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Hello everyone. Just came back from an extremely long hiatus due to personal reasons. Anyways, I'm excited to get back into the writing groove and attempt to finish my fanfics that I've started thus far. Time permitting, that'll be done, and I'm hoping to find some really interesting stories to read while I'm at it! Looking forward to seeing what folks have in store for me!

Categories that I'll be lurking in:

Anything Final Fantasy

Dragon Age

Elder Scrolls

Mass Effect

Game of Thrones

Harry Potter

Metal Gear Solid

Code Geass

Any of the Gundam eras

Ghost in the Shell


Eureka 7

Current Active Fan Fics (C.A.F.F):

The Guardian l'Cie

Fun Information Corner (F.I.C):

Just discovered the amazing music genre of Jazz.

Critiques and Beta Policy

If by chance I've left a comment/review on your story, and you found it illuminating and wanting more, here's my policy for a more long term critique/beta partner/

i. Send me a PM with the following information

Pen name:

Story name:

What you would like me to pay close attention to:

ii. Once we've got in contact (PM and Doc connection if you so desire), send me the chapters desired.

iii. Because I do have my busy moments in life, give me some time to give your piece a thorough read. I'll strive to have the turn around time ranging from one to four days. However, if it should take longer, I will notify you.

Those are the three basic things regarding my policy. I'll update this as needed, but, in the meantime, if anyone wants another set of eyes to read their work, I'll happily read it if/when time permits.