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Author has written 9 stories for Darkest Powers, Twilight, Samurai Deeper Kyo, and A Certain Slant of Light.

NOTICE-just in case anyone actually reads this and wants to know if I'm still alive, I am, but I have a bad case of writers block. I'm now in university which took up a lot of time. But now I'm on summer break and have decided to dedicate time to my stories. But I still have writers block so if you have any suggestion for my stories please get in touch.

I've been reading fan-fiction since I got obsessed with Twilight, then mortal instruments, then Morganville vampires, then darkest powers and a few other series mostly including vampires and werewolves. I'm always open to finding more books and series and amazon recommendations has become my best friend while it has become a great enemy to my bank account.

I live in good old England though actually my family comes from Wales (my dad's side Welsh my mums just lived there for yonks) not that I speak much Welsh I find English hard enough. I'm attending university and enjoy it and now find myself arguing with Radio Four over with the Historian over their option on Elizabeth I.

I use to think I was nocturnal but no longer, I now feel like a hibernating animal in the winter who keeps being woken up. In other words always tiered. Not only that but I seemed to have drank so much coffee that it now has no effect on my what so ever so I could drink eight pints and still fall asleep. Though I am now addicted to Starbucks, since I used to have one every Wednesday after school (I blame my friend though she propbably blames me for introducing her to mocha's)

I have recently been reintroduced to manga, I liked it since a small child practising how to draw it non stop, but then I just stopped but now my obession is back. I now read it constantly and have a new favourite Samurai Deeper Kyo- so if anyone knows of more manga like it please tell me! I also love the fanfiction about it as well but will probably not be writing any. So now if I'm not revising, sleeping, ranting, or writing I'm reading manga. My friends are now worried about me, I think it was ever since, I was sitting in Starbucks and making a sword out of a chocolate coin wrapper and wooden stirring thing and cutting my thumb with it quite deeply- I have a scar.

Favourite characters

From Twilight- Jacob (I finally know what Team Jacob is! Thanks to Embrylover4ever I'm not team Jacob but I do think he is better than Edward) Alice and Jasper, Leah

Mortal Instruments- Alec and Magnus and Smoni aka Simon (a joke with a friend since she was spelling his name out but spelt it wrong it was very funny but I'll stop now you really had to be there)

Cassandra Palmer series- Pritkin

Dorina Basarab series- Dorina

Maximum Ride- Ari (The books aren't the same with out him)

Darkest Powers- Derek (what more do you want in a character than moody and anti-social! I love him and love all fanfiction that is Chloe and Derek)

Samurai Deeper Kyo- This was very tricky. The favourite favourite is Yukimura, then under him in positon 1.1 Hotaru and Shinrei and Akira No! Skip that they are all my favourites!

Vampire Knight- Toga Yagari

Thats it really, these are my all time favourite favourite characters, since I get rather attached to all the characters in a book and the main characters are instantly my favs. If that book is of course on the shelf of honor (really two shelves) as are the ones above. I mean how can you not like Jace, Clary and Isabelle or Max and Fang or Chloe? I actually start acting like a mother hen, I start talking to the book saying stuff like "No don't go there" or "Oh my they're hurt quickly to the hospital!" Also I hated one character not because of who he had just hurt and killed (though that just added to the deep hatred I have towards the character) but because he just insulted the characters, one of my favourite favourites who I mentioned above included. My aunt actually finds it creepy that I sit and smile or frown at a book sometimes falling to the floor laughing or crying. While my parents have just learned to ignore like they ignore me talking to myself, usually ranting about something either school related or book related.

Favourite bad guys- easy

Twilight- James

Mortal Instruments- Valentine

Maximum Ride (for the first two books)- Ari

I like to listen to music when I write and read but usually the music never fits with what I'm writing. Like now I'm writing a chapter which is declaring love and listening to "I hate everything about you" by Three day's grace. And whenever I hear "I hate this Part" by the pussy cat dolls I think of City of Bones. But the music which always seems to get me out of a writers block is the Jonas Brothers usually their last album "Lines vines and trying times" I love them! and still have not recovered from seeing them live. Last Novemeber was amazing with my birthday (learnt to drive) then new moon film which I saw the same day at the same cinema in London that Zac Effron had premiered in just a few weeks before (apparently my friend who was with me told me that I didn't listen too closely my mind was preoccupied with the image of certain actors in new moon) then later saw them live! It was amazing! I still haven't gotten over it as you can probably tell. Unfortunately my friend who shares the same obession with Twilight and the Jonas Brothers goes to a different sixth form and both of us know people who hate both Twilight and the Jonas brothers. But more music I write to is Pearl Jam and Hot house flowers. Also P!nk and Taylor Swift, Anthony and the Johnson's Sex pistols and the Clash and any county music. I love counrty!

