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So basically my real name is Emily, I live in Australia and love it here.

My pen name is xXCrepuscoloXx,

which in case you were wondering is Italian for Twilght

Yes, I am one of those crazy, obsessed fans and if you don't like it,

well i guess you can go visit someone else's profile.

I guess I am a bit of a bitch.

But I've spent pretty much my whole life letting others ignore my opinion,

and i guess thats why I like, no love writing so much because I put all my ideas and emotions into my writing.

So that's why if you leave bad comments, it lowers my self esteem, so just don't do it!

I mean constructive criticism I don't mind but insulting comments pretty much just suck.

Things I Like:

True Friends




People who don't speak every thought that goes through their heads

Edward :P (Sorry, I mean I love Jake, but I am completely and utterly Team Edward)

Flowers (frangipanis especially)




The Sea

Things I Don't Like:


People who think they are better than everyone else

Girls with their skirts up their ass

People who don't know when to shut up!

People who judge by what outfit you wear

People who class you as a nerd Just because you like to read and write stories

and Broccoli =

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