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Hi, everybody!

I'm Dr. Ni- ...oh, I mean, Artemis Kath! Usually Artemis to those I don't know well, Arte to those I do, Arty to anyone that hasn't borne witness to my art-roucious drawing skills, Kath to those that just LOVE using any last name available, or AK to any gun nuts around.

Writing's more of a hobby than anything, so don't expect constant updates. Maybe something a month... or every other month... or longer, it's really hard to say. What I'm working on/thinking about so far is...

A Base Connection: Formerly Linguistic Talents. This is my main focus right now. Sort of. I can get a little distracted with other ideas. It's a blend of genres, I think. Comedy, mystery and... well, there's not all that much action so far. Or Romance. Maybe a little drama... barely. Okay, maybe not as much of a blend as I thought.

Feathered Tales: After seeing another fic set up in a similar fashion, I decided to compact Harold's stories into a single one. I'll probably end up releasing some of the stories in parts, then compact them into one chapter once they're complete. Granted there are only two right now... but it'll get bigger! Hopefully.

A Seasonal Path: First story with just Pokemon as the focus with a bit of bloody violence, drama, suggestive themes, grim topics and the possibility of something that barely passes for romance. Might want to watch out for that.

Disconnections: These are (or will be) random stories set before or alongside my other stories. Mainly as an excuse to write about the side characters when I get an idea for 'em, but also to provide a bit more back-story and characterization for all the support characters that wouldn't get much face time otherwise.

That's all from me for now. Off to read, I go

--Pointless musings beyond this point. Read at your own risk.--

Random Pieces of Trivia for...

A Base Connection - (Formerly known as Linguistic Talents)

When I was going to post the story, I realized I didn't have a title. Unable to come up with anything decent, I just went with part of one of Roufas' lines. I usually make up chapter names on the spot too. Most of which suck. Naming things is not my strong point. The rename had a bit more thought put into it. It's probably just as bad as the original, but holds more meaning in the overall storyline which'll probably only be apparent if I get more than say... twenty chapters in. Rough guess there. Could be more or less at this point, depending on what get added or omitted as it goes.

Originally, I intended for Lana to be the one that knew Jay's secret. Then I figured out the personalities of each character some more and thought Magnus would fit the supporting role better. Lana turned into too much of a... well... let's just say I'm not very fond of her for the moment and leave it at that.

The mention that Tracy had originally wanted to name Roufas "Fluffy" is actually an inside joke. That was Roufas' name when I sent the story to my Proof-Reader. Who made a comment along the lines of "Fluffy? Seriously, Arte? That name is just... horrific." He tossed out a few suggestions and I ended up changing Fluffy's name to Roufas. I'm glad I did, I think it suits him better. It's further proof I suck with names, too.

Simoon's name is taken from a fire-based magic attack in one of my favorite Playstation RPGs, Breath of Fire 3.

When I first wrote Zed's character, I figured he'd be a Pikachu since it fit the Viridian Forest. Going over his scenes in my head though, I could believe he was yellow and an electric-type, but not a rodent. A Jolteon just seemed like the obvious alternative. (To be honest, Jolteons are my least-favorite eon of the lot, but I couldn't imagine him as anything else. It just seemed to fit.)

I listen to a lot of music for inspiration when I write. Finding the right song for a story can get a little movie playing in my head, even. The one that does that and would probably make the best theme song for this is Rescue Me by Hawthorne Heights.

I was working on two pieces of fanfiction to begin with, Linguistic Talents and one called Resolution based on Fallout 3. After getting a chapter done of each one, I decided I should just stick with one to start and started looking for Proof-Readers to get some feedback from. The one I found was supposed to get Resolution, but I sent him LT by accident. He ended up reading both and suggested I stick with LT since Resolution was "Too dark, angsty and depressing." Which considering the main character's mindset from the very beginning, was about right. I ended up dropping it after chatting with him for a bit. Still, it's interesting to imagine where my writing would have gone if I went with that bleak story instead of a slightly brighter one.

Feathered Tales

Clipped Wings was originally supposed to just be a short story for a contest, but I started coming up with other ideas for the characters and ended up with more than I'd have liked by the time I finished it. (Much like with A Base Connection, which I'd only planned on being a few short chapters.)

A Seasonal Path

Inspired by a request for a short story that spiraled out of control in my head.


Exceptions - Was originally supposed to be a way to find out more about Lana and hopefully fix my own dislike of her. Worked slightly, but I honestly gained more interest in Hickory, Gail and their... relationship from it. Plus I got an excuse to bring Roufas' parents into a scene. That was interesting. (To me at least.)

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