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Author has written 2 stories for Soul Nomad & the World Eaters.

OverlordAyame: Hello there! I am Overlord Ayame! And those idi...I mean people over there are my original characters from various stories!

arrows pointing at Aeon, Make, Tadashi, Sabishii, Neko-san and Lumina

OverlordAyame: they are from Tails of Eternity: Chronicles of Aevum!

Aeon: Why are we here

OverlordAyame: cause I want you to be!

OverlordAyame: okay now that's out of the way...here are the lists of stories I'm working on

Silent Nights

OverlordAyame; I have TEMPORARILY removed this but it shall return!


OverlordAyame: I lost the notebook!

Make: That’s what you get when you put them in a random box or place!

Tadashii: I agree...

OverlordAyame: well I just need more time and etc.

Tales of Prodesto

OverlordAyame: School is killing me not time to finish writing it!

Make-dono: since when did you have time?

Aeon: being you?

Lumina: yeah since when

Sabishii: you haven’t updated Tails of Eternity!

OverlordAyame: So? The story can wait till I get an Idea!

Tadashii: which is like next year

Aeon: sigh

Why am I not Updating?

1. School is murdering me...in a way

2. I am having a major writer's block

3. Lack of motivation and laziness

4. Unable to write the plot in my mind

5. I am working on a different story (w/c is posted in dA with this username)

6. That's all I have to say right

OverlordAyame: till then I'll try to update

Ideas for a Fanfic

Kuroshitsuji (My favorite Anime)

1st Idea

I was thinking of what if Ciel was a mafia boss and Alois as well what could happen(yes this was cause of watching KHB)

2nd Idea

After Ciel became a demon Sebastian is now forever bound to him but two demons together is never good at all and Ciel starts developing feelings for Sebastian! And in the sidelines Grell bought a magic necklace that can grant one wish and what does he want? For Sebastian to love him. Now that necklace worked and Sebastian is in love with Grell! How would Ciel stop the magical effects on Sebastian before it become permanent!

pairings: CielXSebastian and GrellXSebastian

XxxHolic (The first ever Manga I read along with the first anime I watched and made me addicted to anime/Manga):

After Yuko died Watanuki stays in the shop to wait for her return and due to his will for her to be alive once more Yuko is now back but all her memories are missing. How would Watanuki help her now?

Pairing: YukoXWatanuki

Tenchu(The 1st Video Game I played that I actually got hooked up to it even to this very day, that's why my user name is OverLordAyame):

What if Ayame really got possessed by Onikage and manage to resist by as time goes by he starts to take control and Rikimaru starts to notice and finds a way to help her...

Soul Nomad and the World Eaters (My Current addiction and obsession!):

1st Idea

Another GigXRevyaXOC sorta like Jealousy but this time what if Gig had feelings for Revya but never told her and denied it...What if another Guy falls in love with Revya and She starts to like him too what would Gig do would he try to win Revya's affections or would he just let it be? Well this crossed my mind as I wrote Jealousy

2nd Idea

Nothing in this world would last so when the person most important to Gig passed away what would he do now? Of course follow her into her next life...

Set in a modern day era...

Revya is now a normal girl who lives a normal life well it was normal till she witnessed a crime being taken place then gets kidnapped cause of it when he captors decides to kill her. She was saved by Gig who she wonders why he is so familiar to her (since she lost all her memories) but Gig never had forgotten about his Soulmate.

My Profile

My Real Name: Nadine

My Pen Name: Formerly PrincessNadz Now OverlordAyame

Age: 13 Gender: Female

Race; human (duh?!?!What could I be an alien!!!!),

Likes: Teddy Bears, Video Games, Anime, Manga, salty foods, Sweet food, etc.

Dislikes: you (just kidding), Boredom, My enemies, spicy food and etc.

Hobbies: Drawing, Writing story of nonsense, playing video game, drawing and etc.

Weapon(s) of Choice: Dual Katana and Scythes but I also have a sword(Really I do have a small sword which I hide in my boot to bad it’s just plastic XD)

Magic abilities (spells)/Skills: ...Unknown...

Motto: you think I’m crazy, insane and a geek? Well thanks for that comment cause the insane and the geek will rule the world!

