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As Harry Potter (fan)fiction goes, I really enjoy the character of Severus Snape. So, if you fall into that category as well, you'll probably enjoy my story and favorites list. I'm picky when it comes to fanfic, and prefer canon relationships, only AU being perhaps changing events of the later books around. You won't find any slash or smut in my stories or favorites, and probably not much on romance either, especially with Snape, as I just have a hard time seeing him capable of that, at least with anyone other than Lily. For me it will be Snape/Lily forever, anything else and it's going to have to be a pretty incredible tale to get me buy it ;) To date there's only one that I can think of.

"Walking the Line" - my one and only Story, it's been stalled for quite some time now (almost two years, I think) but I've finally gotten back to playimng around with it, so I hope you enjoy the new chapter(s), and revisions (mostly minor).

1. It's really a story about Snape. It's set just after OotP ends, and I've basically taken JKR's building blocks up to that point and left them in place, but I'm rearranging the rest of the pile to finish the story the way I want.

2. This is not a father/son, warm fuzzy, Snape-adopts-Harry, or whatever flavor of that you subscribe to...yes, I am forcing the two together (It's fun!), but I'm really, really trying to make it happen in a way that is plausible, logical, and doesn't distort beyond all recognition the overall plot or characters of the original books.

3. I've got a backstory for Snape that I think fits well with the canon bits we know about him and provides a lot more detail on his motivation and how he could have came to be the way he was by the time we got to meet him in JKR's books. You may or may not like it or agree with it, but hey, go write your own story if that's the case...isn't fanfic wonderful?

4. Please keep asking questions and making detailed comments in the reviews! Not only does it inflate my ego 8) , but it really gives me a gauge to see if I've been effective or not in communicating what I want to communicate. If you see something that doesn't make sense, or seems confusing to you, ask - if it's not deliberate, then it's something that I need to change or expand upon somewhere down the line to make sure it's clear.


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