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Ok, my updates are now up here instead of scrolling through everything to get at it.

In Progress: Going through a bit of a slump...will be updating soon.

Kunoichi Jinchuuriki: Chapter 26 is coming to a screen near you VERY soon! It's going to be one hell of a chapter!

Just A Taste: Chapter 12 will be up shortly! Time to find old friends!

Message if you've got anymore questions or comments. I LOVE feedback!


My deviantArt Account: dangerousnightfires

I currently have:

From Kunoichi Jinchuuriki:

By Me:


Kira (colored


Kaminari in her human form.

By TheFireRose77:

Reina otherwise known as LG-chan.

Reina (colored) otherwise known as LG-chan

Tora in her non ANBU outfit

From Just A Taste:

By Me:


Zukiyo (colored)


By SnowyNinja for Me:


By TheFireRose77:

Zukiyo & Yukiko


Simultaneously Simple and Complex Me:

Pen Name: dangerousnightfires

Birth Name: Theresa

Preferred Names: Tez, Tezzie, T


Location: Here, There, and Everywhere.

The Rest: Still working on it.

Random/General Information About Me:

I am a HUGE Naruto fan...favorite anime ever. DeathNote would have been next if my best friend didn't tell me the ending while I was half way through the last season.

I can be just utterly and completely random.

I'm a brunette but occasionally I have blonde moments that would put Paris Hilton to shame.

I'm a generally more reserved person compared to some of my other friends (Hey, one of us needs to make sure the others don't end up killing each other.)

I worry about EVERYBODY. Even if I don't know you that well, I will worry about you. I'm just like that.

I love cookies.

I LOVE pomegranates. Naruto loves ramen, I love pomegranates.

I can randomly break out dancing when I've had too many cookies or I'm thinking about pomegranates.

I love ramen too, just not as much as pomegranates.

I'm a pyromaniac. If something explodes, I WILL laugh.

I am an insomniac. There are some days I just don't feel like sleeping. I have on occasions stayed awake for over 24 hours...it was trippy.

I cannot live with out music. When ever I think my IPod broke or something I start freaking out...like verge of tears freaking out.

I love tigers. They are my FAVORITE animal EVER! Next comes wolves.

I love dragons. They are my FAVORITE mythical/magical animal. Unicorns can suck it...UNLESS they're attack unicorns then they rock.

I like flowers and plants. I'm not very good at keeping them alive, but I love them.

I LOVE to cook!

I think that's it for now...more when I think of it.

My Writing Process:

Let's just say I have a very overactive imagination, so I usually have some sort of idea or another floating through my head...usually triggered by music...sometimes by completely random things. If you feel the need to ask me what inspired a certain part of anything I write, feel free. I will answer you.

Another note is that I tend to get writer's block when I'm super stressed and/or lonely so if you want more of my writing...send me a message every once in a while so I get some encouragement.

My Interests:

The Obvious:







The Not-so-Obvious

I like taking walks to just clear my mind, usually when I come up with more stuff when writing.

I tend to feel deeply for misunderstood things...I consider myself misunderstood so I feel I can connect with them.

I love to draw, paint, sketch...it's an outlet for me when writing does not help.

There's more but I'm getting distracted by stuff...more soon.


Ouran High School Host Club
Some others I totally forgot the name of since I haven't seen them in years...WAAAHHH!!


Memoirs of a Geisha
Disney Movies
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Pirates of the Caribbean
And many many others...I'm just drawing a blank right now.


Memoirs of a Geisha
Anne Rice books
The Princess Bride
Many, MANY more but I don't want to give you a list that would go on forever.


Ghost Hunters
Paranormal State
Robot Chicken
Family Guy
Venture Bros.
Food Network

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