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FanFiction-dot-Net has disabled all links on my profile page -- and probably yours as well -- with exception of the link to my twitter account, and replaced them with links that point back to my FFN profile page. These same links are as they should be on the Edit page, but not here where it is accessible by the public. I am not pleased by this action taken by FFN. All the links I posted are safe and are related to the TSCC fandom for which I create stories.

I also note that my profile page has gotten rather cluttered. Once I have some free time to devote to it exclusively, I'll update the page by removing old information. I wish FFN wasn't disabling links as there is plenty of "story specific"information I could relocate to one or more pages on the Red wiki and I could just post a link to take you there. -- The1Russter April 2, 2017

GREAT NEWS! A friend of mine in Argentina, Guido Echeverri, will be translating my TSCC fanfic, "Reunion," into Spanish. As he completes each chapter he will email them to me and I will post them either here on FFN or another fanfiction site. I'll share more information on this splendid good news just as soon as I have something to share. -- The1Russter August 7, 2017


Resurrection I've been asked repeatedly about the sequel to Reunion. It was put on hold after completing the revised edition of Reunion in late 2012. I was burnt out and needed a break from writing.

During this repose from writing, I unexpectedly became involved in a campaign to bring back TSCC which occupied most of my time in 2013 & 2014. In August 2013, I became the administrator of a wiki focused on Arrow and its spin-offs which I became heavily involved with until the end of the 2015-16 TV season. I did manage to work on a short story, but very little on Resurrection.

On April 7, 2015, I was elevated to admin status on the original TSCC wiki, sarahconnorfans-dot-com, just as I began phasing out involvement in all my extra-curricular online activities so I could focus more on my writing. There's irony for you. ;-) My back has gotten progressively worse and impacts my time I can spend sitting at the computer. I am even contemplating quitting twitter as that has become a major distraction, despite it also becoming a resource of news, entertainment, inspiration and encouragement.

Resurrection is a complex tale involving multiple characters, in many plots over the course of many years with flashbacks and side-trips. It isn't an easy story to write and you could say I'm only just beginning. In October 2015, I began work on an organization chart, a precursor to an outline, that basically describes the story from beginning to end. It breaks down the story into eight parts, and those eight parts into 4 plots. Two major and two minor. From section to section these four plots will change, but for a re-occurring thread which will end up tying everything together. (*The story is now in 9 parts. 11-13-2016)

Nov. 13, 2016: After sending my story synopsis to my Beta Reader the first week of June 2016, I came up with a brilliant new epilogue to the story that both mirrors and completes the story begun with the prologue. This both required a revision to the end of Part 8, and the writing of a synopsis for a new part 9. Part 9 bridges the gap between the events that lead up to the original end of the story and the new ending.

The first draft of the epilogue was completed on July 6, 2016. On Saturday, November 12, 2016, I completed the synopsis to Part 9. It eliminates the more open ended conclusion set up in part 8, and brings to a close a great series. T1 -> T2 -> TSCC -> Reunion -> Resurrection - END

I've decided not to create an outline. I know the complexity of the story should require it, but I'm hoping the synopsis will be sufficient. I'll work on the timeline as I work on the story, that way any conflicts that come up can be fixed at that moment. Finally I can look forward to breaking down my synopsis into its individual sections as separate documents to aid in sorting all the scenes and notes I've written in the last six years. Yeah, there is a lot, just not enough to complete the story. There is a lot of writing to do, but I'm going to cut back on some of what I had planned to simplify the story, just to simplify the story.

UPDATE on Resurrection!

It is now April 2, 2017. Over this past winter, I've not written anything of consequence. Its been one of those winters where I've just ached continually and its not easy to concentrate when you are either aching from the arthritis or lack mental focus from the drowsiness caused by the medication and poor sleep. I have mulled over my full story synopsis and have decided to rearrange some of the events. In one section, to increase the tension, I had two simultaneous actions being carried out by Connor and Co. I've since decided that these two events should occur separately and would allow better development and presentation of both. I've also decided to move a scene from the prologue to the end of Part 1 of Resurrection. It is a very good scene and I've decided for greater impact it should occur later rather than sooner. So, even though I've not committed anything to paper, or to hard drive, I'm still thinking about the story. My lack of writing will soon change, but first I've got to update the operating system on two computers to something more current (anything other than Windows 8 or 10) and I've got to build my home file server and replace my telephone distribution panel for the ground floor. The dampness has ruined some of the devices on the panel in the crawl space and its time to update the entire panel to something more manageable and accessible on the ground floor.

When Resurrection is ready to be posted, I will make an announcement. In the meantime, please enjoy the rich collection of fanfics written by TSCC's many fans.

