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Hello everyone, this is FlashHedgehog here! I just want you to know I'm still trying to get the hang of writing stories. But, I have FOUR co-op stories with StarVix. (Yes, THE StarVix.) Please enjoy the profiles of my fan characters and, to a lesser extent, their forms!

Sonic OCs:

Name-Flash The Hedgehog

Species-Hedgehog (Durrrrrrrrrrrrr.)


Eye Color-blue

Fur-dark green with no fur on the muzzle or front of torso, short quills on head, and short quills on back

Clothing-white gloves, blue shoes with a red stripe down the middle of each one, red socks, and a white headband

Residence-workshop/lab in Green Hill Zone

Relationships-Star The Vixen: Girlfriend (StarVix), Highspeed The Hedgehog: Brother in an alternate universe (Shadowspeed2020)


Special Abilities-is one of the few Mobians alive that knows how to use Ki

Theme Song-How Far We've Come by Matchbox Twenty

Bio-Flash T. Hedgehog is a Dragonball Z fanboy, a smart-aleck, a hacker, and an inventor. He loves winning and hates losing. He is an expert hacker. He spends time with Tails every now and then to help, get help on, or work on a project together. He doesn't start fights. He joins them.

Backstory-Flash was born and raised in a small village about sixty miles from Station Square. When he was six, his village was attacked by Eggman, and he was captured and made into Eggman's test subject. He gained a large amount of technical know-how from this time. He was saved when he was fourteen by Sonic The Hedgehog.

Name-Super Flash The Hedgehog

Eye Color-cyan

Fur-golden and flowing with power

Special Abilities-extremely heightened power

Theme Song-New Divide by Linkin Park

Bio-Flash is much more burtal in this form, with his extremely high power level.

Backstory-After being pushed to extreme mental and physical levels of pain, Flash transformed into Super form for the first time. Thanks to his Ki abilities, he does not need the Chaos Emeralds for this transformation.

Name-Dark Super Flash The Hedgehog

Eyes-all white, without pupils and irises

Fur-dark purple and flowing with power

Special Abilities-extremely heightened power, opening portals back to the Sonic dimension

Theme Song-Animal I Have Become by Three Days Grace

Bio-Flash will not show mercy in this form. He will kill anyone who attacks him with hesitation.

Backstory-After Dark Gaian power was embedded in him, Flash was driven into this form in rage. He soon learned how to control when he enters this form, but he is still as brutal.

Name-Adobe The Hedgehog

Species-Hedgehog (Durrrrrrrrrrrr again.)

Eye Color-white

Fur-white with long, thin quills that go down to the waist, long quills coming from his back, and has no fur on muzzle

Clothing-black jacket with hole on back for quills coming out of back, black jeans with hole in back for tail, black gloves, black shoes, black socks

Special Abilities-is one of the few Mobians alive that knows how to use Ki

Theme Song-In the Shadows by The Rasmus

Bio-A mysterious albino hedgehog bent on killing Sonic and his friends. His motive is unknown, and so are his origins. He is basically Flash's nemesis, but he will kill anyone that gets in his way, or he'll just kill for the fun of it.

Backstory-Again, his origins are completely unknown. Anyone can take a shot at finding it out, although he seemed to have appeared so suddenly that nobody has ever heard of him before.

Name-Metal Flash The Hedgehog


Paint-color pattern like Metal Sonic's, only changed to look like Flash

Special Abilities-has special technology that mimics Ki

Theme Song-I Stand Alone by Godsmack

Bio-Metal Flash has broken away from control of Eggman, and only has one goal that he plans to complete: kill his organic counterpart, Flash The Hedgehog.

Backstory-He and the other OC bots failed to kill the OCs in "OCs Save the World!" However, Metal Flash survived, and started hunting Flash alone.


"Firing main cannon." Sheila

"You idiot, how could you!? Don't you have any sense at all!? Let him kiss your woman!" Vegeta

"I can't feel my legs." Vegeta

"Bow chicka bow wow." Tucker

"Bow Chicka Honk Honk." Junior

"Shaddup, dummy!" Sarge



"I just watched the cable news channel! Everything is terrible!" Caboose

"Thank-you! Fire safety is about sharing." Caboose

"I'm thinking of a kitten...covered in spikes...it is not nice!" Caboose

"My name is Micheal J. Caboose, and I...hate...babies." Caboose possesed with O'mally

"Where do you wanna go today, dirtbag?" Sarge

"It's over 9,000!" Vegeta

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