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Author has written 16 stories for Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh GX, Yu-Gi-Oh, Total Drama series, Young Justice, Monster High, Ouran High School Host Club, and Legend of Korra.

Hi! Most of the information below is outdated. Some information has been updated (basically anything from name to upcoming stories is updated). I will update more info as time passes, and will possibly shorten my OC list (like anyone cares). I'm sort of back from an unannounced hiatus (once again, like anyone cares), however, I haven't quiet decided if I'm going to go back to writing fanfics and updating or not. I gotta wait and see.

Name: Chrissy (my nickname not my real name)

Other Names: Chica (my dad) Dingy (my parents) BSF (stands for Blue_Sonicfan, only my 4kids friends call me that)

Age: ask me nicely and i might tell you although i'll ask why you want to know

Gender: female

DOB: December 26 (a Christmas baby...well almost!)

Ethinicity: Ask nicely and I might tell you

State: CA

Pets: terrier mix named Zoey

Siblings: Yes sadly, Allison (only sister, 18) Timmy (18, he and Allison are twins) Jonathan (8, love him to death)

Favorite Shows: Yugioh/Yugioh GX, Sonic X/Sonic Boom, Digimon, Bakugan, Pokemon, Card Captor, Sailor Moon, Mermaid Melody, Scooby Doo ( I grew up watching it =D ), Charm, Young Justice (poor Wally TT), Ouran High school Host Club, Xiaolin Showdown (what can I say, I know what I like), Shugo Chara, Uta No Prince-Sama

Favorite Books: Harry Potter series, Kissed by an Angel (so sad yet so romantic) Blue Blood Series (LOVE THEM!) Lock and Key

Favorite Games: Sims (all of them) Sonic the hedgehog games and Mario games

My Biggest Peeve: people who go around warning people about stuff and getting into other people's bussiness instead of worrying about their own damn bussiness and people who flame even though they can't write for shit

FictionPress Account:

Avatar: Kim

Upcoming stories:

I will be working on some stories featuring my OCs and favorite pairings but i will take some requests as long as its on one of my favorite shows or books. I will also do pairings i don't agree with, just don't expect it too be all that though


(Scooby Doo) Fred's Angel- When a mystery goes wrong, Fred is left the mourn the lost of Daphne and must try to go on without her in his life

(Yugioh GX) Cold Heart- Casino will never forget the day; the day Allister broke her heart. Now she's at Duel Academy and is trying hard not to remember and get on with her life. Contains major OC action

(Pokemon) Daddy's Little Girl- Kim has always been different from her brother, that has never been a secret. She's always been a daddy's girl but Kim wants to be able to follow her heart and become a coordinator, not the pokemon researcher her father expects her to be. (Done)

(Yugioh GX) Sugar n' Spice- Casino Wheeler reflects how she's sweet and innocent but also has a dark feisty side (Done)

(Pokemon) Rivals from begining to end- Ash and Gary have been rivals since before the day they started their journeys. Here's why

(Twilight) Mom’s Angel, Dad’s little girl, my baby- a poem from Jacob to Renesmee

(Yugioh GX) Foresaken Sky- Cold Heart in Allister’s POV


(Yugioh) A Family- Joey finally finds the courage to propose to Mai. They're lives turn out perfect until tragedy strikes. Joey X Mai

(Yugioh GX) Ghosts at Duel Academy- Many of you may have already seen the first chapter written by ShyAkiGirl but I'm the co-author on the other website so as soon as I have permission I'll post

(Yugioh GX) Someone like me- Syrus has always been in his brother's shadow. When a new student comes to Duel Academy will Syrus discover that they have more in common then he thinks and that it's ok to be his own person, not the person his brother wants him to be. Syrus X OC

(Pokemon) Pokemon the next generation- Again not mine, belongs to a friend on another website but as soon as i get promission I'll write it

(Pokemon) Our Journey begins- Join Kimberly and Xavier Oak as they travel the region on their journeys and meet some new friends and rivals on the way. OC's accepted

(Pokemon) Just Know- Gary has known Celeste since they were little kids and never thought of her as anything more then a friend. But as they grow older Gary can't help but think about her. GaryXOC, maybe slight AshXMisty

(Total Drama Island) Total Drama Island: Fans Vs. Favs- TDI campers are back but this time they’re working together against a new group of campers. Join 12 of TDI’s most favorite campers as they go against 12 fans for a chance at fame. Oc’s wanted and NEEDED!

