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Author has written 4 stories for Vampire Knight, Until Death Do Us Part/死がふたりを分かつまで, and Bleach.

This is actually my third account on ff.net, but the other two were so old I had forgotten my login details. I didn't really have anything worthwhile published anyway. So, here I am anew!

I shall probably post some of my older work up on this account, just to see what kind of reception it receives, and to make a good comparison to the pieces I'm currently working on.

I welcome all sorts of feedback, including criticism, but only if it's constructive. ;)

A little about myself:

I'm 29 and I live in Scotland. I have a rather wide range of interests, from the obvious writing and reading, to drawing, interactive media, gaming and the likes. I rather enjoy ancient cultures, especially those of far eastern origin. I am also a huge fan of anime and manga, as you'll no doubt notice by my contributions on this site. :D

I also have a twin sister, who has a nice little reputation going for herself as a fan fiction writer. She is registered on this site under the pen name of centauri2002. Do go check her ficcies out. They're rather good. ;)

14/11/12 - Another update for you, if anyone's still reading this. ._. A lot has happened in the past year and a bit. My father died, and my mother is terminally ill. She takes a lot of looking after. I've also gotten divorced and moved back to Scotland on a permanent basis. I've since started up my own publishing company, and started falling in love again. Oh life, how you trick us so. I've not forgotten about the fan fictions I have up here, don't you fret. When I can find time, I -will- update them. :)

02/07/11 - As you all may have noticed, I haven't updated any of my fanfics in a while. I have had to travel back to Scotland to look after my parents, so I'm afraid I'll have to announce a hiatus on all my ongoing works for the foreseeable future. Sorry guys. I ask for patience and forgiveness. D:

01/10/10 - Okay! Finally got around to updating all my existing fics and added a new Bleach one as well. Go me! Anyway, I'll try and keep the updates coming semi-regularly. I've been awfully tardy with them recently. :(

28/04/10 - A little bit of news for you all. As of today, you can now officially blame Lt.RainnAron for your lack of Thorny Path updates. She's been slacking with a fic she's been writing and this is her punishment. I suggest you all go message her and tell her to get a move on it! ;)

31/03/10 - Woah, it's been a while since I've written a little update here. I'm still working away on both Thorny Path and Entwined, even though it might not seem like it when you look at my update dates. :P I've just bought a house and moved into it, so there's been a lot to do on that side of things. I also am nearing the end of my creative writing course as part of my degree, so I will have to focus on the last few assignments for that for now. On top of all that, there's my original work. I've received some good feedback for some of my short stories, so I'm hoping to get those published soon. You might see why I've not updated recently. ;)

22/11/09 - I'm still in L.A. and still writing away. I've started a new project. -points to Thorny Path- It's an Until Death Do Us Part fan fiction, which is an absolutely amazing manga. Go read if you haven't already! Thorny Path is supposed to be a hybrid of action and romance. There's not been too much action involved in it yet, -cough-, but there will be... later... sometime... hopefully. I've updated Entwined and am about halfway through the next chapter, but it seems my muse won't leave me alone and insists I keep working on Thorny Path. :( I've also completely failed my NaNoWriMo challenge. There's still some of the month left, but I doubt I can manage to write 30,000 words in a few days when I'm constantly writing fan fiction. Ack!

21/10/09 - It's been a while, so thought I should post a little update. Currently, I'm so bogged down with coursework that I've had no chance to work on my other writing projects. (The course I'm doing is a writing course as part of my degree). Please don't think that I've given up on Entwined, because I haven't. Chapter 13 is partially written, I just need to find the time to complete it. I'm off to L.A. soon to accompany my fiancé on a work trip, so while he's off at his conferences, I should have plenty of time to catch up on my writing. Good news, woot! A special thank you to all the peeps who have stuck through and kept on reading Entwined, and continued reviewing throughout. Hugs from me!

31/07/09 - Working on Chapter 12 of Entwined at the moment. I'm currently looking for a beta for this fiction, as I recently re-read it from start to finish and noticed the odd grammatical/spelling mistake, and one continuity error. Doh! Unfortunately I don't have the greatest of memories, and with the large gaps between updates at the moment, I do forget a few details. I have approached someone from the Beta Reader list, but have to wait to see if they are interested. If any of my readers would like the job, please feel free to contact me about it.

Also, I'm currently working on a completely original fiction, which I shall hope to get published once it's finished. I have it hosted online, so if anyone is interested, get in touch with me, so I can share the details with you. I'm not going to post it in a public place, as I don't want my incredibly original ideas to be stolen! Yeah, right. -cough-

16/05/09 - I've just added two new forums. From Chapter 7 of Entwined onwards, I shall be replying to reviews on the appropriately named forum. The main reasoning for this is to make any questions I reply to available for everyone, and also so I can reply to unsigned reviews. The second forum is a suggestion and request forum. I've added an explanation of said forum as a topic there, so please go read it if you're interested. :)

13/05/09 - Starting a course for my degree in Humanities next week, in Archeaology. It sounds thoroughly interesting, so I'm probably going to have a little less time to update Entwined. I should still get a chapter out each week, but I'm forewarning you all, just in case. :)


Entwined - Vampire Knight fan fiction. Set in an alternate universe. Action/Adventure/Romance. Eventual ZxK,KxZ pairing. This is my main project, so expect regular updates.

Thorny Path - Until Death Do Us Part fan fiction. Action/Romance. Mamoru x Haruka pairing. Secondary project, but will still update regularly... hopefully!

Lament - Bleach fan fiction. Tragedy/Suspense. No pairings as of yet. Trying something a little different with this one, instead of my usual romance/action ensembles.

Wintry Solace - Until Death Do Us Part fan fiction. Romance/fluff/Lemon. Mamoru x Haruka pairing. One-shot.

Into the Unknown - World of Warcraft fan fiction. Mystery/Action/Adventure. Characters are based on actual in-game characters of friends and family. There seems to be little to no interest in this one, so I shall probably not be updating it.

More to come soon.

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