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MY QUOTES!! Because im awesome...

"Hell Yes!!"

"I'm so glad Edward didn't kill you. Things are a lot more fun with you around."

"Fall down again, Bella?"
"No, I punched a werewolf in the face."

"I'll try not to break anything."

Excellent plan my brother"

"Hey, Edward. Ditching, Bella?"
"Let's go now. I'm dead bored."
"She's such a pessimimist

"So it's still standing? I would've thought you two had knocked it to rubble by now. What were you doing last night? Discussing the national debt?"

"It doesn't count till' she's conscious Rose."

"C'mon Edward. Just turn it off for one minute and fight fair." ―Emmett to Edward


I'm Emmett Cullen, born Emmett Dale McCarty in 1915, Im a vampire and a member of the olympic coven. Im Married to the Beautiful Rosalie Hale. Im adoptive son of Carlisle and Esme Cullen. Im a adoptive brother of Edward and Alice Cullen, as well as to Jasper Hale and the uncle of Renessmee Cullen When Rosalie came across me, I was being mauled by a bear in the mountains of Tennessee. I had nearly died from the attack, but Rosalie saved Me and carried me over a hundred miles back to Carlisle. Rosalie was noted as saying that it took nearly all her strength not to kill him. She also said that she brought him to Carlisle so that he, with his stronger endurance of human blood, could save me. She also said that the reason behind having Carlisle save me and not herself was because she was afraid that if she did it she would end up killing him. I describes this experience as "being saved by an angel who brought him to God". Once Rosalie returned to Carlisle with Me , I was changed into a vampire. After his painful transformation, Rosalie and Carlisle explained to Me that I was a vampire. This did not upset him, however, like Rosalie and Carlisle had thought it would. He put in his own words, "But if Carlisle and Rosalie, my angel, were vampires, how bad could it be?" i did, however, initially have trouble adjusting to the Cullens' rule of only feeding on animals, and i have tasted human blood on several occasions...


1) pierce your nose or tongue? NIETHER
2) be serious or be funny? Be Funny Duh
3) drink whole or skim milk? Either i like Blood Best..


4) simple or complicated? Idk What does that mean


5) flowers or angels? Angels beause i have one.
6) grey or gray? gray
7) color or black & white photos? Color PINK FOR EDDIES CAR
8) lust or love? Lust...
9) sunrise or sunset? I See both Every day
10) M&Ms or Skittles? Bears
11) rap or rock? Rap
12) staying up late or waking up early? I dont sleep
13) TV or radio? TV FOOTBALL
15) eating apples or oranges? Bears


18) being hot or cold? Cold
19) tall members of the opposite sex? Hale Yes
20) sun or moon? Sun, b/c we ditch school
21) emeralds or rubies? idc
22) left or right? RLEFT
23) having 10 acquaintances or 1 best friend? Best friend
24) sun or rain? Rain, For thunder Baseball
25) vanilla ice cream or chocolate ice cream? Blood
26) boys or girls? Girls
27) green beans or carrots? ??
28) low fat or fat free??


29) What is your biggest fear in the world? I FEAR NOTHING...
30) kids or no kids? i dont have kids
31) Cat or dog? VAMPIRE Kitty
32) Half empty or half full? What the Hell
33) Mustard or ketchup? Ketchup, its red like blood..
34) Hard cover books or soft cover books? Books HELL NO//
35) Newspaper or magazine? i dont Read.
36) Sandals or sneakers? sneakers
37) Wonder or amazement? Huh
38) Red car or white car? red Blood
39) Happy & poor or sad & rich? Happy And RICH
40) Singing or dancing? both.
41) Hugging or kissing? Kissing
43) Happy or sad? happy
45) Blondes or brunettes? BLONDE ALL the way..


Full name? Emmett Dale McCarty Cullen
Nicknames: Emmy, The big guy, Brother Bear.
Number of candles that appeared on your last birthday cake? 94
Date that you regularly blow them out? MWAHHAHAHA
Pets? Vampire Kitty, and Wearwolf AKa DOGS
Height? 6'5
Eye color? Golden
Hair color? Brown
Piercing(s)? Haha Nope


Where do you want to live? Forks Washington
How many kids do you want? I Cant have kids, but i have a niece.
What kind of job do you want? I hate working.
Do you want to get married? I Am Married.


2 doors or 4 (on a car)? 4
Coffee or ice cream? Niether.
Shampoo or conditioner? both
Bridges or tunnels? Tunnels
One pillow or two? i dont sleep.