(Total Drama Island) Total Drama School- Join Jessica, Mo and all the other fans turned stars as they return for their second season of TDI only this time they're competing in school where anything goes and the only way to go home is on a big yellow bus. (Sequel to Fans vs Favs.)

(Blue Blood) Le pur- The Four Hundered Ball is approaching and Mimi is getting ready. She plans on regaining her title and doesn't want anything to go wrong. But what happens when two new members are revealed at the ball and are blast from both Jack and Mimi's past. Slight JXS, OXS, OCXOC


(Yugioh) Dear Daughter A letter from Mai to her daughter before she dies (Done)

(Yugioh GX) In Love with Two- Being a teenage girl is never easy, Casino is learning that the hard way when she falls for two guys- a certain white hair pro duelist and a cute blue hair guy with glasses. AsterXOCXSyrus

(Yugioh) Just like Mom- While going through her dad's stuff Casino stumbles upon a picture of her mom and finds out just how alike they are

(Digimon) Hazel Tears- After some hurtful words said by Matt, Mimi is left hurt and alone. Contains slight MimiX Matt, Mimix Tai

About Me:

I am currently a college student with very little time on my hands. I love to write stories, but responsibilities take priority so I write when I can. Hence the reason why it may take me forever to publish something. I have a wild imagination which you could probably tell by all the OCs I have. I am a girl with many personalities as my friends like to describe me. I love to swim and play tennis and love reading. When I have the time I like to put a lot of attention into my stories, but sadly it may take awhile for me to pump out a chapter so please be patient with me.

Pairings I like:


Ash X Misty

May X Drew

Ash X May a little but still like

Dawn X Kenney

Gary X OC

Yugioh/Yugioh GX

Yugi X Tea

Joey X Mai My Favorite!

Serenity X Tristan (it could happen)

Jaden X Alexis

Syrus X OC

Aster X OC


Tai X Sora

Matt X Mimi

Davis X Kari


Dan X Runo

Marucho X OC

Julie X Billy


Sonic x Amy

Tails X Cosmo

Shadow X Rouge

Knuckles X Rouge

Knuckles X OC

Espio X OC

Blue Blood

SkyX Jack

SkyX Oliver

BlissX Dylan

Harry Potter

HarryX Ginny

My favorite pairing ever: OC X OC =D

Pairings I disagree with (I don't hate I just don't agree with) :


Brock X Misty (I have seen it happen)

Brock X May

Brock X Dawn


Matt X Sora (I kinda like them)

Tai X Mimi (Kinda like)

TK X Kari (kinda)


Shun X Alice (ok kinda like them)

Sonic x

sonic x rouge

amy x Shadow

Yugioh/Yugioh GX

Kaiba X Tea (I have seen it happen)

Kaiba X Serenity

Jaden X Blair

Syrus X Alexis

Blue Blood

Mimi X Jack

Harry Potter

Hermione X Ron (MY RON!)

To Haters/Flamers: I really don't care if you don't like my pairings because it's my own opinion. I don't judge people on their opinions and i hope people don't judge me on mine

My OCs:

warning- there are A LOT of them with VERY detailed bios so if you don’t have the time to read then you may want to skip

Yugioh GX

Name: Casino Wheeler
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: Same height as Jaden, white skin, long blonde with bangs brushed to the side, violet eyes, and a curvy figure. She wears the Slifer red jacket with a black tank top underneath, black leggings with red knee high boots and a red head band in her hair
Dorm: slifer Red
Deck type: Harpie Deck
Personality: She is really cool and very fun to be around. She does get mad especially when people are talking bad about her family. She is also very smart and is always willing to help her friends and put them before herself. She does her clumsy laidback moments but most of the time is very active, especially when it comes to rock climbing. When it comes to dueling she feels a lot of anxiety and panics a bit.
Friends: Jaden, Syrus, Hassleberry, Alexis, Blair, Jesse
Family: Joey Wheeler (father), and Mai Valentine (dead mother; died giving birth) Blaine (brother; given for adoption after she was born) Tristan (uncle) Serenity (aunt) Kyle (cousin)
Crush: Syrus
Favorite card(s): Soul of Purity and Light, Deal of Phantom, Harpie Lady
Hobbies: Soccer, swimming, photography, studying, hanging with friends, rock climbing (which explains a good portion of the accidents) and annoying Blaine
Extra Info: Casino got her name because the day she was born Mia passed away half way through the delivery. The doctors didn't think she would make it, but she did. Joey thought it was a good idea to name her Casino since her life was a gamble, and boy does Casino live up to her name because she does a lot of gambling with her life. She does get into A LOT of near death experiences due to her love for mountain climbing. She is a somewhat spoiled rich kid (although she doesn’t act like it) and the heir to her father’s company, Wheeler Tech (yeah Joey made rich!)
She never knew she had a brother until her dad and Yugi told them. Ever since she has tried hard to live up to the little sister stereotype by being annoying. Very few people know this, but Casino used to date Aster, but they broke up for complicated reasons that she refuses to talk about. Casino is a very intellectual student, but when it comes to dueling she’s like her father when he started out: terrible. But Jaden is helping her to become a fair dueler. She’s adored by a good portion of the guys at the academy, but because Blaine and little help from Kyle some of the are afraid to look at her when the two are around but when they aren't that’s a different story.