My writing- where I am slowly creating my own little world, basically I'm becoming a huge fan of spin offs

Just in case you want to know how everything is going

A demidemons mission- Full summary unlike the ones below Chloe and the gang are safe and helping Andrew and other supernatural’s take out the Edison Group, but then Nike arrives. Nike is a sixteen year old Demi fire Demon. Nike was taken in by the Edison group three years before after a little accident with fire. In return for shelter and help controlling her powers she had to do jobs for them. Now they have sent her on the biggest job she has ever had, and they're not sure she will succeed. Determined to show them she can Nike refuses to give up but when she arrives she starts to see things in a different way. Can Chloe and the mysterious Tye change her mind and gain her help in their mission?

Haven't up dated this for quite a while since I've been writing my other two but I plan on updating pretty soon. So sorry to keep readers waiting if you still are and haven't completely given up.

Unignorable love a Kim and Jared Story- Full summary unlike the ones below Kim started school only a year ago but instantly fell for Jared Miller. Gorgeous and charming but like everyone he ignores her. But after a year of obsession he finally speaks to her. How will Kim react when her life starts to get weird, with her family and Jared only getting weirder?

Not the best summary but give it ago. Finished! Complete! Yay my first complete fanfiction! I'm so happy but sad to end it. Kim and Jared will definitely appear in my other stories and might have a sequel but not for a while and its not final.

The Tree climber - Full summary unlike the ones below its long-

“I’ve imprinted on a bitch!”

“She is not a bitch she is my best friend!”

“She’s a bitch!”

“Well you’re stuck with her!”

Embry’s not having such a good time, his best friend and pack brother Jacob has just run away and doesn’t look to be coming back any time soon. His mother is forcing him to attend school and he’s constantly grounded for “Sneaking out”. Then the new girl arrives. She stands out at La Push high like a beacon, to him she’s beautiful, smart everything he could ask for, till she opens her mouth. So now not only is he behind at school, missing a best friend but he’s imprinted on a bitch. One who’s always climbing trees?

Erin knows people don’t like her, and she hates them right back. But when she goes to La Push for a new start hoping to help her life which is falling around her she wants to escape that. Except habits die hard and in moments she back to bitchy Erin unfortunately there is no escaping this boy. He’s Embry and one of her best friend friends. And unfortunately he makes her heart thump and her blood fizz. Can Erin and Embry help each other out? Can they find happiness together if they stop insulting each other for a second?

This will feature Kim and Jared and the beginning is in cannon with the end of Unignorable love. I hope I made it so you don't have to read UL but if you want to I wouldn't mind! It isn't really a sequel either. Kim and Jared might get a sequel but not quite yet. I will post if I do on UL. This has also had a slight plot change not much but just thought I'd let you know.

Kiss and Run

A short very fluffy and cheesey one shot that is about Nessie and Jacob. I had a way I wanted Nessie to be and had a day off school due to snow so thought I'd give it a shot. If it gets positive response I may add to it and make a full story. At the time I didn't have any idea's but now I have a few but it won't be till I'm further into the tree climber but then I don't know.

Anger and the Artist Full summary-

Leah is back in La Push after six years away, she hasn’t phased for three years but now after her boyfriend breaks up with her and her mom refuses to come out to see her. She’s back thinking she’ll just see her mom and Seth. Get over her boyfriend and then go back to her new life. But fate has other ideas in the form of Caleb Bell a young artist who breaks her control over phasing. And a bunch of red eyed blood thirsty vampires intent on causing havoc in La Push and Forks. And the another little twist just to add to Leah’s problems.

Really looking forward to writing this. I hope you all enjoy.

Planning for the future

I also have a Claire and Quil story planned called Young love but I'm far to busy reading Clair and Quil stories to think of a plot of my own. So that won't be written until after the Tree Climber is finished and Anger and the Artist is started

Anyway that's pretty much it I'm not sure really what else to put on my profile. I'm not the most interesting person. Except that if you do read any of my stories and I have now loads more planned. More focused on imprinting stories though I do have one darkest powers planned, and want to ask me anything about them or recommend anything to improve them let me know. I'm happy to talk!

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I hate Paul. I mean, he knocked out my best friend. So why does he keep giving me those really intense looks? PaulxOC."
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Remembering reviews
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