Salad dressing? Blood.
Color of socks? red
Toothpaste? blood
Food? blood
Alcoholic drink? blood
Non-alcoholic drink? blood


1 MINUTE AGO: Yell at Edward.
1 DAY AGO: have mood swings to piss jasper off
1 WEEK AGO: babysit Nessie, it took me 3 hours to find her.
1 YEAR AGO: Call Eddie Gay..

I HURT: Jasper, Edward. B/c its fun
I LOVE: Rosalie Hale
I HATE: Mike Newton
I HOPE: World peace lol JK
I FEEL: No Pain.
I LISTEN: To Troublemaker
I HIDE: Never
I MISS: making fun of Eddie being gay
I LEARNED: nothing
I WAIT: i never wait
I NEED: blood
I THINK: about my sex life to piss Eddie..


Current Clothes: = Blue Shirt and Jeans
Current Mood: = Sexy
Current Music: = Hips Dont lie
Current Taste: = Blood
Current Hair: = messy
Current Annoyance: = the dog is here
Current Smell: = wet dog
Current thing I should be Doing: =
Current Desktop Picture: = Rose
Current Favorite: = gruzzy
Current Book: = i dont read
Current Movie In DVD: = dracula
Current Refreshment: = blood
Current Worry: = nessie, she is bugging me im worried about me hurtting her lol jkjk
Current Crush: = rosalie hale.. its way morew the a crush..,

Rosalie Hale (Wife) The Real Rosalie Hale
Carlisle Cullen (Adoptive father)
Esme Cullen(Adoptive mother)
Eddie Cullen (Adoptive brother)
Bella Cullen (Sister-in-law) The Real Bella Swan Cullen
Jasper Hale (Adoptive brother) The Real Jasper Whitlock Hale
Alice Cullen (Adoptive sister) The Real Alice Whitlock Cullen
Renesmee Cullen (Niece). The Real Renesmee Cullen
Shana Cullen: (My Real Sister.) The Real Shana Cullen xox

Other Family. (If you want to Join just Ask.) WERE BUILDING UP A CULLEN ARMY!

SHANA's STORY... (First.) (She was my First little sister and Fav, Sure I like others, But she was my sister the lonest.) Profile: The Real Shana Cullen xox
She was Walking all alone along the road, It was dark and creepy she had just got done from work, she worked at applebees, When Suddenly a nomad Vampire named Jessie, tried to kill her because shana is Speacial, she has Powers like no other and the volture is scared of her, jessie attacked her (she is still human, But she has gifts)... Me, Rose, Jasper, and Alice, heard her Scream, and we ran to her ... she was about to die, And we didnt have time to get Carlisle, I was the only one who had hunted that week so Did not thirst , So, I Turned her .. her powers came with her... her powers are that you control Anything, And everything she want to... =)
Thats how Shana Became a Cullen. --I Love you Baby sister. =)

QUA' NEITRA's STORY. (Second.) Profile: Shopaholic Pixie
She is a Half Human Half Vampire. (Just like Nessie.) I was hunting One day and I was about to let my sences Take over When I smelled blood. I ran to see where it was coming from, and on the ground was a baby with a Note. Dear Whoever Finds her,
I am sorry I couldnt be there for her, But I must say I love her, I am Dead, I do not know where the father is, But it will be okay, I wish that her name be Qua'Neitra.
It took us a While to Figure out your power, But your a Shapeshifter You can turn into anything, We found that out after you turned yourself into Bella, But we knew it wasn't Bella because she could talk and you couldnt. That is How she became a Cullen. =)

Christina's STORY. (Third.) Profile: msbutterflycat
She is a Wizard that was turned into a vampire. After Christina went to hogwarts, she became powerful, she used her power for good, but the Volture found out and they came after her, she new about vampires she was trying to kill evil vampires when she stumbled across us, Carisle changed her, She does not like blood, she hates it, Her power is that she remained a Wizard and can still use her wand. :) That is how she because A Hale/Cullen.

Gina's STORY: (Forth.) Profile:
She is super fast and Strong, Yes she is a Vampire! She has been a vampire for almost as long as Carlisle, She was once a nomadic vampire, red eyes, Human drinker. Well she was turned by Heidi, She was part of the Volturi since 1692-2004 they called her Gianna. She was once a worker for the Volturi, but they turned her. Her power is she controls the elements, Like Water/Rain/Fire/light/sound/ She is powerful. She ran away from the Volturi in 2003. She was attacked and almost left for dead when the Cullens found her. They let her join the family even if she was once a evil Vampire. She shortened her name to Gina after she ran away. That is how she became a Cullen.

