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Author has written 7 stories for Rune Factory: A Fantasy Harvest Moon, Ben 10, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, and Vampire Kisses.

I am working on POS and starting Kanno's B-day. I'm also working on Selphy's Fantasy Book, and a Rosetta/Raguna request, plus another Rosetta/Raguna that makes me laugh. Player! hehehe. I'm also working on Ben 10: Alien Force stuff, and Darkcasting is my joy for the moment, My current favorite Pairup. I'm Making a new alter-ego(s) for myself, so try and figure out who they are! hehehe. Their writings style might be a bit different than mine. I'm going to start working on Kevin and the Autobahn shortly, because I found how quickly I can do it.

ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!! I'm 16!! YAY!!

All right, I've been thinking of something. In some of my story ideas, I have a lot of OCs, but I understand that most people think that OCs are self inserts. Mine usually are not. I actually base my OCs off of other people, or off of ideas. If I made a self-insert, You'd see a blonde female Kyoya Otori with too much time on her hands, that she uses on the computer. I actually base some OCs as characters in different fandoms.

Name: Fairy... seriously.

Age: 160 Fairy years, which is approximately 16 in human years, give or take a year or so.

Gender: Female

Current Story Obsessions: Ben 10: Alien Force, Rune Factory Frontier, and MAYBE some Fire Emblem and Neopets, but with the fact that the FE community is crazy and perverted, and I lost interest in Neo a while back, I don't know if I'd be able to keep up with that. but I'm working on a bunch of RFF and B10:AF stories. Also may have Ouran High School Host Club, Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure, and other things. Maybe also some others like Vampire Kisses or Percy Jackson, but other than that, I don't know. I could be totally random. Depends on how I feel. also Battle for Wesnoth. I bought Princess Debut the other day, and it's SOOOOO Cute! I love it! Ceaser is my fave, and I laugh at how much he looks like Julius. Julius and Ceaser! hahaha!

My Stories:

Rune Factory Frontier:

The Plight of Selphius Josephine: (POS) Chapter 3 is up! This story is basically what I think happened in Selphy's past, before she ran away/traveled to Trampoli. Selphy's POV, with a lot of OC's. First ever Selphy story! Will update, but just give me a while, trying to write with an impossible OC, and other stuff.

Birthday Parties: Selphy's Birthday is up! This story is one of my favorites, where I get to write one-shots about character Birthdays! I've got Kanno's coming next IF I don't write a different birthday first. Selphy's birthday is done, writing Kanno's, but it has very few words on it at the moment. If someone wants a different character's birthday story up, please PM me or review on Birthday Parties. I won't do someone's birthday twice, so if they are already done, then that is what you've got.

Marco's Strange Day: Complete, until I rewrite for myself. This story was written for Rune Haven's Embarrassment March theme. It is epically long, and may make your eyes bleed while you read, but its okay! I'm having fun with this!! I will rewrite it into a multi-chapter story, because I love the plot and MarcoxCandy is my new favorite fluff pairing.

Ben 10:

The Darkcasting Saga: Second Chapter up! A bunch of stories for my two favorite villains, Darkstar/Charmcaster! I love the Fanon Pairing, and its a lot of fun to write on a roleplaying forum I'm on. I've got quite a few stories coming on. Beginning will have the stories connected, but not all of them will be. Some will have one-shots. but there will a mini-series branchoff. I write these guys differently than anyone I've ever read for Darkcasting, so there is your warning! Split up chapter two, now making chapter 3: The FLUFF Chapter... Pancakes! A cooking Darkstar. haaha! I haven't gotten far on it yet.

Rhapsody: a Musical Adventure:

Two Rhapsody Drabbles: In a moment of boredom and writer's block, I wrote these two drabbles because I had nothing better to do with my writer's block. I'm aware that they aren't the best, but they are a story, and it's done. Complete!

