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Author has written 3 stories for Naruto, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and Bleach.

I guess you’ll want to know more about me. I’ll try and keep this short and sweet but no promises.

About Me

Sayuri Kanboku is my pen name and one I have used for a very long time. It originated from the meaning of my real name translated to Japanese as I have a very big love for everything oriental.

I also use this name for my other social areas, to which you are welcome to view, follow and join.

Deviant Art:


I am currently on Youtube frequently, producing let’s plays and speedpainting. The let’s plays have commentary over the top, hopefully humorous enough to make you laugh. After the story section I will add a playlist section of my videos I have done. If you like my stories I would greatly appreciate it if you hopped onto my youtube videos and liked them as well as posted a comment.

Say your from Fanfiction and I’ll make sure you get a thank you back.

My stories

I tend to write AU stories that include a bit of romance in there somewhere, making the life of the main character/s quite hard. I prefer making the main character an Original character of my design as they are easier to portray and I can put my own flare into the area.

My longest going story used to be “Metamorphosis” in the Naruto Universe, however reading that back when I matured more, allowed me to see countless errors and the way it was written. So now I have taken to re-writing that story. But when one door closes another opens, as the saying goes. My most recent and seemingly most popular story revolves around the Star Wars the Clone Wars universe, called “On A Mission” I enjoy writing this series, although sometimes I leave it for months at a time because I cannot seem to figure out how I am going to make certain points work.

Another story I have going on is a bleach based one, this is kind of halted at the moment as I haven’t really gone into that story much it only holds a first chapter.

Story Synopsis’

Since I cannot write a very long synopsis in the Fanfiction area, I will write them out here.


You know when people say that you are a monster, sometimes others can state that they have something that makes them feared, one of the tail monsters... A demon, or something else. But you know what the worst is... Being a monster when you have nothing to blame it on. It is you and you alone that is the reason for that has happened, you are to blame... I.. am to blame. I wonder... Can I be saved?

On A Mission

What happens when you go from a place so familiar, that you are in frequently. To one that you have heard of but have never seen, what do you do? The person you spent your time with, that was beside you one moment and gone the next, what happened to them? Where did they go, are you alone? Follow two girls separated when an explosion changes their world... literally, will they find their way back together? But more importantly... will they get home?... Do they want to?

The Second Chance

Dreams... sometimes they can be so vivid, and life can sometimes be so harsh... You know secrets you are not meant to... you act, you pretend to try and cover up all the lies being fed, to try and be happy. But that facade, that mask cracks and breaks away... Constant flashbacks and memories that sometimes you wish you forgot, remind you of those secrets. What should I do?... What can I do?... I guess its time to break the mask.

Youtube Playlists


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