Name: Blaine Wheeler
Age: 18
Gender: male
Appearance: about Zane’s height with spiky blond hair with the tips dyed blue and brown eyes with somewhat muscular figure. Wears blue obelisk uniform (like Zane’s)
Dorm: obelisk blue
Deck type: dragon
Personality: He is not so smart, but does have his VERY rare moments in which he shows signs of intelligence. He is really cool and laid back, doesn't really care about school but is always focused when it comes to dueling. He is protective of Casino and is a bit hot headed at times
Friends: Jaden, Syrus, Hassleberry, Alexis, Blair, Jesse
Family: Joey Wheeler (father), and Mai Valentine (dead mother; died giving birth to Casino) Casino (sister) Tristan (uncle) Serenity (aunt) Kyle (cousin) Yugi (adopted dad) Tea (adopted mom)
Crush: none
Favorite cards: Red eyes black dragon
Hobbies: basketball, dueling, bugging Casino, looking for girls, surfing, and dueling
Extra Info: At age 3 he was given up for adoption because his mom had died giving birth to his sister and his dad (poor at the time) couldn't support two kids so Joey gave up Blaine to his friends Yugi and Tea to raise as their own. When he was 15, the same year he entered the academy, Yugi and Tea told him everything and he was determined to find his dad and sister. Blaine thinks having Casino as a sister is a pain but he really cares about her, especially when her life is on the line. Blaine is one of the top duelists at the academy but his grades aren’t so high. He would rather duel though then study unlike his sister. He’s very protective of his sister and is aware that more then half the guys in obelisk and the academy like her so he has to enforce law upon anyone who even thinks of asking Casino out.

name: Kyle Taylor
Age: 18
Gender: male
Appearance: about Blaine’s height, brown hair that is like Joey’s and brown eyes. Wears yellow Ra uniform and has a pair of sunglasses on his head
Dorm: Ra yellow
Deck type: warrior
Personality: He is also cool and likes to chill and relax from time to time. He is also sarcastic when he wants to be and isn’t afraid to speak his mind. He does pay attention in class and is friendly to lower class men
Friends: Jaden, Syrus, Hassleberry, Alexis, Blair, Jesse, Casino and Blaine
Family: Tristan (dad) Serenity (mom) Joey (uncle) Mai (dead aunt) Blaine (cousin) Casino (cousin)
Crush: none
Favorite cards: he likes all his cards
Hobbies: studying, dueling, perfecting his deck, volleyball, tennis, motorcycling (doesn't do much at the academy) and hanging with his friends
Extra Info: Kyle is your typical teen from a somewhat bizarre family. Since his dad is vice president in Wheeler Tech and his mom owns a very popular flower shop Kyle is rich and sometimes alone. In his free time he prefers motorcycling or practice his dueling. He is an only child but doesn't mind. Kyle thinks that Blaine is a little to over protective of Casino but then again he has seen the kind of guys Casino dates (Aster). Kyle loves to be sarcastic especially to Blaine, which ends up getting him a bloody lip from time to time. Kyle doesn't think he’s special compared to his cousins but he really doesn't care. He, along with Blaine are adored by a lot of girls but unlike his cousin he really isn't looking for a girl. Overall Kyle has average grades (lower then Casino’s but higher then Blaine’s) and is an average dueler (better then Casino but weaker then Blaine)

when they’re being used in a Yugioh (no GX or 5ds) story Casino and Blaine turn into Joey’s cousins and Kyle becomes a family friend

