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... What I can say, this tiny space is too small for me to fully describe and portray my awesomeness to its maximum potential - like, YOU DON'T SAY. BAHAHAHAHA /flips hair

I'm Qiqing, 15 this year, and I'll turn 16 on 23 May 2013 :>

Proud to be a Christian! I know I'm far from perfect, and I'm not afraid to admit it - yes, I AM imperfect - whoever came up with the stereotype that every Christian is a holy saint... /facepalm

Proud to be a hardcore MinaKushi fan as well dattebane!!! (lakjsbhlakjs words can't describe how perfect they are), and a Cassiopeia! DB5K; always keep the faith *

Eh... all I can say is, I'm pretty eccentric HAHA & I'm not exactly good at introducing myself online =w= Since I very much prefer face-to-face interaction (did I mention excessive usage/over-reliance on texting really gets on my nerves?), so I'll leave my twitter to do the talking! @qiqingxd


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