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Hey there, my name is Dym.

I'm just a teenager with a blog with a love for reading and writing.
I love the Twilight Saga, if you haven't noticed yet.
I also love Harry Potter too.

I like the wolf pack in the Twilight Saga.
It makes me want to be imprinted on by Seth Clearwater ;D

Okay, I don't really know how to explain myself here...but

I like flowers and oranges. I like the color purple too. I want a Yoshi stuffed animal for my birthday. I enjoy wearing different kinds of hats. I act immature and can be serious at times. I love God with all my heart. Taylor Swift and Bruno Mars are my idols. I want a guy who can sing, cook, and play guitar. My favorite flower is an orange Asian lily. I talk about completely irrelevant things sometimes. In my story I'm Not Lying, I Do Promise, Daniela is resembled as me in a different world. She has almost the exact same personality as me, but since I can't live in La Push and have my own wolf...I decided to write my world into this fanfiction. I really hope you guys enjoy my story, and review as much as you like! I love reading them. Message me too; I don't bite. :)

I have a Tumblr blog, and you can follow me if you want.

Just PM me for the link.

Before I go...

Here are pictures of the characters in "I'm Not Lying, I Do Promise" -

Daniela Karylle

Seth Clearwater

Derek Karylle

Valerie Ahranna

Rianna Royce

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