( you can go on head if you want)

Yugioh 5ds

Name: Roulette Wellington
Age: 17
Appearance: long black hair, bright blue eyes, a curvy figure and slightly white skin. She wears a white corset top with a denim jacket (unzipped of course) denim shorts and white ankle boots. She also has a sapphire necklace that Allen gave her for her 16th birthday.
Deck: fairy deck (was her mother’s deck)
D-Wheel: dark purple
Bio: She is the only child of Neo Domino City’s very rich and very important governor and she is the love interest of many, including Allen. Due to a mistake she was sent to the Satellite for a few weeks where she met up with Yusei and friends. He taught her to duel and to ride a duel runner. She was eventually sent back to Neo Domino but changed a bit; she wasn’t the same weak defenseless girl as before. If her friends need anything; money, authority or anything at all it isn’t a problem for her because she likes to help out her friends. For most of her life Roulette has lived a lonely life. Her mother died when she was 4 (or at least the way she sees it) and her father was always busy and never had time for her. She never had any real friends because she was always being tutored and never had free time. But when she was 14 she met Allen and didn’t feel so lonely anymore. She is an expert with computers and mechanics, in fact she built Allen’s d-wheel before she was put in the Satellite and when she got back she made herself one, but only Allen knows her secret. She is very sweet, friendly, outgoing and allows willing to help out a friend in need.
Crush: Allen (but doesn’t show it)
Family: Vincent (father)

Name: Allen Matthews
Age: 17 (almost 18)
Appearance: short strawberry hair with black eyes and tannish skin. Wears a black hoodie with a grey shirt underneath, jeans and black sneakers. Also has a black wristband on the arm with his mark
Deck: machine type
D-Wheel: blackish-silver
Bio: His mom left when he was 3 and his dad died in a car accident when he was 13 so he lives with his aunt (his dad’s sister) uncle and cousins, who he doesn’t mind at all. He was sort of a rebel at first and was constantly getting into trouble,but he never got caught so he wasn’t marked. One day when he was 15 he almost got caught when he ran into Roulette (literally) who saved him by telling the police he was with her and since that day they’ve been friends. She understands him, his loneliness and over the years has grown to like her more then a friend. When Roulette was accidentally sent to the Satellite he searched for her and tried to find a way in with no luck. He is quick to protect Roulette when a guy decides to get too close; he protects Roulette from danger and trouble. He was once part of a group, known as the Silver Wolves, that terrorized Neo Domino but he got out when he met Roulett, but he keeps his tattoo hidden
Crush: Roulette
Family: Julie and Marco Cruz (aunt and uncle) Jasper and Lily Cruz (cousins)

Name: Vincent Wellington
Age: 40
Appearance: short sleek honey blond hair and bright blue eyes. Wears whatever a governor wears
Deck: dragon deck (has had it since he was a kid thought he doesn’t use it anymore)
D-wheel: none
Bio: He is the governor of Neo Domino first and Roulette’s father second. He grew up into a wealthy family and had known Aurora (his wife) since the age of 8. He was a great dueler and taught her to duel and helped her create a deck (currently Roulette’s deck) but he never saw her duel. Over time the two grew to more then friends and they got married, having Roulette sometime after that. He had everything in the world he wanted; a beautiful loving wife, a sweet precious little girl and was governor of Neo Domino. His priorities in life were: 1) his wife 2) Neo Domino 3) Roulette, in that order though he always had a caring spot for his little girl. However, when Roulette was four, her mother became very ill with some unknown illness and when Roulette was five, she died. He took Aurora’s death pretty hard and worked nonstop to fill the void in his heart and hired tutors to keep Roulette occupied. His priorities since that day were 1) Neo Domino and 2) Roulette and he hardly spends time with Roulette. He became so consumed with his work he never noticed how unhappy Roulette grew up to be or how his wife’s death turned him from a caring father to a constantly busy governor,who barely knows anything about Roulette anymore. Over time the grief over Aurora’s death lessened, but the heart that never healed was his.
Family: Roulette (daughter)

(seriously there is still more)


