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Hello! Welcome to my profile! :D

Clair de Lune TEASER TRAILER!! yes, this trailer is made by yours truly, using free software and rather bad quality clips and, of course, very little movie making experience, but I kinda like making stuff visual. Have a look! And if you would like to make a trailer for Clair de Lune PLEASE do! More the merrier, oui?

Very Briefly, story overviews:

Arranged: My unfinished action/romance/fantasy story based on the Sweep series by Cate Tiernan. Great series, READ IT! Arranged is to be considered a 'proper' fanfiction, because it is written after a few books in the series.

Clair de Lune: Don't be put off! It's about ballet, however I have had several reports from my beautiful, amazing readers which tell me that it's touchable to non-ballet fanatics as well! I'm not going to launch into ballet-speak without warning, so please, do read! I'm loving writing Clair (though at the moment of writing I am in the midst of Writer's Block), and it is my longest fanfic with...76 thousand words? I'll have to check...anywho, this is AU, so don't worry, if Bella gets impaled on a stage light (what?) Edward's not going to start eating her...

The Fates: Troy: This incorporates the true purpose of Fanfiction; I don't like the ending, so I shall change it. The Fates is supposedly meant to be a series including several different books, however I don't have the time at present. Troy is based on the movie, Troy, and it's just a change to the ending. Achilles doesn't die. Woohoo! Brad Pitt's sixpack is back on display!

Tudor London: Ah, I had to have an outlet for my Britishness somewhere. Tudor London is all about murder and passionate romance and leaping into the Thames and not being able to swim...will feature several famous landmarks! I was in London last year and I really opened my eyes (no, not giving a speech about the homeless, though it's an issue) and saw how beautiful it was! Walking down Southbank...ah, the culture! Anyways, I love history and I love London! And I read Oliver Twist and decided that historic London shouldn't be so painfully boring...ugh, he was a great guy, but Dickens just...oh, he's painful! So, here is Tudor London!

The Short Sugar Plum Fairy: The Short Sugar Plum Fairy is a prequel to Clair de Lune! Basically, it's about our favourite pixie, Alice, and how she struggles in her first couple of days at the prestigious ballet academy, Force de la Beaute, as the shortest girl there. Mister Jasper features as a smexy Russian dancer, and Rosalie as his fierce twin sister. Emmett is the stuck up son of the school's principal, Carlisle Cullen, and Edward is already a dancing celebrity, trying to find a decent partner. This a pretty light story, and hopefully, just like Alice, quite short :D

Link to Twilighted Forum for Clair:


And in another AH, BY THE WAY; here is a list of the pieces I have used so far for my Twilight Fic, Claire De Lune:

1. Claire de Lune by Debussy (used in chapter two, clearly, and right throughout the story as Edward's audition piece and Bella's calmy-down)

2. Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata (I have used it now! I think...yes! I have! Sorry, can't keep track of my own story...used in Chapter Thirteen)

3. Fur Elise (I have used this in a draft of Chapter Four)

4. Adagio in G minor (Playlist) - it's also known as 'Canon' and I looooove it

5. All of Me by Jon Schmidt (used as the piece for the dance review. Not really ballet music, but I was in love at the time, and I still am now). This link is of the longer version, which has the all important introduction for Bella! However, I have written that Madame Cox extended the ending, which is not in this version. Oh well...

6. Barbie and the twelve dancing princesses theme. Don't laugh, I love it. Haven't used it yet, but will.

7. The Dying Swan. I bought a two CD-case called 'I love Ballet', and it had this in it. YouTube link is a ballet as well, performed by the beautiful Uliana Lopatkina.

8. Babbino by Puccini - used in Chapter Eleven as Bella's first solo piece. Not sure how much I liked it, but it just fit in with the idea of a small studio run by an old couple

9. Swan Lake Moderato - this is the most famous piece from Tchaikovsky's Swan Lake. If you haven't heard it, I will be surprised! Used in Chapter Eleven and Chapter Twelve in her dream. This is also a link with dancing!

10. Demo (Letzer Tag) - check out the ballet music video. Polina Semionova dances to inspiring!

11. Evacuating London by Harry Gregson-Williams - this is from the Chronicles of Narnia. When do I use it...ah, I can't remember but I'm pretty sure every chapter there's a call for a piece like this.

