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Author has written 6 stories for Powerpuff Girls, and Naruto.

My name is Squinky Cullen,

I love Naruto, Twilight saga, Night world, The Sweep series, House of Night, Vampire Academy, blood, gore, being sadistic, being hyper, annoying some boys, sleeping, poking random ppl, txting, wearing my gloves and cap, science (boom), fantasy books, art, Doctor who, The occasional drink (Budwiser, Becks, Peach Schnapps, Baileys) Drama, Sonic, Reading, Writing, Drawing (visit my Deviantart page ) Reading Fanfictions, martial arts, Darren Shan, Taylor Lautner and going on Deviantart.

I hate girly girls, make up, my nails, Chewing gum, headaches, bellyaches, Facebook, Maths, teachers (they are aliens in disguise), Highheels, real life books, drawing real life things, dresses, Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, kissing scenes on TV and school.

Naruto character i love not in order

1. Gaara
2. Kankuro
3. Naruto
4. Kiba
5. Sasuke
6. Sasori
7. Deidara
8. Itachi
9. Neji
10. Kakashi
11. Hidan



(Yh i know, i love Yaoi)

I live in the United Kingdom and i always dedicate my stories to my best friends. One of which should be signing up soon. Jess, buddy, if you dont i will feed your nose to the nose monster, he doesnt like noses though 0.o

Jess you are the best friend a Krackodolopian could have, you read all my stories so if you want a story just ask me or txt me :D

Clo you are my emotional anchor and keep me pinned to the ground so i dont go on a metiphorical killing spree

Sarah you are my budbud, you are my secret keeper and my advisor.

Thank you guys, i wouldnt be here without you

Sonic Characters i love

Cream and Cheese

I write Fanfictions for fun, but if you want one send me a note but i dont do it for free unless you are a friend. I dont ask for money, but maybe a picture >.

Thoughts of my life

The man who said nothing is impossible never tried slamming a revolving door.

Why do people say beauty is on the inside, inside me is pretty ugly and red.


Who was the first person to go up to a cow and say i wonder what come out of those dangly things

RAWR means i love you in Dinosaur

Why do we have a Monday, why cant we have two Friday's instead.

There is a thin line between Laughter and Slaughter like the conveintly placed 'S'

What gives us the right to determine what is beauty, Art can be a explosion or a puppet, lives can be short compared to eternity but also long compared to a second. Art is beauty and that is that. Art can be sticking things together or sculpting something perfectly. So everything is Art and Everything is Beautiful, so eat that HFH.

Ghostbusters lol

Why are swear words called swear words, who made them bad, why cant the word 'the' be a swear word, life would be a lot more simpler if we could speak our mind more often



Im a hybrid of Vampyr, Werewolf, Wych, Daemon, Shapeshifter, Teletubby, Tweenie, Sunagakure ninja, Konohagakure ninja, powerpuff girl, RowdyRuff boy, Powerpunk girl, cat, tygr, lizard, human and alien, how cool is that.

I am slightly Sadistic,

Underworld one was funny when the head vampires head slipped off

Underworld two was funny when the vampire got blitzed and the werewolf had his jaw snapped

When i die i will take my rightful place on the throne of hell and i will drag my friends from heaven down so we can have a rave and Satan will be on a leash and my beer bitch

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One Mistake by Dark Calamity of Princess reviews
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Sasori has a pet. His pet's name is Deidara. One-shot for now, possible three-shot.
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Family or Love by Story Writing Guy reviews
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Two-shot/Shortstory. Edward POV. Newmoon-ish time. He's broken up with Bella and is visiting the other Cullen's when he sees Bella singing Breathe by Taylor Swift on MTV. He hears the meaning and the pain behind the words and decideds to return to her.
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Femur and Spine want to know what Lord Loss does when no ones around WARNING RANDOM! Oneshot-SS
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Brick and Blossom are engaged to be married, so their is a lot of fluff included. Fic is now rated 'M' for future explicit content that isn't suitable for children.
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The Game: Russian Roulette reviews
Naruto is asked to play 'the game' but he didnt know it would involve Gaara's life. AU. Warning: character death, OOC-ness, shonen-ai, bits of coarse language, blood, violence.
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Anniversary reviews
Its the anniversary of our favourite jinchuuriki but Gaara is surprised with the outcome. Includes: some coarse language, blood, shonen-ai, yaoi, OOC-ness and probably really bad writing. Enjoy. I own none of the characters but the three waitresses :D
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Hey peeps, this is my second Fan fiction so plz dont flame too much. This is a new type of story, by me Squinky Cullen. This is for my best friend Jess, hope you like. Warning: may include OCC-ness, Bad language, implied yaoi, implied sex and almost rape
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I will fight for you no matter what reviews
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