"What Are Dreams?" -- Has been put on indefinite hold while I work on Resurrection!* I expect it will take about 6-7 chapters to complete the story. Sorry it has taken so long to get around to completing this short story. If you don't presently follow the story, now is a good time to do so to be alerted to new chapters. Updates to current chapters will take place prior to posting new chapters. These updates consist mainly of grammar and spelling corrections, removal of dated author notes, and updating format of chapters to match my current styling.

Progress on WAD has been slow, kind of hard to get back into a 5 year old story with all the distractions I have now. Been trying to change things by working on other stories. that way when I hit a block on one story I can switch to another. Also my arthritis in my low back has been playing up more and when it does it can make sitting painful to uncomfortable and is always a mental distraction to what I'm trying to do.

I've recently had a revelation on how to shorten WAD by a few scenes so I can lessen the amount of time spent writing. It means cutting out some fun action scenes and an emotionally dramatic scene, but with any luck I can use them in a future story. -- The1Russter Aug. 7, 2017

Get to know me: My name is Russell. I am a 48 year old, single adult male. I've worked as a draftsman in various fields, including architecture, civil engineering and electrical engineering. My preferred field is Electrical Engineering. I've also spent a lot of time building and rebuilding computers. In my twenties and thirties I dedicated a lot of time renovating my home. I have Associates Degrees in Architecture and in Electrical Engineering. Late in 2009 I began accepting Social Security Disability as arthritis was making it harder and harder to do the work I was trained for, and impossible to do the only other jobs available to do at the time. It is not something I readily admit to but I feel you should know and perhaps come to some better understanding of who I am.

You can contact me through my email address above or one of the services below.

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The Locket is a new story based on my annual Valentine's Day series which began as a one-shot in 2010. I posted a new story in the series each year until 2013. Not liking the story I posted February 2013, I wrote and posted a replacement in April 2013. After completing the replacement one-shot for 2013, I continued writing until I had four more parts to the story. After giving it some thought, I decided to repackage the annual multi-part story into a single short story with multiple chapters. With that decision being made, I renamed the story as The Locket. I've even created an original cover for it to be used in conjunction with the story. I may have to delete the original Valentine's Day stories to comply with this websites rules, but I think I've changed the content significantly enough for inclusion in The Locket not to do so.

I posted the first chapter of The Locket just in time for Valentine's Day 2014. I posted additional chapters every few weeks to give me time to work on the story in time so the final chapter to be posted in time for Valentine's Day 2015. Because chapters 1 through 6 tie in heavily with existing episodes, it would be handy if you had a copy of the episode transcripts on hand while reading. Transcripts can be found at Depot 37.

For those chapters set within season 1 and 2, I do not divert from established stories. The only purpose those chapters serve is to add to or embellish what we've seen and heard for the purpose of telling my tale. This is not an alternate universe story. While we're on the topic of classification, just because the last four chapters take place in the post-season 2 future, that doesn't make this a season 3 story. The Locket is a romantic story featuring John and Cameron with subtle references to "Romeo and Juliet" and subtle references to "Wizard of Oz" woven in.

For more information on The Locket, please visit The Locket page at the Sarah Connor Fans wiki. There are chapter summaries, identification of which chapters are based on which annual Valentine's Day story. Based on information gleaned from watching episodes and reading transcripts, there is information on which episodes and dates the chapters fit in and around. You will see why it's probably handy to have a copy of the transcripts or actual recordings of the episodes, especially in the first five chapters.

The Locket

Chapter 1 . . . Posted: Feb. 13, 2014
Chapter 2 . . . Posted: Mar. 29, 2014
Chapter 3 . . . Posted: Apr. 30, 2014
Chapter 4 . . . Posted: June 6, 2014
Chapter 5 . . . Posted: July 12, 2014
Chapter 6 . . . Posted: Sept. 3, 2014
Chapter 7 . . . Posted: Sept. 11, 2014
Chapter 8 . . . Posted: Oct. 10, 2014 . . Updated: Oct. 11, 2014 . . Updated: Oct. 25, 2014
Chapter 9 . . . Posted: Nov. 6, 2014 . . . Updated: Nov. 21, 2014 . . Updated: Feb. 17, 2015
Chapter 10 . . Posted: Dec. 7, 2014 . . . Updated: Feb. 9, 2015
Chapter 11 . . Posted: Dec. 12, 2014
Chapter 12 . . Posted: Jan. 12, 2015 . . .Updated: Feb. 10, 2015
Chapter 13 . . Posted: Feb. 2, 2015 . . . COMPLETED!

The entire story is rated T. Chapter 13 contains one scene which is rated M. I refuse to rate an entire story M for just one scene.
I expect people to show some judgment so that when warned they may encounter something not suitable for their age or maturity.
Who knows, maybe I'll find the time to rewrite the romantic scene to fit a T rating and avoid the whole rating mess.


Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles is my absolute favorite TV show. It deserved better treatment than it got. I was very disappointed when the word came through that TSCC was being canceled. That made me depressed and angry. It made me determined to make the first edition of Reunion as good a story as I could make it. However, as much as I enjoy writing my story and reading all the nice things you say, I would rather be rejoicing at the news of the upcoming broadcast of Season 3 of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. We don't always get our dreams fulfilled. I just hope that my story, Reunion, will fulfill your dreams of what Season 3 could be.

I am not a professional writer. The original edition of Reunion, written in 2009 & 2010 and later replaced by the revised edition 2010 - 2012, was the first fictional story I had written since I was 13 years of age and in middle school. I have a deep appreciation for the excellent work put into Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles by the writers and actors, and an appreciation for good stories. I am an avid reader and enjoy stories with complex plots, with twists and turns, and good character development. It was my hope that Reunion would be respectful to the TV series that inspired me and maintain the style of writing that I like to read. It was not my intention to write what I expected or wanted for a season 3 of TSCC, or to write a story in the style of the shows writers. My only goal was to write a story that would be entertaining. It was a pleasure reading all of your reviews. I look forward to writing more and reading more of what you think of my work. This has been a life changing moment for me and I hope, given enough time and exposure, I can turn this new found love of writing into a new career.

An open letter to critics and fans alike which you may want to read before reading Reunion. It explains some of the history behind the writing and revision and why the story is what it is. It also contains a refrained reply to the worst critics who take this stuff way to seriously and/or need to learn some manners.

Reunion is a complex story told in a complex way, like the series that inspired it. It's not for all TSCC fanfiction readers but because of its complexity, if you really want to know what's going on, you have to read every chapter - no skimming! - and pay attention to detail. By paying attention to what is going on and remembering what you've previously read, you'll understand more about what is happening. Even after reading the completed story from first to last chapter, some things may still be confusing. By reading certain chapters as they occur based on the calendar and not in the order I've placed them, some details should be more apparent and give greater clarity to why certain characters are doing what they are doing when they do them. I've put together a list that reorganizes all of the chapters in Chronological order. It may help with some details.

REUNION Revised Edition In one complete volume, retold with with new and revised chapters. Story begins with BTR and quickly advances from there. John finds himself abandoned and alone in the future. Sarah Finds herself in the same situation in the present. They each form new alliances and continue fight against Sky Net. On a whole the story has a T rating, but for a few scenes. I will individually label chapters that contain scenes of an M rating.

REUNION, enhanced with images and music, is also available on: &

I created a book cover for my story. It can be found through the links above. I claim no rights to the artwork or logos. Those belong to their creators or copyright holders.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles


01 - Prologue: Born to Run - Posted 11-26-2010 - updated 01-28-2011
Part 1:The Shadow of Death
2027: Young John Connor finds himself in a future where he isn't known. Using his knowledge and skills he quickly comes to the forefront of the resistance. He makes new friends and form alliances. His closest friends are Kyle Reese, who in another time rescued his mother and became his father; Allison Young, who in another future was the pattern on which Cameron was modeled on; Catherine Weaver, a female liquid metal terminator who aids John Connor; and John Henry, he took Cameron's chip yet his mission is far more critical than John's love for Cameron.
2009: In present day Los Angeles, Sarah Connor pursues her mission to help her son and stop Judgment Day. James Ellison finds himself under scrutiny of both the LAPD and FBI. But, he has friends in both Law Enforcement Agencies. But what dark secret is keeping Agent Auldridge and Det. Macklin from discovering the truth. Can Sarah Connor rely on James Ellison or his friends? Sarah receives unexpected help from the future. Together they save Savannah and Ellison. Now they must rely on Macklin and Auldridge for help. Can they stop Judgment Day? Events steer them ever closer in a tightening web of fear, terror, and pure evil. The Future Will Never Be The Same Again!
02 - 01 Not in Kansas Anymore 2027 - Posted 11-26-2010 - updated 12-30-2010 - updated 08-24-2014
03 - 02 The World is Gray 2027 - Posted 11-26-2010 - updated 12-01-2010
04 - 03 On My Own 2009 - Posted 12-01-2010
05 - 04 The Tin Man 2027 - Posted 12-01-2010 - updated 12-06-2010
06 - 05 Friends in the Shadow, Enemies in the Light 2009 - Posted 12-05-2010
07 - 06 Ghosts from the Past 2027 - Posted 12-05-2010 - updated 08-30-2011
08 - 07 Rescue & Revelations 2009 - Posted 12-10-2010 - updated 08-30-2011
09 - 08 Control Your Destiny 2027 - Posted 12-15-2010 - updated 12-18-2010 Rated M for sexual content
10 - 09 Seeds of Destiny 2027 - Posted 12-17-2010
11 - 10 Trust and Fear 2009 - Posted 01-04-2011
12 - 11 Changing The Rules 2027 - Posted 01-19-2011 Rated M for sexual content
13 - 12 Murphy's Law 2027 - Posted 01-19-2011
14 - 13 The Art of War 2027 - Posted 01-23-2011
15 - 14 They Carry Death 2027 - Posted 01-26-2011
16 - 15 APOCALYPSE 2009 - Posted 01-29-2011 Rated M for sadistic violence