Vampire Kisses:

Vampire Kisses Playlist Challenge: Second chapter up, Working on next one, but not adding it until I read Love Bites and see what I got right, and what I got wrong in Recovering. I know for a fact that I got Sebastian's appearance way off, because I thought he would be like Becky. I think he sounds like a Jamacian wannabe from Romania (does that even make sense?) trying to be oh-so-cool. At least, that's what I got from the scene where you first meet him... I haven't gotten the book yet, but I read part of the sneak peak. I'm 16th in the list at the library. Wait for me! Summer = a lot of reading time for me! Because I don't have an iPod, I went and used my Playlist on Playlist dot com and let is go on shuffle, writing little stories in the time that the song was playing. I won't show the actual story that I wrote, I'm just going to make a longer, more correct version of the brisk stories. I'll have them go chapter by chapter, the song title being the inspiration in the song. Has some Luna/Alexander, Raven/Claude, Matt/Becky/Sebastian (If Sebastian becomes the guy I think he will, Love Bites isn't out yet.), Becky/Matt, Luna/Trevor, Raven/Alexander, Jagger/Onyx, Claude/Kat, and Luna/Rocco. Very nutty, spur of the moment ideas! I will do this for other pairings, just wait a second!

Note for works in progress: I'm removing some of the ones up here, because I'm writing them on a different fanfiction account, so if you see an idea like this up on a different profile, ask if it's me if you are curious.

My Works In Progress (A.k.a., not online yet) Stories to come! :

Rune Factory Frontier

The Maidens of Trampoli: Basically like Birthday Parties, but a few of one shots showing the twelve/thirteen bachelorettes in their own stories, and stuff. A bit like a mini version of Birthday Parties, and basically a practice run so that I can practice writing with the maidens.

Marco's Strange Day Rewrite: I'm going to rename the story, but it's basically that. I'm going to develop a Multi-Chapter story for this one. the chapters will be shorter, but there will be a lot. I just fell in love with MarcoxCandy fluffies, so yeah. So much fun!

The Player: Something really silly I made up when I was playing RFF. wouldn't all of the girls get mad if they found out that Raguna's been giving gifts to EVERYONE in and around town. I can think of someone that would be very upset. So upset that she'd stalk him to see who he'd give gifts to. Hehehe, I decided to use this idea after reading 'Raguna Fever' though I've had this one for quite a while before that. Very silly, slightly AU-ish humor!

A Rosette for Rosetta: The story for the request I was talking about earlier. Very Cheesy fluff, one-shot. A little short idea, when I saw the word Rosette. It just clicked, and I can use the other idea for something different. I'm using the term that a Rosette is the Icing flowers on a cake, or a cupcake. Raguna takes her on a picnic, and great flowers are in it.

Selphy's Fantasy: A story that came from Selphy's Birthday in 'Birthday Parties'. Selphy just finished her first Fantasy/Mystery novel, but when Mist disappears and a passageway in the library is found, The librarian and Raguna go on a quest to save Mist in the world of Selphy's Fantasy. Has many OC's for this Parody/Humor story. Only partially Parody. Parody because of Selphy's Characters.

From Mage to Princess: A story about how, partially against her will, Cinnamon is forced to change from mage to 'princess' to try and woo Raguna. I've decided to bail on the idea of doing this for the contest, because my writing skills aren't really amazing for these ones, and I want to take this idea slowly, not like how I did before with Marco's Strange Day.

Tirade of the Librarian: AU High School Universe. Selphy goes to Trampoli High in her small town, but when the college she plans to go to demolishes their library system, it's up to her to maintain the joy of books for future generations. Alternate Universe where you see the Trampoli characters in modern-day high school!

A New Form of Joy: A LutexSelphy Crackfiction. Lute loved a girl at a different town, and Selphy loved Raguna. When both of there opposite lovers finds a new person to love, will the two find their new form of joy? LutexSelphy Crackfic story. First of its Cracky Kind!

Vampire Accident: After an accident with the Irises, Raguna fines himself with fangs and an unusual craving for blood. How will Raguna survive as a Vampire?