Name: Celeste Centero
Age: same age as Ash and Gary
Eyes: sapphire blue
Hair: golden blond ( Long Straight Hair With pink Headband)
Outfit: Black & Pink Stripe Top, pink hooded jacket (harldy wears it) and black jean shorts with black ankle boots
Attire: Big Silver Double Hoop Earrings (given to her by Ash) Silver Heart Necklace (given to her by Gary) Silver Bracelet (given to her by Ricky)
Pokemon: Typhlosion (had a Charizard but it died) Espeon, Dragonite, Absol, Seviper, Raichu
Status: pokemon trainer/ pokemon Coordinator
Personality: sweet, kind, friendly, hot headed, gets mad easily when Ash, Gary and Ricky fight
Hometown: Pallet Town
Crush: she isn’t really sure, she has feelings for all three
Extra Info: She's been friends with Ash, Gary and Ricky since she was 6, a year before her mom past away. When she left on her journey she left her little brother and sister in the care of her father, but he abandoned them so now they travel with Celeste

Name: Ricky Skylar
Age: same age as Ash and Gary
Eyes: black
Hair: reddish-brown spiky hair
Gender: Male
Outfit: black leather jacket, grey shirt underneath, and jeans, black sneakers
Pokemon: Venusaur, Sneasel, Swampert, Alakazam, Manectric, Skarmory
Status: pokemon trainer/ ex Team rocket leader (ex step dad is the boss)
Personality: cool, calm, stubborn, friendly, over confident, easily fights with Gary and/or Ash
Hometown: Pallet Town
Crush: has slight feelings for Celeste but hides them
Extra Info: He has known Ash and Gary since he was 3 and Celeste since he was 6. He use to be part of Team Rocket, thanks to his ex step dad Giovanni. He quit after Celeste and his friends helped him see the way and he never wants to think about it again.

Name: Xavier Oak
Age: 10 (15 min older)
Gender: male
Hometown: Pallet
Region: Kanto
Hair color: blonde
Hair style: spiky
Eye color: sapphire blue
Outfit: like gary's in sinnoh
Accessories: gary's medallion, sunglasses in hair
Beginning Pokémon: bulbasaur
Current Pokémon: Eevee (has a black and green bandana with little bolts on it tied around it's neck indicating its a boy and he hopes it evolves into either Umbreon, Leafeon or Jolteon)
Pokémon to catch: Glaceon, Nidoran (male) Absol, Croagunk, Buizel Chikorita, and Finneon
Parents: Gary and Celeste
Crush/girlfriend: none
What they are/going to be: pokemon trainer and researcher
Additional info: Xavier is sometimes called a mini gary because he shows signs of wanting to be a researcher, even at a young age. He sometimes joins his brothers in pranking his sister but most of the time he is somewhat serious and preparing to be the best. He knows that because of his brothers he has a lot to accomplish but he's ready for the challenge. He looks after Kimberly and knows the pressure people put on her but he always does his best to take her mind off the stress and to just have fun plus he makes sure that she takes her medicine when she’s suppose too

Name: Kimberly "Kim" Oak
Age: 10 (15 minutes younger)
Gender: female
Hometown: Pallet
Region: Kanto
Hair color: brown
Hair style: long and straight with her long bangs brushed to the side
Eye color: brown
Outfit: red off the shoulder top, black shorts, red fingerless gloves and red knee high boots
Accessories: silver heart necklace and charm bracelet with her name engraved, red sunglasses
Beginning Pokémon: squirtle
Current Pokémon: Eevee (has a purple and blue bow tied around it's neck indicating its a girl and she hopes it evolves into either espeon, glaceon or vaporeon)
Pokémon to catch: Leafeon, Pikachu, Nidoran (female) Mantyke, Buneary, Totidile, Cherubi, Pachirisu, Togekiss
Parents: Celeste and Gary
Crush/boyfriend: none
What they are/going to be: trainer and coordinator
Additional info: Kimberly is the first girl to be born into the Oak family in 3 generations and the youngest of the Oak family so a lot of pressure is being put on her, especially since she has a medical condition and needs to take medicine. Like her mom, she is after gym badges and contest ribbons and out to prove to her brothers that she is just as good as they are. She is a sweet girl and brings a smile to everyones face, even when she’s in a hospital bed, so many people consider her the center of the family. She loves to swim and loves the water so her brothers tease her by saying she's half mermaid and throwing her into the family pool. She looks forward to traveling with her brother and best friend on their long journey

