Hikari and Megaman.EXE, and Geo Stelar and Omega-Xis to combat his villains.

Pokemon Trading Card Game ERA: Central Chaos
Azer is a Pokemon Duelist from the Southern TCG Islands. He lives in TCG Central Island. There, he strives to obtain the 8 Club Medals, beat the Grand Generals, and obtain the Southern Legendary Cards. However, a criminal duelist group named Grand Rocket may threaten that...

Kender's Game
Bean has left all of his friends on Earth. He now looks to the stars to find the cure for Anton's Key. However, when he finds his one chance may be in danger, he must hurry, or all hope will be lost and he will lose to Kender...

Kender's Shadow
Following one month after Kender's Game, Bean has 3 months left to live. She is still nowhere to be found, and Bean must hurry. But first, Bean must face his own shadow...

Expect these next stories in the near future!

The Hartshank Redemption
"I didn't think much of Sora Dufresne. Two months had gone by until he said more than two words to me, Boyd Roxanian. All I do know is that he wants nothing but to get out of Hartshank..."

Love Hurts, You Know
Kairi Trump is one of the most stuck up and mean girls you could ever meet. She's especially mean to the new nerdy kid, Sora Donovan. There's no way anything could happen between them...right?

Favorite Pairings

LelouchXC.C. (the best Code Geass pairing, I won't have it any other way!)

SuzakuXEuphy (a tragic love, the second most important Code Geass pairing)

RivalzXMilly (not nearly as important as the others, but love can bloom, right?)

JadenXAlexis (the ONLY Yu-Gi-Oh! GX pair I want, I will not stand for Jaden or Alexis being paired with others!)

YuseiXAki (the best couple in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, nothing can tear them apart)

JackXCarly (an awkward pairing, but you can see love between them already)

SoraXKairi (the most popular Kingdom Hearts pairing, which I myself admire!)

RoxasXNamine (...come on, do I even need to explain why?)

Most Hated Pairings

SuzakuXC.C. (unacceptable, they do not belong!)

LelouchXEuphemia (they're siblings, for god's sake!)

LelouchXSuzaku (no no NOOOO!)

JadenXBlair (-threw up-)

AlexisXChazz (-hitting head with duel disk-)

YuseiXRuka (she's six years younger than him!)

AkiXJack or AkiXCrow (no, she belongs with Yusei!)

SoraXRiku (they're best friends, not boyfriends)

SoraXRoxas (they're essentially the same person)

AxelXRoxas (i am straight and not interested in reading yaoi)

So and So Pairings

LelouchXKallen (...not as good as LelouchXC.C...but it's better than LelouchXOther girl from Ashford Academy)

YuseiXSherry (...still thinking about that)

SoraXRikku (eh)

RikuXRikku (a little funny)

RikuXNamine (a sub in case Roxas isn't there)

KairiXRikku (woo hoo)

KairiXTifa (oh dam XD)

The OC's I Own

Zeke Garrington - Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Malthus Sunderland - Code Geass

Vivian Artois - Code Geass

Leonid Hastings - Code Geass

Marsellus Belvidere - Code Geass

De Odin von Abend - Code Geass

The Superior (real-name-not-yet-revealed) - Code Geass

Edit: 4/30/10
Hey guys, sorry that I haven't updated any of my stories in a while. It's just that school's been riding up my back these last few weeks before summer. And I know that probably most of you aren't going to see this message, since you've probably peeved at me for not updating, but I'm sorry to say that I won't be able to update ANY of my stories until the second week of June, after finals are done and the summer begins. So please bear with me on that. Thanks to all!!

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