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This is StarCatTibalt, reporting for duty!

Welcome readers to my profile. I have been on fanfiction for a long time(since late 2008, specifically) but have never gotten around to writing a lot of stories due to other things such as school. The first fanfic I ever written and posted on here was a Star Fox story that was a retelling of the original SNES game, which was my all time favorite. It was well recieved in the beginning but soon fell out of favor due to lack of reviews. I then went on to write a few more different fanfics, including one of Initial D, The Legend of Zelda, and a number of Sailor Moon spin-off stories. However, they all had the same problem. They were entirely original stories with original characters set in the same universe it was based on. While some would call this inspiring and intriguing, most didn't like at all for those very reasons. Needless to say, those stories didn't get any reviews. Because of that, I took down my stories stayed off of fanfiction for a some time since most people just didn't seem to like my ideas or imagination.

Now I have returned with a new story, Sailor Moon Classic: Part 1 Return of the Sailors. The reception I've gotten so far of this story is is beyond what I had expected. If you have been reading this story so far and have submitted a review I thank you greatly for it. It is my greatest accomplish since I started writing fan fiction and I'm looking forward to sharing more of my imagination with you.

Allow me to tell you a little about myself. I grew up in southern California in a little town called Julian that had been a famous gold mining town back during the Western days of America. I'm a Catholic and a believer in God and Jesus Christ, our Lord. I'm also a Conservative in the world of politics. If you have a problem with my faith and political views my apologies but that's the way I am. The only mainstream music I listen to these days in Electronic Dance Music, specifically Disco House, Trance, and Eurobeat(also known as HI-NRG). Other music I occasionally listen to is classical music(especially film soundtracks! John Williams FTW!) and Jazz. I also play Magic: The Gathering, so if any you guys who also play it need any advice on how to play effectively and how to build your decks, feel free to ask.

I'm a fan of many films of the sci-fi/fantasy genre including Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Chronicles of Narnia, and Harry Potter. In terms of anime, I grew up in the days when Toonami was around on Cartoon Network during the late 90s to early 2000s. So I was a fan of Ronin Warriors, Sailor Moon, Dragonball Z(even though I've never been a true fan of it), Gundam Wing, Tenchi Muyo, and Outlaw Star(although I had no idea how much that show was censored!).

However, Sailor Moon is my all time favorite. It was very first anime I ever saw, even though I didn't know what anime was at the time as kid. While most fans view Sailor Moon as magical girl show, I saw it as something. I've always enjoyed Sailor Moon for what it was, such as it's positive messages and such. But to me, along with several others, Sailor Moon was one of those things that could have been so much more. And so, starting in 2007, I decided to put my ideas in print after several years of imagination. And as I mentioned before, it's been very well received. Thanks again for your support.

Present here on this profile is some more of my Sailor Moon ideas. I'm most likely going to be updating this every now and then so be sure to check it out every now and then.

The Legacy of the Sailor Scouts Universe
Sailors of the Past
Sailors in the Present
And Sailors from the Future
All unite for one purpose
To uphold truth, peace, and justice
In protection of our Galaxy
They are the true heroes of the Universe
And these are their stories...

Thousands of years ago, a great age once existed in our galaxy. A time known as the Silver Millennium. It was an age where a great many a tale became legend. A time when great starships roamed the stars, when great civilizations stood together united as one. A time when space exploration, peace, and prosperity brought unrenounced happiness to hundreds of billions of beings across countless worlds. A time where magic, love, and adventure made the constellations of the stars. A time where bands of heroes and heroines fought against evil to establish peace and justice throughout the galaxy.

Among them were the legendary Sailor Scouts Universe, a special force of magical female soldiers in which young ladies from many planets willingly volunteered to fight against evil and defend freedom and peace. First created after The Original Nine, the very first Sailor Scouts, departed from their beloved Moon Kingdom orbiting their sacred planet Earth, defeated the evil sorceress Queen Metallia, and help establish the Alliance of the Star Kingdoms, the Sailor Scouts Universe and their allies went on to explore uncharted worlds, defeated powerful empires, and they became the symbol of hope, truth, and justice. With their unique uniforms and magical weapons, they would go on to protect the galaxy for a thousand years.