Name: Keith Skylar
Age: 10
Gender: male
Hometown: Pallet
Region: Kanto
Hair color: reddish brown
Hair style: short and flat
Eye color: blue
Outfit: brown t shirt, black shorts (go past his knees) and black sneakers
Accessories: black poketch
Beginning pokemon: Charmander
Current pokemon: Pidgey
Pokemon to Catch: Carvanha, sableye, Murkrow, Drowzee, Spoink, Starmie, Lunatone, Solrock, and Bellosom
Parents: Ricky and Daisy
Crush/Girlfriend: none
What they are/going to be: trainer but wants to be a pokemon doctor
Additional Info: he is a longtime friend of Kim and Xavier and thinks of them as family especially since their eldest brother is dating his cousin. He is good to pokemon and loves to help the twins when they’re at their great grandfather’s lab. He knows a lot about pokemon and wants to be a pokemon doctor. He knows a lot about pokemon and wants to be a pokemon doctor someday but many people confuse him for being a breeder since he knows so much about taking care of pokemon. He is always welcomed by the Oak family

Name: Ross Oak
Age: 18
Hometown: Pallet
Region: Sinnoh at the moment
Hair color: blonde
Hair style: spiky
Eye color: sapphire blue
Outfit: yellow sleeveless shirt, black jeans and sneakers
Accessories: diamond stud in left ear and yellow wristband
Beginning Pokémon: Pikachu (now Riachu) Lightning
Current Pokémon: Raichu Lightning Jolteon, Luxray, Ampharos, Electrike and Electivire
Pokémon to catch: none
Parents: Celeste and Gary
Crush/Girlfriend: Jamie
What they are/going to be: gym leader/ breeder
Additional info: He is a electric gym leader and he and Nick run the gym together but its mostly Nick who accepts the challenges. But when he does battle, the challenger doesn't stand a chance! unlike Nick, he devoted most of his journey to helping pokemon and when Nick started his journey it was then that Ross discovered he wanted to be a breeder. He prepares food for all their pokemon and makes sure they're healthy and fit. Like his younger siblings, his first pokemon to catch was an Eevee and it evolved into a Jolteon which is his second most powerful and loyal pokemon first being Raichu when you need advice Ross is the person to go to, even Nick goes to him for advice.

Name: Siren Oak
Age: 16
Gender: male
Hometown: Pallet
Region: traveling throughout the regions
Hair color: brown hair with blond streaks in it
Hair style: spiky
Eye color: Sapphire Blue
Outfit: red jacket with black shirt underneath, black pants and black sneakers.
Has a capture styler, red goggles in his hair and dog tags around his neck
Beginning Pokémon: Sandshrew (now Sandslash)
Current Pokémon: Sandslash, vaporeon, Flygon and Mismagius
Pokémon to catch: none
Parents: Celeste and Gary
Crush/Girlfriend: none
What they are/going to be: Pokemon Ranger
Additional info: Unlike his siblings, he never went on a pokemon journey. When he was 6 he had gotten lost and was being attacked by wild pokemon when a pokemon ranger came and saved him. So when he was 7 he asked his parents if they would send him to the academy to become a pokemon ranger and they agreed. He received his Sandshrew the day he left for the academy and on his 8th birthday he received his eevee from his parents. Over the years he has become one of the well known Pokemon Rangers and he always gets the job done. His Sandslash and his Vaporeon are his toughest and most loyalist pokemon.

Name: Nicolas “Nick” Oak
Age: 15
Gender: male
Hometown: Pallet
Region: Sinnoh at the moment
Hair color: brown
Hair style: spiky
Eye color: Sapphire Blue
Outfit: white long sleeve shirt with red shirt over it, black jeans and black sneakers with red flames on them.
Accessories: Has a red wrist band on wrist
Beginning Pokémon: Charmander (which is now Charizad) (Pyro)
Current Pokémon: Charizard Pyro Flareon, Magmortar, Houndoom, and Infernape
Pokémon to catch: none
Parents: Celeste and Gary
Crush/Girlfriend: none
What they are/going to be: gym leader
Additional info: He's a fire gym leader but when he was a trainer he was hell of a good he won the Silver Conference like his mom, he came in the top 4 in the Pokemon League and was known as a top trainer and competitor. He almost beat an elite 4 member. Now he's a gym leader and a hard one to beat. Since he's usually gone all the time when Kimberly sees him she usually is clinging for the first hour or two after seeing him. Like Xavier and Kimberly, his first pokemon to catch was an Eevee and it evolved into a Flareon which is his second most powerful and loyal pokemon first being Charizard. He's a good brother and loves and respects his siblings and wishes them well on their journey