Ben 10: Alien Force

Kevin and the Autobahn: During the episode "Above and Beyond" Kevin and Gwen are 'halfway across the galaxy' and Cooper is nowhere to be found. In reality, Kevin found out about Germany's Autobahn and dragged Gwen there instead. I'll also have a little thing about Cooper and what a mess he gets himself into, and what Julie is doing at this time. Basically a behind the scenes from the episode 'Above and Beyond'.

Darkcasing... with Chili Fries?!: This is practically a crackfic, but I find the concept so funny! Darkstar and Charmcaster are still a couple, even after Vilgax is defeated and Ben has the Ultramatrix. But a new person has come into there solitude bubble, and because he is stuck in this horrible, primitive state, he's only got one thing going for him now that he will never be a Galvan again. Yep, Albedo is crushing on Charmcaster! AlbedoxCharmcasterxDarkstar Probably only about 10-20 fics in this one before I cut it short and start the story below. Branchoff of The Darkcasting Saga.

The Unlikely Couple: Sequel of Darkcasting with Chili Fries. Albedo finally figures out that Charmcaster doesn't like him. So he goes off on his own way. He eventually gets so depressed that he goes off and is about to jump off a bridge before a girl stops him. Turns out, this girl used to be Ben's second crush, but after his true girlfriend came back from Japan, he lost interest. She didn't know why, so she ditched town and found Ben's evil twin. Not an OC, it's Elena! Elena and Albedo set it off, and become boyfriend and girlfriend. A bunch of little stories on how they are together. a bit of a fanon, but this paring is the only way that I can keep my Benlie alive!

A Midsummer Night's Dream: Ben 10 edition: A story that will follow the basic plot of "A Midsummer Night's Dream" by William Shakespeare, with quite a few changes. I'm going to have fun with this... because I'll have all of the pairs. Lysander = Kevin, Hermia = Gwen, Demitrus(I've forgotten his real name, I'm going to look it up, but until then, that's it)= Ben, Helena = Julie. Also has Queen Titania = Charmcaster, and King Oberon = Darkstar/Morningstar. It's awesome.

Time Unheals: The Story of Darkstar, Charmcaster, and Hex, as they rule the world by Gwen's mistake, and the story of hope, and the lesson of not changing the past. An alternate take of 'Time Heals', with Darkcasting to boot!

The Benlie Factor: Smoothies and Tennis Games: Stories loaded with a bunch of Benlie, and me writing away other possibilities. There is going to be a three-way catfight between three girls that like Ben! hehehe! And Ben's an Otaku. He is. Some Gwevin may be present, but mostly Benlie.

The Gwevin Tales: Stories of Gwevin one shots, and a lot of fun with it. Just whatever I come up with for this pwnsome, CANON pairing.

Remembering Julie: Based off of the book 'Remembering Raquel' by Vivian Vande Velde. When Julie is run over by a car, various people in her life learn to cope without her, and learn to be strong in tough times. Rated T for obvious character death. A Tragedy/Hurt/Comfort Benlie story.

The Side Stories: Tales about all of the other stories that aren't Darkcaster, Benlie, Or Gwevin. Not all will be romantic, but they may have some of my pairings in there. Some of them will be crack.

Cracktopia: My Crackfiction! eek! This is going to be fun! Taking non Yaoi/Yuri requests. Not sure which one I want to do first...

At First Sight: A Story about the underwritten pairing: Max+Verdona. People say they ship it, so why is there none of these stories around? Okay, Max is in his Mid 30's in his plumbers peak. He is teamed up to work with an Anodite to help protect her home galaxy. Will he find love? Of course he will! otherwise there will be no Gwen or Ben! Will have Devin Levin in it. Much Later on.

Amirya's Tale: The Story about my OC/OC story. Can't reveal much yet, but it's going to be awesome.

In One Thousand Words: Stories that are under 1,000 words long each, about various things that happen. Will have many Various Pairups.

Gwen's Pairing Parody: A story I made to torture Gwen and other characters. Why not make fun of every possible way to pair with Gwen. No pairup will be spared! OOC crack parody. Will have ONE mocking fem-slash story, but other then that, they will all be M/F. Fem-slash gives me seizures... same with normal slash.

