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Yo! What is up, fellow authors-in-crime?

Hokay then...now that's out of the way, welcome to my fanfic page!

First of all, if I were to be in a Pokemon game, I would be a Pokemaniac (although I must admit that I wish I were a Cool Trainer...). I am a total sucker for all writings Pokemon, especially romances and/or adventures.

UPDATE So, my newest Pokemon-thing to do: read the manga! I just finished the Red/Blue/Green saga, which was AH-MAZING. I think I like these people better than the anime characters! Hahaha, well...some of them. I already like May so much that I suspect I won't like Sapphire more, etc. But Green (boy)...man, oh man! He's super-intense, level-headed, and generally awesome (and not bad-looking, either). Probably my favorite character right now, tied with Yellow...I just started her saga. Also, Blue (the girl)? She's very sneaky and coy and I think that she and Green will be perfect for each other :3 So expect an OldRivalShipping fic sometime in the near future. I love how Green calls Blue a "pesky girl" before they even know each other very well...anyway, I think I'm starting to ramble, so I'll stop now...

UPDATE #2 Okay. So I bought Pokemon Black and beat it in five days. Then I restarted and beat it again a week later. It wasn't because it was easy, either - it was because I could hardly put it down! Seriously, this game's got the goods. And Ferriswheelshipping (N x Touko/White)? Let's just say I'm a believer. There are so many hints for that ship in-game, it's not even funny. So I'll definitely be putting up a couple of quick oneshots about those two. If you haven't bought Black or White, you need to, because they're awesome.

As a last thing before we move on, I'd just like to say...you can shoot me if you ever catch me writing/publishing something rated T or higher. The HIGHEST rating that I will EVER write at is K plus, which would be for mild violence or completely clean romance. That's just my moral standard.

Also, just because I like to, I'm going to list all my favorite shippings:

- Anime Shippings: PokeShipping (Ash x Misty), ContestShipping (Drew x May)

Game Shippings: Ferriswheelshipping (N x Touko/White/Hilda)

- Manga Shippings: OldRivalShipping (Green x Blue), SpecialShipping (Red x Yellow). FeelingShipping (Green x Yellow) may be plausible, but I need to read more before I decide.

I actually ship more than these, but these are my top favorites.

Alright, on to the stuff that I'm writing and doing...

Fics I'm Currently Working On:

- Lucky Fourteen (L14 for all you lazy people...myself included). You'll have to read for yourself to find out what goes on, but I will tell you that it's a sort of "blast from the past" for our favorite couple...but in a whole different perspective. iPod madness ensues, and so does a bit of PokeShipping. DAML & AAML/AAMRN (Ash and Misty Romance Novel...it's one of my favorite abbreviations...don't ask why.) Thanks for the many reviews on L14, everyone! You guys are all amazing! OVER 100 REVIEWS! Woot!

Finished Fanfics:

- Pokemon: Revelations is currently on hiatus. When I get back to it (if ever, but I doubt that I'll completely drop the project forever), I'll be sure to update this page.

- A Question I Can't Answer is a twoshot fic based on a brief interest of mine in Penguinshipping; that is, Kenny x Dawn (from the anime). Lots of dialogue, notable quantities of emotion and a splash of humor. A lighthearted read.

- Now I Know My ABC's is not exactly finished, but I may not finish it; either way, it is currently on hiatus. One of those alphabet oneshot collectons that everyone's doing. Honestly? I got bored with it.

- Enjoy The Ride is a oneshot based on Ferriswheelshipping; that is, N x Touko/White (from the Black & White games). I like it! But you're the reader...so READ IT! Hahaha. Really, I live in a free country, so you don't have to...but I'd certainly appreciate it!

- There's another one on hiatus - Three's A Crowd. A oneshot (that was supposed to turn into a collection) based on Ferriswheelshipping vs. Cheren x Touko/White (forget what that's called! Argh...). Got bored with that one, too. Sigh.

Thanks much and kudos to you for reading! And I LOVE reviews! I don't care if you hate my writing! Really! (Well, maybe just a little...sniffle) But what the heck, review anyway!

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