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my name is veronica and i love to write. please ignore all the "quotes" and bits done there, those were written when i was --looking back on myself-- generally very annoying and in the middle-school-mode. :) i'm re-editing my profile, and i haven't been on fanfiction in AGES, and i just realized how sad it is that i used to stay up late or try to squeeze in maybe a half hour (you really can't do anything in a half hour concerning words + imagination) to write, and now i never do.

so, getting back into the practice; currently i am rewriting my Charlie Bone fanfiction story (yayy...) and trying to delete the heavy disgusting ohsoDRAMATIC scenes that i used to adore.

either way, erm... oh!

-i've outgrown twilight (sorry, guys...still like the fanfic though!)

-i adore harry potter (gotta love those brits...)

-wavy brown hair that i'm trying to grow out but never seems to go past my shoulders


-especially the new BBC series, can i get a "hell yeah!!" ? :D

-his name is benedict cumberbatch; come on. that's awesome.

-it helps that he's really very gorgeous as well. ;)

-i'll stop now.


-if you haven't seen the new Sherlock BBC series

A) for SHAME.

B) PBS.ORG now! it's on masterpiece mystery; come on, its awesome!

-suit up, barney stinson.

-right! well. check out my fanfiction; any suggestions, REVIEW, any fun quotes, REVIEW, any awesome recipes, REVIEW...

-you should also review.

If your mother constantly tells you that she's starting to worry about your mental health, copy and paste this into your profile.

If you laugh at Kurt Copeland's jokes on Z107.7, copy and paste this to your profile.

If you have ever made out with a cardboard cutout(while your friends were dragging you away,) and loved every second of it, copy and paste this to your profile.

If you desperately wish the Kristen Stewart would break both legs so you could take her place, copy and paste this into your profile, attaching your name to the list: sunnyshinybaby

If you think screaming EEEEEEE!! really loud in a crowded movie theatre to embarass your friends sounds fun, copy and paste this to your profile.

Favorite/Funny Quotes: (p.s. these are made by either me or my friends. lotsa LOLtimes!)

"I'm not mean, you're just stupid."

"Look! It's white, and blue...and really big.."

"Honey, that's the sky." (my friend was talking about a blimp. i did not know that.)

"You suck."

"I know."



"That's the first time i've ever made sense...ever."

"I'd love to help you out. Which way did you come in?"

(from Q's in science class...some were so funny. We were forced through the tortersome...Reproductive lesson..)

"Can kissing make babies?" and, the funniest and most talked about: "Can the penis fall off?" yes, people actually asked those. no, i am not one of them. :)

Quotes I'd ADORE/LOVE to Use:

"What took you so long?"

"Well, you see, I decided to take over the world. But then I saw something shiny."


(i actually have a guy friend, who, whenever i see him, i call him this. I've been waiting for him to respond this way. it would be hilarious. :))

"Hey, asshat! I've missed you."

"Bitch. It's good to see you too."

"When the going get's tough, the tough get going."

"Is that what you did last week? Asshat! You missed my initiation!"

"I've crossed over to the dark side. It's more fun there."

"No wonder i'm bored. It's really bright over here."

"Today was really nice. I had fun."

"Yeah. Except, even though you have to leave, we can still hang out tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah! But, that's too far away!"

"Not really. Think of it this way: today is turning into tomorrow in a couple of hours."


ahh, i love quotes. if anyone has any good ones, DO NOT hesitate to send them!!

this is a banner i made for my Charlie Bone fanfic: Cursed Stranger. it's my first banner ever, and i think i did pretty okay. i don't have good pics, though. stupid google...:) (copy and paste into search bar if clicking does not work..)


and this is a banner for my Twilight story: Dancing For My Saviour. again, second banner, i think i did pretty okay. :) surprisingly, these pics aren't so bad. :)


okay, i found this pic, and this is sorta how amira looks, in my story Cursed Stranger:


yeahh..sorry for the grainy-ness or sucky color, but whatevs. also, her hair isn't all black(the chick in the pic has a veil over her head) it has red streaks in it. like fire. occasionally(i shouldn't be saying this, but whatevs, again..) whenever she get's really calm or uses her "ice" endowment for a long period of time, the streaks turn white, and sorta glow. just subtly. to hint that the color is, like, alive, and (the red does this too!) and not dye or anything. that it's real, you know what i mean? i still have to find a pic of an amoret likeness(she looks kinda like i wanna look like...LOL, but the eyes are actually mine. and the hair, though later on, it becomes more'll see...hehe) and an amadis(models!) but i'll post them when i do!


okay, so, i was looking for pics(some might be anime. i do not like anime, but that might be what i have to stoop to.) and i found a pic of a girl(totally random girl) who i thought looked like a younger version of amoret. like, 10 years, 11 years old. just with blue eyes instead of amoret's hazel. :) thought i'd post it...


LOL, i like to imagine that she's looking up at amadis because he's annoying her or whatever. :)

okay, this is how i imagined the A's(amoretamadisamira) mother, cecille:


yes, this is how i picture amoret(sorta...this is the best i could find on anime...) except, you know, with..brown hair...not...silver-y.


and, yes, this is what amadis kinda looks know...more serious, and probably hotter. :)

pic of amoret's trench coat in "need-to-add-in" numbah two.

so, i realized that i could no longer see my old banners. so here's a new one for cursed stranger. because i got bored. :D


enjoy, lovelies. :)

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