Vampire Kisses

The Forgotten Pairing: A bunch of stories about the forgotten pairing, Becky and Matt! I know that we all love the Raven and Alex pairing, or the Raven and Trev, but who can forget Becky and Matt? come on, why with the over 200 stories is there no tale for the pairing for the farm girl and the suburb guy! The only Becky/Matt story on Vampire Kisses! Oh right, people like their goth crap, and don't like fluffies.

Alphabetical Drabbles: A collection of 26 short stories about Becky and Matt, with the stories coming in alphabetical order.

Vampire Kisses: The next generation: Matisse Sterling is the half-vampire daughter of Raven and Alexander. But when new people show up and Dullsville becomes not so dull, it is up for the daughter of our favorite characters to seize the day!

Out of the Shadows: Matt's Story: Matt's POV of what happened during Vampire Kisses. Shows how he went from Trevor's best friend to Becky's Boyfriend. I find Matt's change in character far more interesting than Raven's, so I'm going to dig into it.

Ouran High School Host Club (Dang, I have too many OCs in here. Sorry!)

Ouran Daze: A one-shot collection that I have, featuring many of the host members. Each will range from different types of ratings, all between K-T, so yeah. I've got three different stories planned out so far, but the first one I will type up will probably be the 'Dress Up Game' one. I depends on what I would like to do.

The Ouran Life: Title subject to change. A bit like Ouran Daze, but more serious than that. Another one shot collection about the things that happen throughout life at Ouran. Very thoughtful, very reminiscent stories are here.

The Ouran Ghost: A tale of many types of genres. Hurt/Comfort and a bit of tragedy mostly. along with Horror, Humor, Romance, and Friendship. This story is about a girl who died at Ouran and wants Kaoru's help before she sets her spirit free. At the same time, her sister is trying to cope without her twin around, but finds some help in the host club. Rated T for gun violence, death, potential suicide, and various other things. Has OCs

The Stuffed Animal Easter: Nekosawa has always wanted to make his little sister happy, but did he have to go so far as to animate the Stuffed Animals of the host club to help his little sister for Easter? OCs.

Diabetic?: What if Honey fell in love with a diabetic girl? Random idea I just came up with. How will he stand it? Honey/Oc

Stability: After graduating from Ouran Academy, She promises to keep in touch with the other hosts after graduation. But what happens when the college student finds herself watching a Kendo tournament/demonstration, and watching one participant in particular? Mori/Haruhi

Snapped: He's always had a lot of social pressure, but he's always hid any of his true colors in a Cool personality. What happens when the Cool guy finally loses his cool? Kyoya/Haruhi

Newfound Fangs: After an incident with a girl he hosted, Kaoru's been turned into a vampire? How will he control this, and keep his secret from his brother and Haruhi? And what about getting the blood? Kaoru/Haruhi a bit AU, because of the Vampire thing. Has vampire OCs and hunter OCs

The Feline Problem: An accident from one of Nekosawa's spells turns our two favorite Ouran twins into cats. What happens when an Otaku in Renge's Ouran Fanclub finds the two cats and convinces her parents to let her have them? And what if she didn't even know that they were her favorite host members? Kaoru/OC, Hikaru/Haruhi

My Letters From Mori: Remember that girl in episode 12 that tried to become Mori's girlfriend? What happened to her? Why does she care for him, even though they've never really met? What is her story? All will be reveled. I'm giving her a name, a family, and a world beyond the host club. I just read the Manga version, and she's so cute! I now have to change things though...

In the Hosted World: Title subject to change. What about the girls that you see in the show? What do they think of each of their hosts, and what happens to them in the various episodes they are in? It's a huge project I want to do over the summer. I'm going to see where each of the recurring girls are! this is like having OCs, with them being actual people.

