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few things to know about me

1.Random!! (DEAL WITH IT!!)

2. I love your ideas!! the more ideas i get the more chapters i make dedicated to you with your ideas!!

3.If your having a spaz it cant be an angry spaz!! if its just a regular spaz thats cool!! but an angry spaz? you have to get out NOW!

4.Random quotes may be displayed in my stories :P!!

some quotes--

SUCK IT UP PRINCESS!!-me (5 hour phone convo:P) on sugar rush!

it has caterpillar moobs!!- mary-anne on a sugar rush!

cha cha chacha! cha cha chacha! chaa chaa chaa chaa chaa chaa chaaaa!- me on a sugar rush! after music class

98 percent of teenagers do or have tried smoking pot. If you're one of the 2 percent who hasn't, post this in your profile.

If you bawled uncontrollably when Cedric Diggory died, post this in your profile. (in the book only for me)

92 percent of teenagers would stop breathing if Orlando Bloom told them to. If you're one of the 8 percent that would laugh their butts off, post this in your profile.

If you think you're addicted to copy-and-pastes, post this in your profile.

If you're surprised that J.K.Rowling didn't suffer the same fate as the dude from 'Misery' for killing Remus AND Sirius, post this in your profile. (i don't know what 'Misery' is but im guessing that what happened to him was really horrible)

If you have seen a movie or show so many times that you have it memorized and quote it randomly, post this in your profile. (in my case, 'harry potter/the outsiders)

If you or your best friend is insane, post this in your profile. (yes, i am, and most of my friends are too.)

98 percent of the world population believe they're bringing sexy back. Post this in your profile if you're one of the 2 percent that never lost theirs.

Post this in your profile if you believe that those kids should give that godforsaken rabbit his fruity cereal.

If you noticed that the Kim Possible movie's subtitle (So the Drama) had the intials STD and laughed uncontrollably, post this in your profile

If you'd much rather have Ron Weasley than Edward Cullen, post this in your profile.

Post this in your profile if you think Cedric Diggory is hotter than Edward Cullen any day.

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My best friend's brother by Moonstruck Vamp reviews
Alternative Universe! Ron is dating Lavender but he can't stand it that Hermione is alone. He decides to try and hook Hermione up with Fred. Soon everything becomes a chaos from which nobody can escape... Couples are Hermy/Fred, Lav/Ron, Ginny/Harry
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When the threat of the Volturi returns, no one is considered safe. This family is shattered, the remains will never fit together again, not properly. But maybe with a little hope, they can survive.
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