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Hello! I stumbled upon this site and I am now very glad to have found it. I write short stories mainly, so I am anxious to write the fan fiction Idea I have had for a while. It will most likely be my only one, unless it turns out well and I fall in love with writing Fan Fictions.

Pen Name: DiscordPattern

Real Name: Emmelia (Emmie or Emm)

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Heritage: Mostly Polish, Irish, and Welsh

Likes: Writing, Reading, Doodling, Daydreaming, Being goofy xD, Daffodils, Pearls, Dark Chocolate, Pastels

Dislikes: Cabbage, Running, Hate, Coffee, Intolerance, Ignorance, Squash (the veggie)

Favorite author(s): Oscar Wilde, Tamora Pierce, Holly Black, Edar Allen Poe, Julliet Mariller(sp?)

Favortie Movie(s): Hellboy (I & II), League of Extrodinary Gentlemen, Sunshine Cleaning, Beauty and the Beast, Coraline, Iron Man, X-men Origins: Wolverine, Up

Favorite Video Game(s): LoZ: OoT, LoZ: TP, Harvest Moon (all game cube games), SSBB

Favorite Genre(s): Romance, Fantasy, Female Empowerment (lol), Action, Some Sci-Fi

Favorite LoZ Pairing(s): ZeldaxGanondorf (LOVE!!), LinkxMidna, ColinxLuda (both must be older. No children p0rn!), LinkxZelda (sometimes), and GerudoxZora (idk why)

Funny things I don't remember saying (my friends told me I did):

"-serious face- See this face? This is the face of someone who's not in the mood. -Looks down to paper, then back up with confused look- What just happened?" ~German Class

"I'm a Pervert Masqurading as a helpless romantic... just don't tell my mom." ~Creative Writing Class

Teacher: "What do you ride that you stiegen (german for 'to climb') out of?"

Me: "Oh! A butt! -thinks for a moment- Frick! Bus! I MEANT BUS!" ~ German Class (loooong story)


Teacher: "No. It's Long Divison." ~Math Class

Friend: "Hey Emm, was their Enviromental homework?"


Friend: "... is that a yes?" ~Lunch

Friend: "Shoop-da-whoop?"


Friend: "Oh Noes!" ~Sculpture Class

--Story Progress--

Love Against Predjuice- Hiatus. Sorry, I'm having a writer's block for this one.

The Beauty and Beast- In the works. An X-men story involving Hank McCoy (Beast (movie version)) and OC, summary will be posted later. Hope to have the first chapter by the first friday in August if not sooner.

Night is for the Ladies (name pending)- A Watchmen themed Story. My friends' and I's anti-heros in a Watchmen world. In the planing process, no set date for release.

Tinman's Heart (name pending)- A Post-HellBoy II story. Johann Krauss (AWSOME) and an OC. Yeah, I like the strange ones... don't judge :3 Hope to have it out soon, still working on some plot details.

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