Profile: I am just a normal girl who goes to a normal school, who people call me crazy for some unknown reason, but I think I'm not I just wanna kill all of my enemies, Dominate the world and Annihilate all of those who stand in my path(Just Joking maybe in my world of fantasies I would) but some say I have murderous intents well the stories I write about are Romance(mostly) drama(rarely) Parody(most of the time but never submitted any) angst(I love sad stories) but I just put it in my notebook and never submit it to fanfiction.net (I pity myself)

I enjoy making stories for fun and drawing and annoying people when I'm Ultra Bored Currently working on Silent Nights, Jealousy and Tales of Prodesto...and another story

OverlordAyame: Here's the Profiles of my OCs

Name: Aeon von Lune

Title: Aeon of the dreams

Age: ???(looks like 18)

Race: god Gender: Male

Likes: pudding and books

Dislikes: bad people and those who tries to abuse power

Personality: Benevolent, Intelligent, Powerful and a yandere! Yes he is a yandere why well if anyone tries to flirt, touch and hit on Lumina he will still have that kind smile on his face but you can feel his murderous intent and the fact his going nuts and will kill you...

Hobbies: Sleeping and writing

Job: god of the world of Pandora

Weapon(s) of choice: the book of Aevum and magic

Magic Abilities (Spells)/Skills: there are too many to say!

Motto: being the youngest has nothing to do with y abilities and capability!

Appearance: He has long light brown hair, light green eyes, wears elegant clothes and has a floating headdress on his head

Name: Lumina Andrea Dream

Title: The Golden Star

Age: 16

Race: Human?(Fiara_Type_Dark) Gender: Female

Likes: Stuff toys, Weapons and Card games

Dislikes: Dark Places and Heights

Personality: Cool and Colective, and a Tsundere(She like Aeon no She is completely in love with him but will continuously reject that fact), Tomboyish, has the tendency to be rude, hot-blooded, prideful and hides her true feelings but deep inside she’s sensitive, shy and nice

Hobbies: Making dolls and doing her jo

Job: historian

Weapon(s) of choice: Magic cards

Magic Abilities (Spells)/Skills: she can use her cards to slice someone or to summon anything or anyone...her final skill is Death’s card which shows her victim 3 cards...Also she can transform into her alter form which grants her demon wings and horns, long sharp deadly claws and teeth and super speed and the only way to hurt or kill her is but slicing her neck which is very hard

King: to be poisoned

Queen: to be beheaded

Jack: to be tortured

But there is a way to avoid this if you think well you might get to play Death’s card game with her and if Lumina wins she can do anything to you and if you win you can do anything to her.

Motto: Do unto others what other’s does unto you!


Name: Make Von Lune

Title: Queen of the Underworld

Age: 10925 Gender: Female

Race: Demon (A Fallen Angel) Gender: Female

Likes: Black cats, Sweet Candy and chocolate and dark things

Dislikes: Tadashi-Sama, whatever she does, her ex-husband Aeon and etc.

Hobbies: torturing people, Insulting people, Cursing People, Trying to Get OverlordAyame killed also Tadashi-Sama, and etc.

Job: Queen

Weapon(s) of choice: Whips (It’s a weapon of torture!), kitchen knife (To Stab People)

Magic Abilities (Spells)/Skills: Dark Magic, and she can cook very well if she doesn't put poison in food so she can kill ya

Motto: My heart is as black as the new moon yet can be as bright as the Full Moon

Appearance: she has A long black ponytailed(placed at the side instead of the back)hair and a has slender body and wears a red tube which shows her belly, black miniskirt and a long Black and red Jacket but she also wears a gothic black and red queens outfit...

Name: Tadashi von Aramia

Title: the Tainted Angel

Age: 9717 Gender: Female

Race: Half-Angel and Half-Demon

Likes: everything sweet and nice and OverlordAyame, Make-Dono, Sabishii-Chan, and Neko-San

Dislikes: everything evil and mean except Make-Dono

Hobbies: singing, helping people, and etc.

Job: Seraph-in-training

Weapon(s) of choice: a magical book (atleast it won’t hurt much if she hits someone with it according to her and her book is big!)And staff (for magic)

Magic Abilities (Spells)/Skills: healing and light magic unlike Make-Dono she's a terrible cook one bite and you're dead...but she's good at making clothes

Motto: Do good things and good things will happen to you...