The French Host Club: Renge moves back to France, and tries to form a French Host Club. When she gets their, she's surprised to see that most people don't like the host club. but when she finds out that someone's been making Manga for it, she finds fans and forms her own Otaku Host Club "store," that she is in charge of. But will she fall in love with one of the French hosts themselves or will there be someone else? mild Renge/OC, and a lot of OCs/OCs

Telling the Difference: Title is going to change, but I need to find one. Renge has put her mind to it that she's going to find a way to tell the twins apart. But when she leads Kaoru to her home, and he learns more about his least-favorite otaku, he begins to understand who she is, and starts to feel something with her too. Kaoru/Renge Crackfiction!

Affinity: What do ya know, an non-romantic story by me! This is about Chika, and him having to deal with life as Honey's little brother, and also of something that he's denyed himself.

The Satoshi Stories: I have made a new soft side for Mori's little brother! basically a bunch of little stories about cute little abusive Satoshi!

Tasteless: Satoshi wants to find out what he's missing, so he requests the Host Club to help him find his taste buds. What happens when he finds it in Haruhi's cooking? Slight Satoshi/Haruhi crack, which then merges to Mori/Haruhi. A bit Crackish...

Accidents: A short Morinozuka and Haninozuka family story. Mori is sent to teach his little brother how to drive. Unfortuately, Satoshi gets them into trouble... I don't want to reveal much of what I'm doing on this one, so wait...

Second Place: Kaoru thinks, and realizes what he is, and where he has come from, but is uncertain of how to fix it. One thing he is sure of however, is that he might never surpass second place. Angst.

Silent Melodies: In an accident at the host club, Tamaki becomes temporarily deaf. What makes it worse, is that he has a piano concert in a week! Can he learn like Beethoven and get a little help from the female host? Tamaki/Haruhi

Two Knights: Based off of a memory scene in Strix 4's Remember When. Though this was a cute moment, I'd actually want to write out a story of this. It's so intriguing... I'm their personal fangirl, so why not write a fanfiction about their fanfiction, and advertise for them! It's super interesting to work with, and it's becoming a lot longer than I thought.

The Twoshot Collections: A bunch of stories featuring out favorite hosts. Will have one for each, and will either be one-shots or two-shots depending on the character.

One Twin: Hikaru has always known that he missed something. When his mother tells him he had a twin who died in infancy, He's determined to find out more about his lost twin, Kaoru. When this new twin visits him, however, things start to get interesting. Especially when he tries to play matchmaker with the living twin and the class bookworm, Haruhi. AU

My Own Ending: So Hikaru and Haruhi get their happily ever. And Kaoru is stuck in the sidelines, wishing silently for his own. However, when a certain Otaku girl starts showing intrest in the third year, Kaoru finds something he never knew would ever happen: A Happy Ending. Kaoru/Renge fluff

Fire Emblem

Casting Lots: A total Crackfic of Fire Emblem, AUish, and crazy. Heather decides to hold a party with some of her friends where she stole a guy's hat and placed some pieces of parchment in the hat. Each of the girls draw a name from the hat, and whichever guy's name is on the paper they had to kiss on the lips by a certain date, otherwise they will have to pay for dinner. And Ilyana is with them. But no one can guess what will happen when Heather pulls out her paper and finds Ulki's name on it! Some pairings will be possible, some will not.

The Orpheus Complex: You know it's bad when you love a girl that's older than you. but you know its really bad when this person is acting as your guardian. Pre PoR MicaiahxSothe

23 Separate Occasions: Twenty-Three stories about Zihark giving Illyana food. During the FE9 setting, because this comment was given during FE10: "Ah... Zihark..." "So, you remember my name then?" "How could I forget it? You gave me food... glorious food, on 23 separate occasions! But who's counting?" "Apparently, you are..."

Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure

Gao the Unloveable: Gao is bored. Her 'sisters' have all found there partners in life, and she feels like she's missing out. However, considering that many people mistake her for a man, she's not sure how to go about flirting with the opposite gender. Can the manliest woman alive find love? GaoxOC, slight MyaoxOc, and CrowdiaxOc

New Lifetime: With Cornet help, Sharte and Terra turn to become humans, and have good experiences there. I don't want to tell much about this one, but It's going to be fun!

