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Okay, seeing as how you're reading this, that must mean you actually care to hear my drabbles. Either that, or ur really really really bored. Or, you don't have a life, which i hope isn't the case. (or do I? *snickers evilly)

Name: keikoutou, or kei for short in my reviews. Means 'slow to react' in japanese, which is exactly what i am...people find it quite amusing actually. Grr.
It also means fluorescent lamp, but lets forget that definition, shall we?
Age:Old enough to be here
Occupation: writer
Location: No where u wanna know...too boring anyway
School: sux.
Likes: anime (DUH!!!!), reading, drawing, writing, soccer, martial arts(though i'm a disgrace to it), violin, my family, manga (guess that goes with anime or reading or both), color blue and silver, volleyball, winter, snow, my friends, birds but especially geese, um...yeah.
Dislikes: Piano, school, my violin teacher, close minded people like homophobes, people who judge from first impression (sadly, i do that sometimes), people who act all airheaded when they know they actually have brains (waste of intelligence), politics, the sun when its too bright and hot, spring, summer, guys who act "cool", being late to anything, ok this is getting boring so i'll stop...

Other info that you probably don't care about but i'll say anyway:

I love to read and write fantasies. Which is probably why i like the animes i like so much. My favorite categories of writing are: angst, romance when i'm in the mood, and a little bit of drama (even though I suck at all 3). I have nothing against shounen/shojo ai. I like to read and write them (actually just shonen), despite society's general disapproval.

Fav anime: NARUTO!!!, Dragonballz/gt, .hack//sign (altho its confusing as h*ll), rurouni kenshin, yugioh

Naruto: Okay, this has officially become my alltime fav anime. It is the BEST. I'm telling you, you all should see it. I'm not saying this because its got a whole buncha hot bishonen, but because of the plot itself and the characters. Both are very well developed and the plot gets pretty complex later on. And the characters are so likable; even if one seems bad, they all have an explanation for it so you can't really blame them for being jerks (like Sasuke...grrr...). And Naruto is sooooooo adorable, the way he acts, his confidence, and his KAWAII vulpine smile!!! Also, this anime can get really sad- i even cried sometimes and its not easy for me to cry for a story. But, the good thing is that right after the sad events, something funny occurs as if cheering you up.
Ok, i highly doubt anyone read through that, but WATCH NARUTO!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Other Anime i like to watch:zoids, gundam wing, umm...wat else...oh yea, cardcaptors, digimon, and some others that i'm too lazy to remember.

I like to read Dragon Knights manga, Wish (which is really confusing in the end), dragonball manga (but of course!Although it is kinda perverted.), FAKE (this is sooo funny), any mangas containing demons (i looove demon plots and such...unless they're the bad guys) like demon diaries, Rebirth, some Manga that i THINK is called Orphan (not exactly sure), most mangas in the shonen jump magazine: one piece, yugioh, yuyu hakusho, uhmm...can't remember -_-;;

i absolutely hate kodocha...srri to kodocha fans, but that manga is waaaaaay too normal for my tastes. too cheerful, to moody switchy, and...yeah. Too close to real life. i guess FAKE is also real life-like but it's really funny.

Little insignificant anime fact: Akira Toriyama's well known Dragonball series is unique for its distinctive carefree art style.
So take that to all those who insulted Dragonball for its "shameful art"!!!!!! *coughAmbercough*

If anyone knows a pretty good, reliable site for buying doujinshi (DECENT doujinshi!!!), please let me know!!!

None anime stuff: I just watched Treasure Planet, and i just gotta say...tis the best thing Disney ever made! I am obssessed with it, its my most favorite movie now. Except the ending...i hate the ending cuz Jim isn't all angsty anymore, AND he cut off his ponytail!! NOOOOOOO...sniffsniff. and he lost his earring too...he looked so much better before as a rebellious teenager. The alternate ending was better since it didn't show him like he was in the actual ending (at least, i think it didn't).

Hope you all enjoy my stories!!! o^-^o cuz i certainly don't...

I know i probably have the biggest reputation for being the slowest author to update...sorry...but i'm kinda blown out from inspiration...and i'm kinda beginning to despise my own fics...

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Innocent Blood reviews
The gang are all vampire hunters. Yugi is the vampire. But is he more than just a bloodthirsty killer? Does he- a supposedly killer species- perhaps still hold some innocence? And who is after him? Will Yami and co. kill yugi for what he is, or help him w
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officially titleless stupid titles of mine reviews
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