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I gots Twitter now, wuht! Go there!

Story Updates: Part One of a two-part collaborative fic, I Wanna Get Physical, is UP! Check out Jan Lee's parallel Kiba/Ino fic, It Was on a Cold and Chilly Table!

For more collaborative fun with me and Jan Lee, check out these two fics on her profile:

Shika Hood: Man in Tights by me

Jungle Life: Kiba and Ino Style by Jan Lee

And also written in the sub-verse of our Halloween fics is this story by Lovesrainscent:

Still The One

All three are stories revolving around the same costume party, and feature the couples Kiba/Ino, Shika/Tema, and Shikaku/Yoshino, with cameos from a few more of our favorites. :D