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A wild site user appeared!

Howdy, folks and welcome to my humble profile - which you'll have no doubt clicked on for some strange reason or another, so I'll let you get straight to it.

Basic Bio: Name's Dobi and I like many things, especially anime and manga, but I also venture around the other sections, not just anime/manga as I like a nice bit of variety in what I read, who doesn't? I'm also a regular user (addict) of TvTropes, so expect me to make many a reference to the tropes of today. I also like sex, drugs and rock 'n roll - but I hardly think that's relevant right now, it's just your fun fact for the day.

On the site: As a reader on this site I enjoy stories that deal with emotion and character development, as well as kickass action and explosions. I'll read pretty much anything, regardless of details such as shipping/pairing, despite the fact I myself do have many favourites myself, I'm not going to let that alone stop me from reading a potentially great story. As long as a story has a good plot and the characters act how they should, with good description and grammar I'm more than willing to give any story a shot. I try to drop feedback in when I can, but I only tend to review on a regular bases if they story is really good, even then sheer laziness is a hard enemy to defeat, haha. But I'll always do my best to try and drop some feedback and con!crit the writer's way if I feel they deserve/need it.

As a writer on the other hand, I'm rather similar. I like to write what I read, so good plots, and getting the characters I'm writing right with some kickass action/over-the-top explosion, not to mention character development are always on my list of priorities when I write a story. My muse has a tendency to wonder off on me from time to time however, which means I can have periods of mass activity and then times when I do almost nothing for maybe months at a time, I'm working on it and always like to write to few chapters ahead to help with this so I have I can maintain some sort of a regular update schedule.

Anything else? No? Good, let us move on to why we are here; stories.


And Justice for All (Bleach)

Status - Alive and being worked on, slowly, though college and work aren't making things easy on me.

Summary: Justice of the world? The world's justice is the justice of whoever sits atop it, that is why the justice of the world is the wrong: for it is the justice of the King - justice which was once blind and is now dead. Justice is lost, justice is raped, justice is gone, pulling your strings, justice is done. Seeking no truth, winning is all. Find it so grim, so true. So real. Post 423.

Brief author's ramble about the story: Something I've been working on a long time - I think the original draft came into existence all the way back during the early stages of the Decided arc, yeah kinda an old idea at this point. That said, the first draft was originally a collab between myself and two friends, then the second draft was just me and one of those friends whilst the third draft onward has seen me taking on this project solo; and the fact it's stuck around so long in some shape or form has helped me grow fondly attached to this work and it has long since become my main focus on the site, I want to see this finished so badly at this point. The previous draft, which I think was the fifth, was the first that came close to reaching my hopes for this story and get posted here on the site itself, then hindsight kicked in and I spent ten minutes banging my head against my desk - I had a nasty bruise after that one, trust me.

Though it came back earlier this year, in the shape of the sixth, and hopefully, final draft. The basic premise is still the idea of a Shinigami vs. the depths of Hell scenario has remained throughout, but this project has long since evolved from a clear cut good vs evil, bog standard fan fic that, when looking back on the first draft notes, really had nothing new to offer to something I reckon could be really good if I don't screw it up, that is. But now this story and many of its concepts have hung around, but grown, changed and evolved in ways I never honestly expected. The journey, developing this story, progressing from draft to draft has really helped polish a lot of my narrative style and helped me grow as a writer and, as cliche as it might sound, a person.

Like I said before, though I may be rather terrible when it comes to updating, my interest in this story has never actually died, like many of my other works before it, I just haven't had the time to dedicate to it that I feel it deserves. But, I really need to get in gear and knuckle down and stop whining if I ever want to see this finished so I don't plan on vanish for a prolonged period of time any time soon if I can help it.

Main Characters: Ichigo Kurosaki (protagonist), Tatsuki Arisawa (deuteragonist) and Rukia Kuchiki (tritagonist).

Previous Arc: N/A.

Current Arc: Enter the Unforgiven

Previous Chapter Published: Chapter VI - A Life In Chains (Release date: 28th of July, 2012)

Upcoming Chapter: Chapter VII - Symphonic Interlude First Movement (Release date: TBA - hopefully late November, early December work load permitting)

Don't forget to be awesome, people!

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