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The Ratty Report

20/09/2015 - I have not read fanfiction in about six years, and to be honest, I hadn't watched DBZ in about the same amount of time until June this year. My brother, that little pain in the bum who got me into DBZ originally, comes up to me one night and says 'Hey did you see there's a new Dragon Ball Z movie out? It's called Battle of Gods. Youtube it.' I was like 'Um, okay. Whatever. That crazy show. Didn't it end like twenty years ago?' And I went home and youtubed it, and fell in love all over again! I went and saw Resurrection F in the cinemas twice, bought about five DBZ tshirts, have re-watched nearly the entire show, including GT and original DB, and every Sunday I watch raw Dragon Ball Super as soon as it's up on youtube after its airing in Japan. Today, I'm going as Bulma to Oz Comicon. Poor Ada has been temporarily sidelined while I fangirl all over again. Of course, fangirling in 2015 is quite a different experience from fangirling back in 2002 when I originally joined this fandom (there was no such thing as fandoms back then!!!). There's tumblr and youtube and instagram, blah, blah, blah. People role play the characters on tumblr - what's up with that!? It's a whole new world, but anyway, I'm back. Probably not going to write any fan fiction, but I might attempt to at least finish some of the old stuff that never got done (Pasta?? - though that seems rather redundant with Super now, but whatever!). For the record, my life's a bit different now. I'm no longer an auditor like I was in 2009, I'm a management accountant in a Uni, I'm a student again (Masters), I own a house, I have a dog, I regularly visit the States, I'm a gym junkie, I've written an entire book (that's not published) - still not married though, so there's that - haha! Anyway, I'm gonna update this profile, and maybe some of the stories. We'll see!

12/08/2009 - I actually haven't checked this site for about two years, and only after telling my friend, PA and original work proof-reader to go check out my work on this site while waiting for the next chapter of my debut novel, did I think that perhaps it would be a good idea to come back and see what's going on. I am pleased to tell all those who actually read these profiles that I am currently 3/4 through writing my debut novel. For those of you who have come here as a result of loving DBZ as much as I once did, I think this book will be really up your alley as it is a sci-fi/comedy/romance about an alien man and a human woman forced to share accommodations for three months. It's set in Australia, doused with sarcasm, and so much fun to write (and read so my friend tells me). I give myself another six months or so, and then fingers crossed I can get it published and share it with you all. Maybe once I'm done with book 1 I can do a bit of fanficitioning!

19/03/2007 - I know it's been a long time since I've either posted a story or updated anyone on what's going on, so I thought it would be best if I had a little chat. I don't know how many people read these profiles; I don't even know how many people read my stories anymore as the reviews don't necessarily reflect the hit counts, and hit counts don't reflect actual reading, so anyway...I feel I must update anyone who does read this. As I've mentioned in numerous author's notes and the like, I am writing an original story (a very complex, very long, very painful original story). This story is my dream; I have stocked a good deal of my life on this story and its characters. I have done hours of research, invested much time and money and energy. I don't sleep at night because of this damn story, it compromises everything in me. That being said, because of this story, I do not write fanfiction anymore. This is not to say, I will not take up fanfiction writing again in the future; often the stories you see that I have been posted in the last three years or so, have been written because I've needed a break from my original story. I still like fanfiction, especially well-written, well-crafted stories, but having been there myself, I understand it is often difficult to invest such large amounts of time on a hobby. Fortunately for me, writing is no longer a hobby, but I know this is not the case for many writers. Pasta??, It's My Life, and many of my other stories may get finished and may not. Chances are, the longer ones (It's My Life, The Other Road Home which is yet to posted) will not get finished. My goal is to have the first book of my original story finished by the time I'm twenty-three (I'm now twenty). I am also a full time university student studying a double degree (I undertake summer school to finish faster), I work two jobs, I dance, I have a family. And any spare time I have is invested in writing my original story. I don't even have a boyfriend, simply because I don't have the time or energy to go out and look for one. So, as I'm sure you can appreciate, fanfiction is way down on my list of things to do. I understand this may upset or annoy some people; I know I have become upset with other writers in the past who have done what I am now doing. But I want to reiterate that just because I'm not writing fanfiction now, doesn't mean I won't write it in the future.