All this, however, would come to a tragic end, the Great Tragedy, as it was called. After Queen Beryl discovered the spirit of Queen Metallia, she used her newly discovered power to destroy the very heart of the Star Kingdoms, the Moon Kingdom. The Sailor Scouts Universe, however, was blamed for the destruction of the Moon Kingdom and were ordered to be eliminated completely. One by one, the Sailor Scouts were hunted down and executed, some publically, some while trying to resist or escape. Some did survive, but were forced to go into exile, never to be heard of again.

This brought an end to the Silver Millennium. With the fall of the Moon Kingdom, the Star Kingdoms all but faded into ancient memory due to their collapse of both their technology and economy that would take thousands of years to recover. Space exploration and order was forgotten. In the many years that followed leading to today, many systems across the galaxy have come to believe that the Star Kingdoms were merely legends, and that the Sailor Scouts were only mythical heroes. Very few history books that prove that they once existed exist in the galaxy.

Weapons of the SSU

Throughout the history of the Silver Millennium, Sailor Scouts of all planets within the Alliance of the Star Kingdoms have used a variety of different magical weapons, nine of them being the most common. Although Sailor Scouts are trained to use all types of weapons, they would always settle with one weapon and one weapon only. Each weapon had special magic crystal built inside, which can be any of the two hundred seventy-five magic crystals known around the galaxy. Combined with crystal and elemental magic, these weapons were extremely powerful and each unique since the Sailor Scout herself would create the weapon itself, based on an existing one, and her crystal magic attacks

Wand - The weapon of Sailor Moon. The wand is the most basic of all Sailor Scout weapons. Prism Scouts(this is the first and lowest rank of the SSU and will be further explained later) are given this weapon through their first days of training. It's able to launch crystal magic spells at decent range, but required skill in order to be accurate. For close range combat, a Sailor can summon what is called a "Crystal Blade", meaning a sword blade made entirely of crystal, turning the wand into a broadsword. Sailor Scouts were also known to use two wands at once and were trained in duel wielding combat. The two wands could even be designed to be put together to form a double bladed sword when crystal blades were summoned, similar to the metallic twin blades.

Sailor Moon was traditionally trained in a unique fighting form that strongly resembles the Japanese Kendo and the American Shinkendo sword fighting style. Over the years of the Silver Millennium, Sailor Moon has been thought of as the basic hero with the basic weapon, which is the sword. Although Sailor Moon's fighting style was limited in hand-to-hand combat, her mastery in swordsmanship usually prevailed through the day.

Boomerang - The weapon of Sailor Mercury. Although officially called "Boomerang", it is actually three different weapons combined into one. The weapon is designed to fold together at its joint, making it more compact and easier to carry. When folded, the weapon can be used as a long-barreled pistol, or short shotgun as some called it, that can shoot powerful crystal energy blasts. A trigger and trigger guard is built into the handle while a long barrel extends to where the joint is. When unfolded, the Sailor will not be able to use the pistol part of the weapon but it can still can act for which it is name for simply by throwing it. The bladed part of the weapon is sharp enough to cut through thick armor in case they are impervious to crystal energy and can even behead enemies. For close combat come the third part of the weapon. The Boomerang can be use as a short sword that requires fighting skills based more on agility rather than strength. It also had a unique advantage. If a Sailor was able to catch an opponents blade right at the joint of the boomerang, she can close the boomerang and trap her opponent's weapon. She can then do one of two things. She can either knock out the enemy with her free hand or with a simple twist, she can break her opponent's weapon in half, since the boomerang was strong enough to do so.