Appearance: has Short brown hair up to her shoulders, wears a Short With robe with blue flowers for design and its skirt is down below her knees and has white wing. As the dark angel she has black wings and her clothes turn black

Name: Sabishii-Chan her real name is Liyana Mizakera The lady of war

Age: 16(looks like a 4 year old when she turns into her kid form) Gender: Female

Race: Felisian

Likes: Fish. Neko-San, yarn, and whatever cats like

Dislikes: the mention of her real name (Liyana Mizakera) or even just calling her that or her title (Lady of War) and dogs

Hobbies: Watching TV, playing with Neko-San, and drawing doodles

Job: the Commander and Princess of the Felisians

Weapon(s) of choice: Chainsaw (I swear you do not want to see her with her chainsaw she is very Violent and Brutal when she uses it), every kind of guns her main weapon is Pandora Extreme which is dual pistol gun that can change into different types of weapon at her will...

Magic Abilities (Spells)/Skills: she can move very fast, see in the dark, and jump from high places without dying and she can summon her weapons from anywhere!!!

Motto: Neko-san's Enemy is my Enemy!!!!

Appearance: She has cat ear but it being covered but her black French style hat and wears a black and white Goth style school uniform with the skirt just above her knees which shows her tail but people thinks its fake but it’s not but she wears a military outfit when at her home world

Name: Neko-San his real name is Connel Sander

Title: The Head General of the Felisian Army

Age: 16 Gender: Male

Race: Felisian

Likes: Sabishii-Chan and ect.

Dislikes: Dogs and people who hurt Sabishii-chan

Hobbies: being with Sabishii-chan

Job: General and Sabishii’s Husband

Weapon(s) of choice: Swords and guns

Magic Abilities (Spells)/Skills: he can use almost all magic spells but mostly transforms into different things

Motto: Sabishii-Chan is my only love

Appearance: He is a Charming young man with cat ears and a tail wears a military general outfit

Overlord Ayame: Now for my OC's profile

Make-Dono, Tadashi-Sama, Sabishii-Chan, and Neko-San: All of them claps

Name: Poison Mikera

Age: 21 Gender: Female

Race: Human but...

Job: ????

Likes: Flowers and Sweet Things

Dislikes: Food that is spicy and salty

Hobbies: Cooking and Sewing

Weapon(s) of choice: Magic

Magic Abilities (Spells)/Skills: casting Healing spells and Light Magic

Motto: No Person is born Evil but made evil

Appearance: Has Long Blue hair and Blue eyes and wears a white dress

Profile: A young woman whose home was destroyed bandits

History: A young woman whose home was destroyed bandits after wandering around for a while she entered the hidden village and decided to live there since she had nowhere else to go then soon she starts to have a crush on Gig no one knows why(OverlordAyame: Even I don't know)

Now for the profile of my friend's and my OC and whose story I might just release...

Charles: What am I doing here

Me: Uh...I borrowed you...from her...

Charles Well I have nothing to do here so I'll be leaving now brat

Me: you'll see gig

Charles: fine...

Name: Charles Leonardo Von Voltaire

Age: ??? Gender: Male

Race: God / Spirit / Demon

Job: ????

Likes: Dark places, Seeing people in pain, and the people close to him

Dislikes: Nothing...

Hobbies: killing, Annoying Gig, Harrasing Gig, Tormenting other people

Weapon(s) of choice: He can use every weapon

Magic Abilities (Spells)/Skills: So many!

Motto: I am ALWAYS right!

Appearance: The guy with Black hair in this pic:

Profile: A man who seems to know Gig back then when he was Vigilance

History: A powerful god who is Death's lover and husband. He is Gig' childhood friend back when he was still Vigilance and According to him they had a much more deeper and closer relationship. He is very sadistic, cold heart , evil , mean , greedy , selfish , pervert , smart but also has a good side but only those really close to him sees that side of him. He is also madly in love with his childhood friend(a.k.a) even back when they were young and pretty much is a Yandere. Before Charles left Vigilance for his wife. He had the habit of teasing and harrasing him(but Charles is still cruel to gig even though he love him due to his sadistic side and will forcefully do what he want to him) and he also calls Gig Creampuff or Creampaffu but also call him Vigil short for Vigilance..

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The Curse of Blood by Karanma Maeryl reviews
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