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Ouran Survey!

1. Who do you think is most like u in personality? Tamaki, though I like to wish otherwise.

2. Who would you date? Anyone but Mori or Hunny. I love them both, but Mori's too quiet, and Hunny would make me feel like a creeper.

3. Who is cutest? Why? Hunny. Come on, his "thing" is being cute!

4. Who's personality do you like best? Kaoru-he's funny and entertaining, but nicer than Hikaru.

5. If you were to go to the host club who would you go for? (lolita, princely, cool etc...) I don't think I'd go honestly... The idea would creep me out. If my friends dragged me along (and they would, I'm sure) I would probably go for Kyoya or Haruhi-the two normal ones.

6. Who should Haruhi have ended up with? Honestly? I'm glad she ended up with Tamaki in the manga-he obviously cared about her- but her personality doesn't fit with either him or Hikaru, she'd be constantly at odds with both of them. As for Kyoya-well, he's the only one who doesn't like her, according to the manga's end, so... none of them, actually. Maybe Bossnova? Yeah, sounds weird, but they got along well.

7. Which depressed Tamaki is your fave? When he just sits in the corner and does puppy-dog eyes.

8. Fave Tamaki-ism? The way he constantly spins dramatically, it's adorable.

9. Fave Hitachiin prank? The fake fight!

10. Ur fave cosplay they did? They're all so awesome... Okay, fine then, the kimono-any of the many times they wore traditional Japanese wear.

11. Fave back story? The twins.

12. Fave episode? The one where they helped Nekozowa and his sister.

13. Did Honey surprise you with his fighting skills? Not really-I've come to expect that sort of thing from manga...

14. Who hates Kyouya and Why? No way! D: He's my favorite character.

15. Do you like Beelzenev? Yes! I want one. My friend has one, but she can't remember where she got it. ;_;

Hiya people.:D So, just as a heads up to those of you who don't know, three stories I help with aren't on this account. I co-write with twilightprincess219 on Soul Trio,"Ties of Fate, Binds of Heart", and "Forbidden Love is the Best Kind", so get check those out if you like.


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