GWEN's STORY: (Five.) Profile: The Real Alyssa R. Cullen

Well my story is sorta connected to Alice's. James had said only ONE other person had escaped him. Actually besides Bella and Alice, I had escaped. I'm still kinda blurry on the subject. The only thing I do know is that I wasn't exactly human. I later found out while I was traveling the world I was hybrid, I found out when I met Hulien and Nahuel. I still visited family, so when I went back home for Christmas I found out my sister Gwen was a full vampire, and she was getting married to the reason she's still alive or as alive as she can be. It was possible for me to become a full vampire, but I turned it down. I still eat human food every 5 years or so.Gwen still doesn't get how I eat human food with out throwing it up. After 100 years of hanging with Gwen, we moved to Forks.

Now Gwen's story is kind of in between that night Rosalie became a vampire and the time before she went back and killed them.
No one really wondered what happened between those events. Royce went back to his life as if Rosalie never existed. That's when he met Gwen. He did the exact same thing to Gwen as he had done to Rosalie. Left her the same way too. That's when she met Sean Wood. If he hadn't found her when he did she would have died. About 6 months later Gwen had the same idea to kill Royce. Like Rosalie she never wanted this life. So she went back to kill Royce, yet to her surprise Rosalie beat her to it.

Those are our stories. Gwen's loves this life. Now that she has Sean. She has a list of stuff I'm not allowed to do that's she apparently going to post. And she does almost nothing. I don't get how's she so good. I'm gonna get her one day, but for now she's a way too goody goody.

Emma Jane Cullen: (Six.) Profile: Emma-Jane cullen

I will be emma jane cullen. She was changed the same time as jane. She was with the volturi intil rite before eclipse. When she met edward she wished to live like him. so respectfully she left to go with them. She is sweet, pretty,popular and 15.she has brown hair and topaz eyes.she is very close with rosalie and nessie. and even jacob. so could u get back to me even if u dont want me. thank you.
Emma Jane cullen

Why I started a fanfiction.
1. Im bored.
2. Its summer an Rose told me to do whatever.
3. I want to tell you storys about life you havnt seen already...

Shana: Emmett Is my big brother, he turned me I love him! So you will love him to (Check out my stories: MissCullen xox)
Rose: Why Emmett. i dont want to type somthing, Fine, Emmett is My Crazy Inmature Hunsband But i love him.
Edward: Emmett is addicted to Halo, and Grand thou auto Barbie
Bella: Umm Em is my Brother in law, He is like a Giant Bear/
Jasper: Who GAve Alice SUGAR.
Me: SRY.
Carlisle: I have to get Back to Work, Cant you Teenagers Act your Age...
Esme: it you think about it Carlisle They Our Acting there Age...
Me: HELL YES... =P
Shana: Hellz to the Yeah!

Role Playing. I Run the whole Roleplaying thing, It started as just me and friends Roleplaying on FF, but then people start talking to us, and we pretended to be the Cullens... More people are joining.
You can join to! We have most of the Cullens. Just need Edward and Bella and Esme and Carlisle. But if you want to start the wolves here is what you have to do.
1. Your name must start with "The Real"
2. You must put up The char's Quotes.
3. You have to act like that person, no matter what, unless you are simply telling a person your real name.
About others.

Others Information, that I have Asked them,and they said it was Alright to put it up! But if you would rather not know us, Then don't Read below.

The Real Alice Whitlock Cullen: is really a girl name Alexandra/Ally. She is cute, She reminds me of Alice, she has Black hair, she is 13 years old, and kind to boot, she also got started because she asked me to help her to roleplay, I told her its simple, and she has been with me ever since. She also writes stories, and they are really good. Go check them out!

Rose: Well she is just FUN! but it she is like Rosalie in some ways, she is girly, She is the popular at her school, But she is sweet, if you talk to her, she won't ignore you. Her real name is Grace she is 15.

Jasper: Yes there is a Jasper he just doesnt like to be none, his real name is Steven, he helps me write my stories. He is 16 trust me he is awesome, he is a break dancer. He is really judging when it comes to reading stories though, like he will make fun of stories if they suck. lol. but he is a good guy. He says its alright for me to put him up!

Me: I'm Tyler, I have liked reading since I was little, I don't want my personal life on FF, and I'm a privet person, I have the Iphone, Rofl. I like Fanfiction, but not as much as Emmett does. I Control a Fanficiton group, of Roleplayers, if your into that, Ask? We need more people. We have a Rosalie, Alice, Jasper and Nessie. I live in California, and I attend Stanford University, I am smart in school, I am lazy, so I rarely update, I get bored easly. I act stupid, because Im playing a Role, thats how good I am. and I'm engaged to my girlfriend I've had for three years now, we are both going to finish collage and marry then.

Emmy/Emmett/ Or Tyler/T.L

This is Super LONG I Think im Done

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