Sailor Mercury was traditionally trained in fighting forms that strongly resembles the Chinese T'ai chi ch'uan fighting style. She was actually the fastest of the two Original Nine when it came to battle. The boomerang was specifically designed to accommodate this fighting style and all others Sailors who have used the boomerang were trained in this form as well. However, there were a few Sailors throughout the Silver Millennium who had used different fighting styles while using the boomerang.

Bow Crescent Blade - The weapon of Sailor Mars. One of the SSU's most effective and perhaps the most complex weapon when it comes to close-range combat. Made out of special metallic material instead of the traditional wood, the bow tips fold together so it can be carried in a more compact state and sits on top of a canister positioned horizontally called a "Arrow Generator" that is attached to the Sailor's back bowtie. When the Sailor is using the weapon as a bow, the generator will magically summon arrows depending on how many fingers she is holding at its sensor. Two fingers indicates one arrow, three fingers indicates two, and four fingers indicates three. The generator then creates the arrows and shoots the feathered tips through its large open end into between her fingers for her to use. For close combat, the Sailor flips the weapon around to where the bowstring is facing the enemy. The bowstring disappears while the bow's tips turned into blades, turning the weapon into a crescent-shaped sword that requires skilled handwork. The fighting skills for this weapon have made it the most difficult to master, requiring the Sailor to go through extensive training in order to use it effectively.

Sailor Mars was traditionally trained in a fighting form that strongly resembles Japanese Karate. It was one of the few fighting styles that could work effeciently with Bow Crescent Blade, since it was the most unusual weapon of its time. The design and technique required for the weapon in its crescent blade form resembles that of the Klingon Bat'leth weapon from the Star Trek series. Sailor Moon was rumored to have trained a little with this fighting from, although not with the bow crescent blade, yet this was never confirmed throughout the entire history of the Silver Millennium.

Twin Blades - The weapon of Sailor Jupiter. This weapon was simply a pair of swords. Sailors who used this weapon would usually use metallic blades instead of crystal blades, although there is evidence of Sailors using crystal blades as well, but this was mostly associated with wands. The weapon was perfectly suited for Sailors who possessed a higher skill in hand-to-hand combat, especially those who used more agressive fighting forms. The handles of the two swords could also be placed together, turning it into a double-bladed sword that proved useful against opponents of large numbers.

Sailor Jupiter was traditionally in a fighting form that resembles Chuck Norris's Chun Kuk Do fighting form. She was thought of as the most aggressive and the strongest of the Original Nine. Historically, Sailors who have used the twin blades use less crystal magic spells with than most Sailors do with other weapons. This was most likely do to their training that taught them to rely a little more on their strength than on magic.

Beam/Chain Whip - The weapon of Sailor Venus. The beam whip, or chain whip depending on how the Sailor designed it, is the easiest weapon to use of all Sailor Scout weapons. It was strictly a range weapon, and with the right training, a Sailor could use it with deadly accuracy by using simple swish and spin moves. However, this left her at a disadvantage since the weapon was useless at close range. To counter this, Sailors who used the whip also carried a long dagger or short sword carried in a sheath in which the handle of the whip, when not activated, attached to when not in use.

Sailor Venus was traditionally trained in a fighting form that resembles the Chinese Tan Tui fighting style. Because the Sailor's hands were occupied by the both the whip and dagger, she had to rely more on her legs for hand-to-hand combat. The fighting form she was trained with was one of the few fighting styles that could allowed Sailors to fight more effectively with this weapon.

Spear - The weapon of Sailor Saturn. The spear, along with the staff, is one of the most effective weapons when it comes to range and defense, the only difference being that the spear has a short blade at its end instead of a blunt tip like the staff has. However, both weapons operated the same way, allowing Sailors to use similar fighting styles. With the right training, a Sailor can be incredibly fast and deadly even against a large number of enemies with this weapon. When not in use, the spear can shorten itself to a quarter of its actual length to allow it to be carried in a more compact state.