So, in parting, I want to thank so many people for supporting me during the last five or six years. I want to thank all the people who have read and reviewed my fanfiction. And I want to thank this amazing website for even existing (and Dragonball Z) because if not for that, I would never have found writing, or my story. So, thank you!


The Story So Far

I have spent hours trying to decide how to write this bio, as to me the bio is just as important as the stories (so what if I actually read the bios). Unfortunately, I am no closer to finding the ultimate bio (though I’ve read some funny ones) so just go with me.



First things first. My name is not Ratty; my parents are not deranged lunatics like me. Ratty is simply my nickname; my real name is Tara. If you a curious or bored, rearrange the letters of Tara, so that it is backwards. You will find (surprise, surprise) that it spells Arat – A Rat. Ratty is simply an extension of that nickname (my Dad came up with that nickname years ago; it is not a sign of my unique intelligence).

That being said, I hail from Brisbane, Australia. No, not Austria, Australia. Spin your globes around; it is that rather large island (or small continent) down near Antarctica. Now, Brisbane is on the east coast of Australia. It is not the city where they held the Olympics in 2000; that is Sydney.

Good. That’s sorted.

I am an 22 year old auditor with PricewaterhouseCoopers and a in-my-spare-time writer. I have two uni degrees (in accounting and sociology) and am studying my Graduate Diploma in Chartered Accounting. But what I love to do the most is write. I am currently 3/4 through writing my debut novel, a sci/fi-comedy-romance about a woman named Ada who's life gets totally turned upside down when an alien lands in her backyard. I've been planning this story since I was fifteen (so since 2002), after I got into writing mostly as a result of this site. In August 2008, I finally started writing book 1 of what is to be a thirteen part series. It's time consuming and its tough, but its my baby, and by hook or by crook, I will get my baby out there for the rest of the world to enjoy!

Scratch that!

I'm not 22 anymore! I'm 28 now! I'm not an auditor for PwC. I'm the Manager for Budgeting, Forecasting and Course Costing at Griffith Uni. I'm done with CA - now I'm doing my Masters in International Business and International Relations. But I still write. I've finished Book 1 on my series about Ada, and I'm half way through Chapter 3 of Book 2. I live in a cute little townhouse, not with my parents. I have a dog called Ellie. I'm obsessed with moving to the States. I lift. My life is awesome!

How I came to be a writer

When I was twelve years old, and in Grade Seven, my teacher made our class write a short story every couple of weeks. For a twelve year old, that is pretty stressful. Not only is the imagination strained, but with my penchant for ignoring word limits, it was tough.

On one particular occasion, my teacher informed me of something he deemed I needed to know.

He said, ‘ Tara, you have no imagination.’

For years after that, I was convinced I possessed no known imagination. I avoided writing subjects in my junior schooling at High School, and happily informed people that I had skipped the imagination line in God’s great workshop.

When I was fourteen years old, my little brother started watching Japanese cartoons that showed on a morning TV show called Cheez TV. Many of the Australians out there will probably have fond memories of that show. For those without pay TV, it was the window to anime.

My brother raved about the animes he watched, and eventually I succumbed to watching them with him.

And so it began.

In late 2001, Dragonball Z’s Cell Saga was screened on Cheez TV. When Gohan beat Cell, I was over the moon.

I was addicted.

I was surfing on the net, not long after the screening of the Cell Saga when I found a website boasting fanfiction. I read some, typed fanfiction in to Google, and found ffnet.

I’ve been writing ever since. The imagination that I supposedly didn’t have hit me in full force.

And now. Now, I want to be a writer. I know it won’t be easy, hence the accounting degree.

Whilst, my fanfiction on ffnet is sporadic and rarely updated, my original stories have taken over my life. I have always had a fascination with aliens; I grew up on Star Trek and then, of course, Dragonball Z.

When I was fifteen, I came up with an idea for an original story, centred around aliens. This story began as a trilogy and has grown into a monster. The main character, a sarcastic 30-something woman named Ada (pronounced Add-er, not the traditional A-da, as I am dumb, and thought I was pronouncing it right) is my constant companion.

