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My new account: Stella Cadens (

Hello, everyone!

This was formerly "Nutella's Biggest Fan", but I have changed the name so that people will know that I'm inactive.

Anyway... as some of you had guessed by now, I've been having issues with my account. Long story short, I pretty much lost everything. Unfortunately, this resulted in the deletion of my backup files as well, meaning that I have no way to re-upload my stories. I moved accounts for safety's sake.

I imagine the readers who would be the most disappointed are those who have been following "The Cherry Blossom In Space", which was very close to its conclusion after years of serialisation. I can't apologise enough to everyone who had supported me, and offered me years worth of critique and encouragement- I am so, so very sorry. It is extremely unlikely that I'll be rewriting all 28 chapters, so I thought of something else: please feel free to PM me via my new account (details above) if you would like to know how I planned to end it, or just discuss it in finer detail.

The good news is that I'm still planning to write more stories, and I still am happy to assist with everyone else's stories where and when I can.

Thank you very much to each and every single person who has supported me for the last (almost) six years! I hope I get to see you around.