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I am an twelve year old girl who is way too tall for her age. I love many, many, animes and mangas including Digimon, DragonBall Z, Inu-Yasha, CowBoy Bebop, Outlaw Star, CardCaptor Sakura, Akira, Ranma 1/2, Tenchi Muyo! and Yuyu Hakkusho in no particular order. I hate writing disclamers, so I'll just say it now; I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE THINGS I WILL BE WRITING ABOUT.

Yeesh. I'm tired and my legs ache from running the mile first period. I'm doing this at lunch in the school library. I have MAJOR writer's block for Vampires and Werewolves (btw, it's now called Halfling), not because I don't know what to write, it's how to write it. Whatever. I moutta here. Ja ne.

Oh, woe is me! I'm kinda mad now. The story I thought was the better of the two hasn't had a single review, while the not so good one has 22! Well, thanQ to those who read Halfling, but could you read the Cyber Experiments too? It'll get better. No werewolves or vampires in this one, but it's still good. I promise!
Well, like I said yesterday, I've got writer's block for Halfling, but I will hopefully have the next chapter up this weekend anyway. Don't count on it though, unless it's school, I'm not very good at commiting to something. *sighs* Maybe I should get a journal instead of putting this stüf in my profile. Whatever. I gotta get to class. Ja ne!

Hey people! Just uploaded a semi-chapter of Halfling and a brand new Bebop fic. I just found out I have a problem with formatting, so thanQ to Blackheart Syaoran for making my fics easier to read! Actually, I can't change the formatting right away, my house is getting painted, so I don't have access to the computer with my fics on it. Until I'm allowed back in my house, only expect updates for my newest fic; Ghost. It's saved on my laptop. Luckily, it's a three-day weekend and I'm allowed in on Monday (I think...). I'll update ASAP, or at least change my formatting problem. Luv ya people! Another thanks to Blackheart Syaoran, and I moutta here!

Ohayo, minnasan! I'm so pleased with my reviews, I'm planning on working on Halfling today after school (I'm in my webpage disign class right now). I'm very pleased with it's popularity, especially with the reviewer ME. Apperently it's his/her (Sorry ME, I don't know your gender...) favorite story! *Sniff*... I'm so happy! I'm also very happy with the popularity of Ghost, even though there're only two real reviews (I reviewed it myself). I got both reviews in the same day, the one directly after I posted it. I can't update it today, because it's at my dad's house, but I'll get on it ASAP. Okay, I'm afraid I'm gonna get in trouble for not being on task, so I gotta go. Ja ne!

Hey. Reporting in from the web page design class again. Bored, bored, bored. Sorry for not updating, but what with the No Doubt concert I went to this Friday, and the two houses and... actually, I just didn't feel like it. I've got writer's block, okay? Anyway, I'm thinking about starting a new fic, "Syraria." Er, that's a word I came up with myself. Yea. So. Ehem. It's a DBZ fic, starring everybody except for Yajarobe. I hate that dude. I'm seriously thinking about... GAH! I gotta go, it's lunch time ill update later okay bye!

BWAHAHAHAH! HAPPY NEW YEAR! It's 1:29 AM. I just finished watching a Stray Cats concert on TV, after going out for Japanese food and a movie (Two Weeks Notice) and I feel GREAT! I'm exhausted, hungry with a killer headache watching the late show with Conan O'Brian with a pooped-out party puss at my side (I was dancing with her ever since Stray Cat Strut came on, and she was practically immobile by the time Rock This Town ended.) Ahhh, life is good. Anyway, I just got a whole buncha reviews, so I should update soon (if school doesn't put me down first, wahhh!). Okay, I'm gonna go get somethin' to eat, SEEYA!

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Halfling reviews
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