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(Image courtesy to wikipedia, used under the terms of free license; the author is indicated in the upload data. It's an otter, btw.)

German, 23 years old, female, studying to become a teacher in the Classics, English and German as a 2nd language. I've got glasses, two tattoos and a very curious, but also very serious mind with a slightly wicked (but strangely polite) side to it. Any questions?

Much as I'd like it to be otherwise, writing is taking a backseat just now, and has been for the last few years - for want of time, not ideas.

Regarding Betaing, I am afraid that I am being kept busy right now, so I'm not going to take on anything more, except if it's something short - then please feel free to just ask me. The fandoms I'm fluent in are limited, of course, but I can manage especially HP, Star Wars and Sherlock, and then a lot of book-verses and movie-verses of more popular action movies. Your number one criterion: Get me interested in reading it! ;-)

I speak English fluently (95% native speaker level, at a guess), read and write Latin well (so I might just translate HP-spells correctly, if you want me to), get by in Ancient Greek (ahem), and I basically understand written Spanish (though I'd like to have a dictionary close by).

That's pretty much it. Please feel free to contact me if anything of the above has hit your interest.

Das Leben ist eine Inszenierung - letztendlich spielen wir alle nur Theater auf Gottes Bühne. Wir wissen es bloß nicht. Oder vielleicht wollen wir es auch nicht wahrhaben.