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Hey! Welcome to my profile! :D I've been writing for quite a while now (and reading for even longer). I enjoy writing both fanfiction and original stories. My favorite genres are scifi and fantasy ("speculative fiction" if you want to sound sophisticated). I like steampunk and post-apocalyptic and superheroes (*cape waves in the wind*) and medieval and mystery and various other things.

I'm a Jesus freak (as you could probably tell by my display name), a born-again sinner who has been redeemed by God's abundant mercy and grace. I want to follow and praise God forever, and I'm looking forward toward the prize. :)

I really like writing and English and language in general, and I hope to sometime publish book(s). I do enjoy writing fanfiction also--it's good writing experience and fanfics affect people too, right? Fanfics change the world like other stories change the world (words are in general a powerful weapon to wield).

Back to the part on writing experience--if you read my work, please feel free to leave a detailed review that'll help me improve my writing! Oh, you say, I'm not a literary critic with some smart-sounding Masters degree. If you happen to have such a degree, that's cool. Good for you. . But I don't care if you're a literary critic or not. I'm not just writing for literary critics. If you got confused in a paragraph, or one aspect of a story inspired you, or this chapter was really boring, or whatever...let me know! Anyway, regardless of all that, I hope you enjoy whatever writing of mine you read. Thanks in advance for reading it! :D

As to writing fanfiction--well, as to writing stories in general--I tend to think in What Ifs. What if Captain America was an elf? What if the Doctor got a Portal gun? What if the Maximum Ride universe collided with the H2O: Just Add Water universe (yeah, never finished writing that one)? It doesn't need to be some wildly-crazy idea like that, though. What if the Master killed the Doctor, and that's what caused him to finally go straight? I especially like the idea of crossovers, crossing one fandom with another. *crazy mad scientist hair* *looks between two beakers holding different fandoms* *mixes the fandoms together* *laughs maniacally*

Anyway, where was I? Ah, yes, I'll say a few words about some of the fanfiction I've posted. I published two crossovers in 2009, writing them a chapter at a time, and then eventually got bored/hit writer's block...and so they're still not finished. *innocent whistling* I tend to get excited about things and work on them, but then eventually lose interest. For that reason, my tendency now is to write the whole fanfic before I start posting it--just in case I don't finish it.

Twas the Night Before Endless Christmas. Funny story there. I think there's a rule that we're supposed to proofread our work before posting it? So I proofread all the chapters here on the site, but then I took so long to update it that the proofread versions got lost. And I haven't finished proofreading it fully to finish posting it... *sheepish*

Those are the interesting stories behind those stories. Maybe someday I'll finish those two fanfics I started a while ago. Hopefully I'll get that one fanfic proofread so I can finally finish posting it.

What are my fandoms? Animorphs, Uglies, and Maximum Ride (the first three or four books) are several of my favorite series'. I love the Avengers (especially Captain America, especially The First Avenger) and How to Train Your Dragon. I like Scooby Doo (the old ones) and Phineas and Ferb. Narnia and Lord of the Rings are both fabulous. And probably various other fandoms too that presently escape me.

And Doctor Who. I quite enjoy this show, which has been running for a crazy long time. I like "new" Doctor Who (Ninth Doctor up) as well as old/classic Who. While you're crying over the Ponds, I'll be sitting over here crying over Adric and Turlough and Teagan, and the Third Doctor driving off all alone into the sunset.

Anyway, thanks for reading my profile! Or skimming it. Or at least looking in here, even if you skipped straight to this paragraph. ;) I'd love for you to check out my fanfics and let me know what you think of them. Also, feel free to drop me a PM anytime! I'm not too good at replying to messages sometimes, fair warning, but do feel free to shoot me one if you wish. :)


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