Tales of the Marjorly Sisters: stories about our favorite misfit sisters. might have some Ocs, but I'm not sure. By the way, I have nothing against Cornet, Kururu, or any of the puppets, but I really, really like the Marjorly sisters!

Princess Debut:

Curse of the Lily Hairpin: Sabrina's heard enough. Olive this, Olive that. When she's forced to do the Jive in Olive's clothes, she gives Liam a taste of his own medicine. A hilarious story about dresses insues. Kinda Liam/Sabrina, with Liam's Olive Obsession.

Web of Lies: Liam was with her for seventeen days. When a redheaded prince steals his princess, Liam falls into the darkest depths. He and Sabrina both create a web of lies, her's around Klaus, his around Cynthia. Klaus/Sabrina, Cynthia/Liam, one-sided Liam/Sabrina.

Shugo Chara!:

Misc. Games~ Battle for Wesnoth

No one has written for this bunch, but... (in fact, I reasearched, and I believe I'll be the first! This is why I write for small groups, so that I can do what I want!)

Tales of L'sair: (not sure if I'm spelling her name right) Stories about the Human Princess who almost kills the man she later falls in love with. Epic Spoilers for the "Heir to the Throne" campaign. Will not be started until I study more about L'sair, and at least learn how to correctly spell her name. I haven't played BoW for well over a year, and... yeah. I'll have stories on her. Most will be her centric, some about her and Konrad, some about her Monologue thoughts, and some will be connected stories. I just think that L'sair is one of the most interesting characters I have ever come across. I'm working on her.

I will add more stories for more fandoms as I think them up.

My Pairings: (Doing major Revamp, and will post it when it's done!)

(Here's now it works: I branch out my pairing favorites by favorites, normal pairings, Triangles, Cracks, and Triangle Cracks. Bolds means some of my favorites, Italics mean my favorites for crackfiction, and Underline means my favorite of that fandom. All Three means that it's my favorite pairing that I have, (A.K.A. Darkcaster))

Ben 10:

Ben 10 Faves: Darkcaster, Gwevin, Benlie, CashxGwenxKevin (Hilarious ideas, think of the possibles with this crack!)

Ben 10: Kevlie, Manlen, Max+Verdona

Ben 10 Triangles: CooperxGwenxKevin, DarkstarxGwenxKevin

Ben 10 Cracks: One-sided CooperxJulie, Albelena,

Ben 10 Triangle Cracks: AlbedoxCharmcasterxDarkstar, CooperxJuliexBen,

Rune Factory Frontier:

RFF Faves: RagunaxMist, RagunaxSelphy, Ragunax Rosetta, RagunaxBlanche, DannyxRosettaxRaguna, LutexMinerva, MarcoxCandy, DannyxRosetta

RFF: RagunaxBianca, RagunaxTabatha, RagunaxMelody, RagunaxLara, RagunaxCinnamon, RagunaxUzuki, RagunaxAnette, RagunaxNoire, StellaxKanno, ErikxAnette, DannyxAnette, LutexTabatha,

RFF Triangles: DannyxAnettexErik, LaraxErikxAnette, RagunaxSelphyxFictional Book Characters, RosettaxRagunaxMist, MistxRagunaxRosetta, TabathaxRagunaxBianca,

RFF Cracks: BrodikxBianca, ErikxBianca, LutexSelphy, BrodikxEunice, KrossxAnette, KrossxEunice,

RFF Triangle Crackfics: SelphyxLutexTabatha, BrodikxEunicexRaguna,

Ouran Hight School Host Club: (With this one, I use slash marks, and I call certain pairings certain codeword names because I can't spell the stinking Japanese names)

OHSHC Faves: Haruhi/Tamaki, Haruhi/Mori, Haruhi/Honey, Kyoya/Renge,

OHSHC: Haruhi/Hikaru, Haruhi/Kaoru, Haruhi/Kyoya, Tea Cup Pairing, Childlike Pairing, Coward and Cutie Pairing, Haruhi/Kasonoda