12. Life in Technicolor by Coldplay - I add this because it's the only modern piece on my 'ballet writing' playlist. I do listen to modern things. In the midst of my writer's block I changed my whole playlist and listened to Kelly Clarkson and Neyo and Jordin Sparks and such.

13. Aha! I knew there was another one - VIVALDI!!! Ah, how I love him. Vivaldi's the Four Seasons - Winter. Great stuff.

14. Britt Nicole - I owe her an awful lot! Particularly 'Safe' and 'Walk on the Water'. I don't really use them for religious value, and I think that most of her songs aren't so good, but some of the lyrics are great. When I'm sitting on the bus, I make montages in my mind of the story so far. At the beginning of Walk on the Water, it's the first chapter and Bella's staring up at Force de la Beaute. I just love it! I use Safe when I'm thinking about Bella's frustration or sadness...ah, yes, I use that in Chapter Eleven when she's sitting there completely lost. And also when I think about Angela's fall in slow motion...also 'The lost get found' for when she's choreographing All of ME.

15. Rain by Dax Johnson - beautiful piece I used in Chapter Seventeen, though I didn't mention it. This spurred me to right that part when she leans her head back against Peter...

16. The Meadow by Alexandre Desplat - my tribute to the Twilight world. It is a nice piece. There's actually a ballet version on YouTube, which is written for ballet class.

17. Soft Goodbye Celtic Women! Right, I could say several things about their voices - they're not particularly deep or robust - but they do sing some beautiful stuff. I'm writing Chapter Nineteen at the time of editing this profile, and they're who I'm listening to!

18. Viva la Vida by Coldplay - Master Rodriguez's class dances to this piece. This link is ballet! My version of the dance, though, is obviously quite different, because I do love to be original (why on earth am I writing Fanfiction, then?). The music itself is really amazing! Unfortunately for me, I listened to it again and again for about an hour when I first got it, and it actually ruined it in the long run...oh well, still a great piece.

19. I Will be Waiting by Kelly Sweet - plus more of her music. Particularly for chapter twenty. I see Bella walking back down the driveway, or sitting in the studio watching the sunrise and Edward sitting on the plane with Tanya. A beautiful song. I also love j'taime and Ready for Love. Soooo good!

Right, so this list is just a snippet. I also have a whole load of Swan Lake stuff and of course, Jon Schmidt, who I love to pieces for his beautiful music! I also watch a whole load of youtube videos. Many of them are from Walnut Hill Ballet School.

So, in the interest of not boring whoever is reading this (and I'm truly thrilled that you are reading this), I will keep it short and sweet, unlike my previous bio, which probably had the word count of all my writings (both fanfics and crappy fantasy stuff which never really went anywhere because of my bad focus and terrible writer's block) put together. So, without further ado, I shall quickly tell you about me (because I know that everyone spends their days sitting their wondering who I am).

THINGS I LIKE (she declared loudly):

Chewing gum



Being alone (because sometimes it is just too much to act like a normal human bean)

Being with friends (because I just love 'em)

Robin Hood (Jonas Armstrong...I love him so much!!)

Twilight (TO AN EXTENT. Loved the books, hated all the publicity and bitch fights that came with them.)

Movie Trailer Music - try writing to it, you'll find it is really, really good to write to because it's very dramatic. All the scenes I write with Hunter (Sweep fic - Arranged) rolling about in forests were written with trailer music striding along in the background.

And above all there are two things which I really do like:

REVIEWS! Right, I admit that I like getting patted on the back and inflating my ego, and its true that reviews have a BIG effect on the way I write and how often I write and such. It's a confidence boost. I don't particularly care whether I get eight visitors or forty - that doesn't tell me anything about what people think of my stories. Visitors are statistics; reviews really make you understand what people

- Do like

- Don't like

- Think

- Wonder

I like criticism, because I honestly do want to improve. And of course I like a good head rub, because I am not a total masochist. The only sort of reviews I don't like are the ones rudely demanding a chapter: 'I'm waiting. Hurry up. You are so slow at updating. You're lazy and uncommitted'. ARG! One can only think and type so fast...still, reminders that there are people waiting for an update often do spur me on. Rude ones, though, don't help. So there, please review to my stories - you help more than you realize!

But the thing that I like even more than reviews (being a typical Brit) is TEA! English Breakfast TEA!

Thanks for reading my story/stories! And remember to review and you will get more!



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