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Author has written 8 stories for Heroes, Supernatural, Twilight, and The Day The Earth Stood Still.

As all my readers have realized, I have stopped writing for the longest time. I've been giving a short reason for why I'm not writing, but I think you guys should all know the truth and how soft I really am. ;(

First off-recently, my flash drive has been stolen, and not only does it have all my pictures and fanfics on it, it had stored my entire life's writings. Though I do write the old fashioned way-write on paper, then transfer to computer-I have made modifications on them and they have turned out into these amazing stories you guys read here. I have been devastated for the last few months, and I've decided that I should probably stop writing, but I'm still debating because a lot of people are requesting I continue.

On a brighter note-my second reason for not continuing is because I'm working on a book at this moment. The deadline I have put for myself is the end of the year 2010. It's a story that I have really enjoyed writing, but I am not even close to finishing. Like I said, I enjoy writing this book, but it takes a lot out of me to wake up in the middle of the night and write down notes. The other thing about writing is that I am easily distracted-whether it's shiny things, vampires, tv shows or just being a teenager-I love this story with all my heart and I just thought that writing fanfics would take so much out of my passion for this book I'm writing. Not only am I working on just one book. This one book is a series out of 5 or 6. Then I have two other projects that really need that attention. Previews for this (these) book(s) are not going to be made available at all. I'm all about the secrecy (that's why I live in a box). But I will tell you the titles so you can watch out for them during your future years. ;) *YTBN-Yet To Be Named

~Midnight Melody Series:

1. The Siren's Song

2. Medusa's Enchantment/The Calling/The Returning

3. The Immortal's Tear




~Blood Series

1. Bloodties/Bloodbound

2. Greyhounds

Just understand that I will continue writing ASAP! I really miss writing FanFics and miss all the fanfic fanatics!

~~~Side note: If you have any good/unique names (or if you just want to try and get your name into the book?) feel free to note me. :)

Hi, I'm Ka. First thing you should know. I live in an insane asylum (psych ward, mental institute . . . etc) have fun making fun of me! (J/K-I live in a box) I'm still working on my pen names, but for now, I have a small list-feel free to comment on which one's better! (In a message preferably)

~Ida Watson


~Ithune Watson

Well, decided to change my name because I wanted to, and if I didn't, it would bother me for life.--Ida C. Watson. (C standing for Cyril--a sexy male charactor in the book I'm writing) That's all I have for pen names (pseudonyms, if you prefer) now. I know, totally original XD. 14 and a half years without a smile on my face every single day. Yeah, I'm 14 1/2. But if there was an age I could stay forever, it'd be 13, because I loved my 13th year on earth (or maybe MARS!). I started writing when I was 7 or 8, and stopped around my 9th birthday, because I couldn't write to save my life. I began writing again at the age of 12, after I entered the 7th grade. I remember the specific class period that got me writing again. 6th Period English 7. Mr. Jason Splichal. Name ring a bell? He's an author that now teaches! He's my sole inspiration for everything. I still go to him, even though I go to a different school now.

There are many other reasons I write: to publish, to show the world. But my inspiration, as you already know, is Mr. Splichal, but trust me, I have loads of inspiration that can come pouring towards me, and when I write--I don't stop! And mostly, and weirdly, they are minor charactors in whatever they are involved in.

Carlisle Cullen and Demetri Volturi, my inspiration for everything related to Twilight. (Yes, I saw the New Moon Movie, it was good, but my favorite characters were minor characters). I am still in this crazy phase-Carlisle has been my love for the past year. Demetri ... for the past 5 months ... YES I'm counting. The saying OMC, amazingly spicalicious, and SHMEXY beast are usually intended for Carlisle Cullen, who has been my obsession for too long. (And no, I'm not going to grow out of this phase!)

Nathan Petrelli, my inspiration for anything related to Heroes. Yes, he is flying man. (Let me point out-UNDERDOG HAS COPIED HEROES! Nathan's little puff of air that occurs when he blasted off was copied by UNDERDOG!) Unfortunately, Mr. Adrian Pasdar (the actor who plays Nathan Petrelli), was fired from the show, thus meaning, he died in the show. The last episode I saw of HEROES was a heartbreak for me, because I have been Nathan's fan for a while, and I just couldn't believe that they could let such a talented actor go. My heart goes out to you, Adrian.

Castiel, not a lot of inspiration, but I had a phase of Castiel for a while. XD. Anything that I've written for SUPERNATURAL is related to Cas. An angel of the lord. The warrior angel.

KITT-ring any bells? Knight Rider-yep. I watch that show. I've watched the 2007-08 version though. Knight Industries Three Thousand is THE BEST! I don't think I could have survived without KITT being my amazing mustang! He's my personal bodyguard, so please, don't try to kill us-he's got missile-proof windows and a killer machine gun, grenade launcher, AK-47 stuffed under the seats-so TRUST ME ON THIS!

Chris Egan/David Shepherd-From the NBC show-Kings. HOPEFULLY, they bring back KINGS-because the season finale was a CLIFF HANGER! (and you know how I love cliff hangers). He's the most amazing actor I have ever loved (who's a main charactor XD).

I like interacting with other authors. Message me if you have any questions, and I'll try to delete them ASAP! KIDDING I love talking as you know-and if you've read this far, I really admire you!

~Ida C. Watson

P.S.-if you were wondering why I'm in an insane asylum-it's because my stories have special powers. some parts in the stories are magical and have actually happened before the 'actual' things came out on TV-or gossip. Such as Nathan's scar in OUR NOTION-i know, i flipped out when i found out too.

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