Sailor Saturn was traditionally trained in the fighting form that resembles the Korean Gyongdang fighting style, which relied heavily on weapons, especially swords and spears and at times, using them on calvery. This required the Sailor who used to spear to rely more on her legs for hand-to-hand combat, but her skill with a spear allowed her to keep enemies at bay.

Sword - The weapon of Sailor Uranus. While the wand and caspier acted as the sword weapons with their crystal blades, some Sailors preferred a metallic blade over a crystal one. These weapons could range from anything from a broadsword to a saber, sometimes even short swords. Very rarely will Sailors use rapiers due to their long length. However, several Sailors who have used metallic bladed swords will also use the shield as well, especially with a short sword.

Sailor Uranus, interestingly, was trained a very ancient fighting form that resembles the ancient Greek Pankration fighting style. It was most likely because through history, Sailor Uranus had used a number of different swords as she advanced through the ranks, and would often use the shield to expand her skills. This fighting form was well suited for this kind of fighting style, and it remained popular throughout the Silver Millennium.

Caspier - The weapon of Sailor Neptune. Named for its rapier like shaped but designed for casting crystal magic spells. It operates just like the wand does, but can cast spells with greater distance and accuracy. And like the wand, it can summon a crystal blade for close combat. However, instead of a thick crystal blade that turns the wand into a broadsword, the caspier uses a thinner crystal blade that actually turns it into rapier. As a one-handed weapon, the caspier has been a favorite among Sailor Scouts and many historians have called it the most elegant of all Sailor Scout weapons.

Sailor Neptune's fighting style has no unique form since it centers around fencing, in which the caspier is associated with. The Star Kingdom of Cuboneon had the best fighting forms, teachers, and techniques when it came to fencing. However, Sailors who used the caspier would often experiment with dancing styles to expand their skills. The most popular was a Gaianfrez dance style that resembles Spanish flamenco.

Staff - The weapon of Sailor Pluto. The staff is usually thought of as the weapon of alchemists and other magic uses. But in the hands of a Sailor Scout, the staff can be one of the most deadliest aside from the spear that uses similar fighting techniques as the staff. A perfect melee weapon, a well trained Sailor could devasitating blows, since the staff was strong enough to break bones and crush skulls. It also operates very much like the spear. When no longer in use, the staff can shorten itself to a quarter of its length, allowing it to be carried in a more compact state.

Sailor Pluto was traditionally trained in a fighting style that strongly resembles the Chinese Shoalin Kung Fu fighting style, in which the Shoalin monks often fought with staffs. Staff fighting is one of the most popular forms when it comes to fighting. Even though it was more a defense weapon than attack weapon, it still required extensive training in order the weapon to be use effectively.

The Sailor Scout Ranks

There are six ranks within the Sailor Scouts Universe, with the six being the rarest.

Each year, the Sailor Scout branches across the galaxy during the Silver Millennium hold two recruit training sessions in which girls from age 14-16 volunteer to become Sailor Scouts. The process works almost like boot camp in today's armed forces. Each training session takes 200 hundred volunteers and splits them into four groups of 50. After they entered Sailor Scout training grounds they are stripped of their civilian lives. At this time, the girl's social status, whether commoner, noble, or even royalty, no longer mattered once they were inside the Sailor Scout branch. For the next three months, recruits will go through basic training that starts with learning discipline, responsibility, and respect, and then through physical training. Afterwords they are taught basic skills of each Sailor Scout and other military weapons, in which she will choose what weapon she will use the most once she becomes a Sailor Scout. In the final weeks of basic training, the recruits will go through a mission section that requires teamwork. The teams would be made up of girls from both the lower and higher classes, an obvious test to see if they have learned to respect each other regardless of who they are. Once a recruit completes all these obstacles, she is declared a Sailor Scout and is awarded a metal case that she will design as her transformation brooch.

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