OHSHC Triangles: Kyoya/Haruhi/Tamaki, Kaoru/Haruhi/Hikaru,

OHSHC Cracks: Mori/Renge, Haruhi/Arai, Haruhi/Nekosawa, Nekosawa/Renge,

OHSHC Triangle Cracks: Renge/Mori/Haruhi, Arai/Haruhi/Tamaki,

Vampire Kisses:

VK Faves: MattxBecky!! (No one writes this lovely pairing, why?), RavenxAlexander, AlexanderxLuna

VK: RavenxTrevor, RavenxJagger, JamesonxRuby

VK Triangles: LunaxAlexanderxRaven, BeckyxAlexanderxLuna,

VK Cracks: BeckyxAlexanderxRaven, Onyx+Jagger, LunaxTrevor, LunaxRocco, JaggerxKat,

VK Triangle Cracks: Onyx+JaggerxRaven, TrevorxLunaxAlexander

Fire Emblem: (Only play PoR and RD, sorry!)

Fire Emblem Faves: IkexMia, ZiharkxIlyana, MicaiahxSothe, LuciaxKeiran, LethexRanulf, RolfxMist, OscarxMarcia,

Fire Emblem: IkexElincia, TitaniaxGreil, LuciaxBastian, MakalovxAstrid, LyrexRanulf, KyzaxLyre, BoydxMist, HeatherxVolke, NasalaxLeanne, CallilxLargo,

Fire Emblem Triangles: LuciaxKeiranxMarcia, LyrexRanulfxLethe, BoydxMistxRolf, RolfxMistxBoyd

Fire Emblem Cracks: OscarxTanith, TormodxVika, MicaiahxVolug, HeatherxUlki, Forced MarciaxShinon, JanuffxVika, JanuffxLeanne,

Fire Emblem Triangle Cracks: TanithxOscarxMarcia, TormodxVikaxNasala,

I have noticed something about myself. I like to write about the unnoticed supporting characters. I currently have the first Selphy story in the Rune Factory fandom, and I'm thinking about writing a story in the PJO area about Pollux, another supporting and minor character. no stories have been given about him either. I'm writing a story about Cooper for the thing Jakeward helped to create, that one contest. I'm also writing most of the canon stuff, because I actually like most canon. I may do some crazy crackfics in the F.E. department, because I have weird ideas. I am so random at times. RANDOM FTW!!

A few things you should know about me, myself, and I:

1. I do not like anything yaoi or yuri. End. Of. Story. I will not read it. I read a Bevin once and it still haunts me to this day.

2. I can do some pretty weird pairups. I have no fear of doing total male/female cracks of just about anyone, from almost any of my pairings.

3. I am not afraid to kill some of my OC's.

4. I will not write lemons. End. Of. Story. I wont even write a lime. I'm scared of them. I wont read them either. a lot of older people I know have stopped reading certain literature because of the sex placed in it. I am totally against lemoning (is that a word?) anything.

5. I have my own story to tell. when I'm not working on Fanfics, I'm writing a Fairy Tale. with fairies and everything. however, my fairies are not for the faint of heart. actually, they kind of are.

6. I love talking to people, but I need to know you a little first.

7. I do not swear. not in my stories or otherwise.

8. If I trust you enough, I might show you my non-fanfiction work. I will rarely do that.

Anyway, enjoy my stories!

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Dawn and Dusk by Spider Baby-Firefly reviews
Jagger and Luna live, shall we say, unconventional lives, and they love every minute. Sit back and enjoy the chaos as the terrible twins grow from children to teens to adults. Features Valentine, Alexander, Claude, and more. Wicked fun.
Vampire Kisses - Rated: K+ - English - Family/Friendship - Chapters: 30 - Words: 40,502 - Reviews: 71 - Favs: 36 - Follows: 16 - Updated: 8/14/2011 - Published: 4/4/2009 - Jagger M., Luna M. - Complete
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