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Jeez, what is there to tell? Okay, I'm female, fiftymumble, and I've been a science fiction fan since I was two years old. (Seriously; that's how old I remember being when my dad started me watching Star Trek: TOS with him. The rest is history.) I discovered Stargate first via the movie, and then later when the TV series made its move from Showtime to a channel I didn't have to pay extra for.

I haven't written much fan fiction but I have written original science fiction for nearly 40 years. I hadn't tried to get anything published because none of it seemed quite "ready for prime time"... up until a few years ago. (More on that in a moment.)

I began writing my flagship fanfic, All That We Leave Behind, in 2010 while suffering severe writer's block on an original project. I'd turned off my computer in disgust, complaining bitterly about my absent Muse, and gone off to watch Stargate SG-1 reruns on whatever the Sci-Fi Channel was calling itself at the time. They showed the Season 2 episode "A Matter of Time", which I'd seen before and which had always left me thinking that Colonel Cromwell had deserved to survive and be brought back in future episodes. Much like Major Charles Kawalsky, he'd have made a perfect lens through which to explore Jack O'Neill's psyche, and to be quite honest I found him to be a compelling character in his own right.

Apparently my Muse had returned during the episode, and shared my views regarding Cromwell. She whispered in my ear as the end credits rolled. "You should write his continuing story," she suggested.

"I don't write fan fiction."

She chuckled. "How badly do you want my help with that original novel that's had you beating your head against the wall this week?"

Oh, she's an evil one sometimes, but I've learned not to cross her. I sighed and turned off the television, then booted up the laptop and began to tell the tale of Colonel Frank Cromwell's experiences on the other side of the Stargate, as well as SG-1's search for him. The story just seemed to flow, as though I were channeling an account of actual events. I felt almost guilty at how well that was going in contrast to the difficulty I'd experienced with the novel I'd previously been working on. But then I realized I could use fan fiction as an opportunity to experiment with elements of literary technique in front of a "live audience" as it were, receive feedback, and then utilize what I learn from that to improve my original work. The result is that I have since embarked on some new original work. I expect to self-publish some of that later this year.

My stories are also available on my own website (in the process of being rebuilt, no thanks to some hackers), in a slightly harder-edged version (language, mostly), with somewhat better notes explaining my perspective on the Gateverse.

Authors I like:

Flora and Gallagater, whose work I discovered after beginning ATWLB. Together, they painted a very poignant picture of the original friendship between Cromwell and O'Neill, and of Cromwell's life after Jack was taken prisoner in Iraq. These works have been archived here, among other places.

Nzie, who has helped me by beta-reading portions of All That We Leave Behind. Anyone who writes SG-1 fic and West Wing fic has to be awesome. Check out her material!

Sealurk, my primary beta reader for All That We Leave Behind. He's got some great Stargate fic as well. I especially recommend his story Grey Area, an interesting tale told from the POV of a Goa'uld who was never one of the movers and shakers of Goa'uld society. It's an unusual type of story, and I found it very intriguing.

Roeskva, who writes some excellent Tok'ra fic in the Stargate franchise.


Those who have been reading "All That We Leave Behind" know it's a rather long and involved serial story, and while I have a damned good beta reader who knows the details of this story intimately, he's been overwhelmed with a lot of other things. Enough so that half the time when I want to ask for his input on a chapter that's in progress I wind up feeling either like we're really not connecting or like I'm probably asking for more than he has the time or energy to deal with. To be fair, he truly does have a lot on his plate.

I offered some time ago to enlist another beta to share the load, and he said it wasn't necessary. At this point, however, I think it is. If nothing else, a fresh set of eyes on my material would provide me with additional insight that might help me navigate some of the more complicated elements beginning to crop up in the story, and which will become increasingly important in several upcoming chapters.

So, anyone want to help me out? I have no plans to jettison my current beta, who's been doing yeoman's work on this... but I want to take the pressure off him of being my only beta and also give myself a second person's perspective. The bonus for whoever decides to come on board will be that you'll get to know what's going to be coming up in the story, and not just a chapter or two ahead but the entirety of the plot and several future chapters, as I have this all outlined and the ending has already been written (along with portions of not one but two sequels).

Let me know if you want to help!

Ana Kaye Lake
April 3, 2020
Annapolis, Maryland
United States of America

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