Name: Jamie Waterflower
Age: 17
Gender: female
Hometown: Cerulean
Region: Sinnoh at the moment
Hair color: pink
Hair style: long hair that is pulled into a long ponytail with bangs in face she is constantly pushing them out of face.
Eye color: blue
Outfit: wears blue off the shoulder top with black tanktop underneath, black shorts and blue sandals.
Accessories: She also had silver tone sunglasses in hair, silver necklace, and charm bracelet
Beginning Pokémon: Horsea now Kingdra (Bubbles)
Current Pokémon: Kingdra Bubbles Vaporeon, Shellos, Floatzel, Golduck and Luvdisc
Pokémon to catch: none
Parents: Lily (dad died before she was born)
Crush/boyfriend: Ross
What they are/going to be: she is Nick and Ross' assistant at their gym and hopes to be a gym leader someday
Additional info: Jamie use to be exactly like her mother, only use to care about her looks. But that was before she came across Ross on their journeys and everything changed. They started out as friends but over time things changed. When Ross went to help Nick out at his new gym he invited Jamie to come with him. Although she was a good trainer Nick told her it was a family gym only but that she could be their assistant and when she became a stronger trainer then he would consider letting her be a gym leader at the gym. She takes care of the gym when the two go visit their mom and when they get back she goes to visit her mom in Cerulean. She dreams of the day she can be a gym leader like her boyfriend

(You are still here?! Ok don’t say I didn’t warn you)


Name- Dascha the hedgehog
- Dash
Age- same as Sonic
Gender- female
Description- blue quills with long hair in ponytail and long bangs off to the side. Has pale blue eyes (almost white) and somewhat curvy figure
Outfit: While Dash likes to dress up as much as the next girl, she has two signature outfits that she can be found in. The first outfit consists of a white and magenta stripped tank top, black leggings and white shoes, which she usually wears whenever she isn't working on a machine. The second outfit consists of a red midriff sweater, dark overalls and sneakers, which she wears whenever she's working on a machine.
Crush- Espio, but doesn't show it
Crush on her- Espio
Personalitiy- Dash is a sweet, kind girl who is outgoing and very caring towards her friends. She is tough as nails and isn't afraid to speak her mind. She often ponders about her life in solidarity.
Abilities- Dash, unlike her brother, can not run at a high rate of speed. Instead her abilities lie in hand to hand combat as she is a great gymnastics and is trained in karate, kung fu, and jujitsu. Aside from this she can also perform the same homing attacks as Sonic, however she rarely ever does so.
Friends- Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, Tails, Cream, Vector, Charmy, Espio, Rouge sometimes
Story (She has two different stories depending on the story she's in)
Dash is Sonic’s twin sister, and is more brains then brawn when compared to Sonic. During the early years of her life it was revealed that she couldn't run fast like Sonic could. At the age 10 she ran away from home because she couldn't stand being in his shadow. She remained hidden until she was 14 and returned home. Dash doesn't talk about the years she was gone, but during that time she gained skills in mechanics as well as hand to hand combat. It was also during this time that her chao, Hammer, entered her life, yet how that came to be still remains a mystery to everyone. Often called upon for help by Tails whenever he needs assistance, or by others whenever Tails is too busy to help out, she doesn't mind lending a hand when she's needed. Most of the time she can be found in her garage working on her own machines with the assistance of Hammer.
In an attempt to destroy Sonic and friends, Eggman hatched a plan to clone Sonic. The clone would then intercept the group and gain everyone's trust before destroying them. With a few strands of Sonic's quills Eggman attempted and failed the experiment several times before he finally succeeded in creating a life form. The life form was flawed as it was a female, but Eggman didn't care as he proceeded with plan.Programming the life form he gave her the name Dash, and equipped her with basic knowledge as well as intelligence in mechanics to gain their trust, he let her loose to commence with the plan. Dash, it would turn out, was a fail clone as well as she did not have Sonic's abilities and would later turn on Eggman. From then on she stayed with Sonic and group. For the most part she gets along with Sonic as he has no reason to be at odds with her like he is with Shadow. Dash does wonder about her existence and why she survived when the other experiments failed.
Chao: Hammer

(Can I ask what is wrong with you? Why are you still here? I warned you it was a lot. Thankfully its over)

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