And somewhere, amongst this sprawling madness is me. If you push aside the online persona and fantasies, I am actually a person.

For those of you who are really bored and are still reading, I am 5’8, olive skin, long honey coloured hair and the darkest eyes you can imagine (my pupils are in there somewhere, but who would know). I live for story telling, solving problems, and Ada. My head is populated with a world you could only begin to imagine, filled with people who share my sarcasm and obsession with knowing all the answers.

I have two wishes in life.

To find someone who will love me completely and entirely, and To show the world what I see when I close my eyes.

And that is the story so far…

Random Favourites

- my favourite song of all time is Breathe by Michelle Branch

- my favourite movie is Frozen

- my favourite book is Stargirl by Jerry Spinelli

- my favourite DBZ character is Vegeta

Random Extras

- my livejournal is a great place for musing and random snippets of stories I am too lazy to update

- I have not lost interest in my stories; I am simply a perfectionist.

- A list of my stories are below, as well as brief synopsises.

I believe in destiny, love at first sight, aliens, rock music, God, and myself.

All that being said, I would now like to introduce my stories to you - those on this site and those that will eventually be on this site.

Pasta - When I first begun writing fanfiction, having being brought up on the Spice Girls/Girl Power wave, my fascination was mostly with Videl. Also being quite of the maternal sort, I began writing this quite disorganised story about Videl's pregnancy with Pan. Whilst the story has down exceptionally well (in my opinion) reviews wise, I personally don't consider it that good. However, I would hate to disappoint anyone, so I'm supposed to be beginning the seventeenth chapter. I would really like to finish this story just to say I've finished a fanfiction.

It's My Life - Who can deny being intriguied by the seven year gap between the Cell and Buu battles? Dragonball Z is infamous for its storyline gaps (everyone loves the three year Bulma/Vegeta affair) but I noticed a few years ago when I first started writing this story, that there isn't much of an attempt to explain the individual character's stories at once. They're best friends; it seems insane to isolate one couple/family from another. So, I began this story, set about a month after Goku's death, and I'm assuming, after the Bojack fight (who can figure those movies out anyway). I intend to try and write the story as I picture it to happen, following the storyline as close as I possibly can. It's done to the song 'It's My Life' by Bon Jovi, hence the title.

Porcelin Princess - 'Present at the union of two strangers, Videl chances upon the friendship of a group of unique and individual people. But when the life of one of her new friend's is jeopardised, Videl is thrown into a fury of crazy misadventures that will either melt her hard heart or destroy the porcelin princess forever.' Unfortunately, due to Ada, this story hasn't done much in about two years. The first chapter is posted below, but I doubt I'll ever have the time to devote to finishing it.

The Other Road Home - This explores similar scenairos occuring between different people in the two different timelines. I've written the first chapter, but as with Porcelain Princess, am apprehensive to post it for fear that I will lose interest. I've just started the third chapter, but I think I will complete the fourth before I consider posting any chapters. I would like to get Pasta? done first, so we will so how it goes.

I have a couple of other stories (The Happy Family Charades, Glimpses, What You Need To Know) that I mentioned on here, last time I did this bio. I've also chanced upon quite a few solid ideas for Vegeta fanfictions at the moment, which I would like to explore. But for the moment, that is all, besides the various one-shots and poems (here and ) that I have lying around.

Now that I've cleared all that up, I would hope that people don't chose to be a stranger. I thrive on encouragement, so the more you bug me to write, the more I will. Just reading my reviews, no matter how old, gets me going again, so if you wanna talk to me or just whinge to me about how lazy I am, there are a couple of ways.

Firstly, you could post a review (shameless plug, I know). I love reviews, they make me feel so happy.

You could email me at tara.vb@ (please ignore the old ratty email address - it no longer exists).

Or you could post a comment on my livejournal. You can access it via the 'homepage' link above. Or just look me up on the livejournal search. My penname is blinger. I am also accessable on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/taravanbeurden

Anyway, with all that said, I must leave as I've other things to do (like write fanfiction). I hope you enjoy my stories. I certainly enjoy writing them.

Lots of love,


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