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Hello Peoples! Welcome to my world!

Attention all fanfictioners that are aware of my existence!! I am going to be on un-official hiatus until the end of June because all these extra assignments i have in preparation for finals, proficiencies, regents,etc., are blocking out my creativity. So I bid you a temporary fond farewell...until the end of the school year. (which isn't that far away)

Arghhh...I just finished typing this profile, but then my bad luck curse strikes again and then POOF! its gone.

So here we go again.

First I'll describe myself but I won't say too much.

I have short, bouncy light brown hair and I'm a little tall for my age. I'm female.

To find my age you have to divide 34 by 2, then add -20, multiply it by -6, and finally subtract 5.

I love to be different so I dress in bright colored clothes that don't match in any way (Glamuor Kills style!!)

I'm not a people person. (most of the time)

I live in NY.

I enjoy: cats, poetry, the color purple, cross country, playing my flute, and fog

My favorite books are the Warriors series (no kidding), The Lord or the Rings, and Harry Potter.

Movies and music- if I were to type up a list about these, it would stretch all the way down to Antarctica, so please don't get me started.

I love to read Warriors and Danny Phantom fanfics.

I dislike: the Twilight book series, slash pairings, annoying people, and lots more stuff that I can't think of at the moment

When I think about my life its kinda pathetic. I'm an average person who just moved out of a gang filled suburb into a neighborhood where people mow their lawn everyday.

Check out one of my many awesome poems that I wrote myself, this one's called Radio:

Leaning on the frosty window,

A cold, hard pillow for the side of my face.

Gazing blankly at the passing city scenes,

Thoughts more jumbled than gumballs.

Trees stirred by the wind,

Sneaking through the cracks in the windows.

Staring sleepily at my ghostly reflection,

Slightly bouncing on the springy leather seat.

Speakers vibrating,

Songs blasting.

Just barely listening,

Relating situations to today's top hits.

This is my morning with the radio.

Soooooooooooo...what'd ja think??

(I have a heck of a lot more poems where that one came from)

Okay so let's get down to business, I'm pretty sure most of my fanfics are going to be about the Warriors series. (Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit!)

Here are some of my ideas : (My ideas, not yours, mine)

- Cloudtail has a dream or experience that leads him to believe in StarClan

- what the gathering in Long Shadows would be like if Ashfur hadn't been murdered

- I come across a clan of warriors living in the forest in my backyard

You can vote for which story I should write next in my poll, but I have a life too so don't expect anything right away. over!

Now here's some more random stuff...enjoy!

-All missing socks go to Narnia

-The most common phrase said in the Star Wars movies is "I have a bad feeling about this."

-I have been beaten up by an 8 year old

-You know you're in America when you get a frozen pizza and It says "cook before eating" on the box

-There is a black hole residing in my book bag

Memorable Quotes:

" Hmmmm...that's not right, I can't think of any quotes. Oh well."

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