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I am an Absolute fan of STARGATE SG1, I also love The X-Files, Sanctuary and NCIS, each show so happens to have an actor from Staragte in them. I also want to watch Macgyver, but I dont have normal TV pout, and RDA is not the only actor from Stargate in it.

My friends and i love these show, well most of us anyway. I have a site with my friend that we created, it has the same fanfic we write on it and others that are different, we also have a very strange and random blog and convo's

The name of this site is Kumtria - Krazy, United, Multitasking, Timelooping, Rin'Kal'noc (strategy in Goa'uld), Insanity, Association. It's odd but it works.

BTW sorry about the change in penname i felt this one was better and one i felt more compfortable with - JackSam'200' - I just love the 200th episode, with the whole movie thing and the oh so sweet wedding scene near the end, though i dont know about Sam's hair, looks better now, My penname on is still - JackSamONiellCarter.

Amanda Tapping is awsome in Sanctuary, 157 years old - OMG - the clothes - LOVE EM' - the hair - WOW - Now all it needs is Richard Dean Anderson and it will be sweeter, Jack the ripper - KOOL - Sherlock Homes - AWSOME - Invisible Man - Damn right there shuld be - Will Zimmermen is cool and the episode with the submarine - Way Kool - Can't wait till season 2 comes on scifi, Micheal shanks is in it - ohh...so KOOL...it will be interesting to see what happens... -, In Australia we are like a season behind but its cool... the wait makes me more excited.

Stargate SG1 is the best show EVA, I luv it, i have been obsessed with it for nearly two years,...mum thought it was a phase...oh but how wrong she was...my aunty thinks I'm a bit wierd and that i will bring home someone who thinks he can talk to aliens through his hat comunicater or a guy with a huge spacer in his ear and peircings everywhere...a bit weird - Yes - not ashamed to admit that, likeing those sort of guys - No, there is only so much creepiness i can handle, and you cant exactly comunicate through your hat to other life forms,...well not yet anyway.

Fav shows - Stargate SG1, Sanctuary, Stargate Universe, Stargate Atlantis (partial to it, but havent really watched it), The X-Files,
NCIS, Torchwood, Doctor Who, Eureka, The 4400, , Supernatuarl, Sara Jane Adventures, Casualty, House, Holby City
(I think thats it. ?)

Fav Pairings - Jack/Sam -Stargate SG1
Daneil/Janet " "
Daniel/Vala " "
Scully/Moulder - The X-Files
Helen/Will - Sanctuary
Ashley/Henry " "
Charlie/Maggie -Casualty
Ruth/Toby " "
Gibbs/Jenny - NCIS

Hobbies - Writting, drawing, basketball, in the Leos club, creating pics on the comp

Fav music - Matchbox 20, Rascal Flatts, Rob Thomas, The Offsprings, The Script, Fall out boys, Pink

Fav Movies - Continium, Ark of truth, Hairspray, Wild Hogs, Black Sheep, Rehersal for Murder

P.S - for anyone who has actually read anything of mine, i would just like to say that I am a absoulutely horrible at spelling but I'm really good at reading and picking up on spelling in others stories. Just to let you.

So u know some stuff about me, enjoy my fanfics


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A Hard Game to Play reviews
When Nikola turns up at the sanctuary, his research trashed by none other than Helen Magnus, emotions fly high between them and an abnormal is loose over the egyptian deserts. Will Helen solve her greatest mission yet?
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Isabella reviews
A little girl can change everyones lives. A few secrets are kept that will be forced to be admitted. seasons 8-9, Jack & Sam are about to leave the SGC so SG1 has their last mission as a team, and Janets still alive. Jack/Sam and Daniel/Janet.
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Professor Daniel Jackson and the twins hmm? reviews
Two very strange and highly intelligent girls, or should i say twins. Turn out to be very important people in SG1's, new & old, lives. Janet's still alive and its set between S4 of Atlantis and the beginning of Universe. J/S, Jan/Dan. also by babyred1995.
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