Part 2: Armageddon
2027: John Connor has been appointed leader of the Los Angeles Resistance. His first task is to lead the people out of the bunkers as Sky Net once again purges humans from the area. Leading them to safety he encounters both new and old friends who have rallied to his call for unity against Sky Net. After a day of great joy and sadness, John with assistance from the survivors of the regular armed forces launches an attack on Sky Net's central compound. Together they fight Sky Net to win, but victory may come at a great cost to John Connor.
17 - 16 Destiny Bites - Posted 04-06-2011 - updated 06-23-2013
18 - 17 Declaration of War - Posted 04-06-2011
19 - 18 Valley of Peace - Posted 04-06-2011 - updated 02-29-2012
20 - 19 The Soldier's Lament - Posted 04-27-2011 - an all new chapter See note 1 below
21 - 20 Escape from Hell - Posted 05-03-2011
22 - 21 Against All Odds - Posted 05-14-2011 - an all new chapter. See note 2 below
23 - 22 Tears of Joy and Sorrow - posted 07-30-2011
24 - 23 More Complications - posted 08-07-2011
25 - 24 Nowhere is Safe - posted 08-14-2011 - updated 08-26-2011
26 - 25 Two Goodbyes - posted 09-25-2011
27 - 26 Race Against the Machines - posted 11-06-2011 - updated 08-30-2015
28 - 27 A Friend in Need - posted 12-30-2011 - updated 01-19-2013 - updated 08-30-2015
29 - 28 Don't Tread on Me - posted 01-17-2012 - updated 10-21-2012 - updated 02-21-2013
30 - 29 Into the Abyss - posted 01-22-2012 - updated 01-30-2012 - updated 02-21-2013
31 - 30 Storming the Gates of Hell - posted 01-27-2012 - updated 02-21-2013
32 - 31 Survival of the Fittest - posted 02-03-2012 - updated 03-19-2013
33 - 32 The Price of Victory - posted 02-17-2012 - updated 03-16-2012 - updated 03-19-2013

Sky Net is destroyed, but the machines are still active. Trapped and with nowhere else to go, and with nothing to lose but the future, John Connor returns to 2009 with his friends and the survivors of the battle of Topanga Canyon. Their common goal, to stop Judgment Day. John's other goals, to restore his family and reunite with the one person who loves him more than any other person on Earth, and to bring justice to the one person who is responsible for so much death.
34 - 33: Home Again - posted 04-27-2012 - updated 12-27-2013
35 - 34: Remember & Forget
- posted 05-04-2012 - A new chapter! See note 3 below for more information.
36 - 35: The Coming Storm - posted 05-18-2012
37 - 36: Missing Pieces - posted 05-28-2012 - updated 03-28-2013 - A new chapter! See note 4 below for more information.
38 - 37: The Last Battle - posted 06-04-2012 - updated 06-05-2012
39 - 38: The Final Victory - posted 06-13-2012
40 - 39: Day of Redemption - posted 06-24-2012 - updated 06-27-2012
41 - 40: Reunion - posted 07-06-2012
42 - 41: A New Beginning - posted 08-06-2012
43 - 42: 2029 Something Old,... - posted 09-22-2012
44 - 43: 2029 Something New,... - posted 09-22-2012 - updated 01-24-2013
45 - 44: 2029 Something Borrowed,... - posted 10-01-2012
46 - 45: 2029 Something Blue,... - posted 10-01-2012
47 - 46: Babylon Falls - posted 10-07-2012 - updated 10-08-2012
48 - 47: Going Home - Posted 10-12-2012 - Rated M for sexual content
49 - Epilogue - posted 10-12-2012 - updated 03-28-2013
- - - P1: Back In Kansas
- - - P2: 2029 ...And a sixpence in her shoe.
- - - P3: The TX Arrives/Final Goodbye

1) The Soldier's Lament depicts for the most part Derek's experiences and means of escape from the work camp headed by Charles Fischer, and Derek's meeting up with the regular forces. I thought it necessary to show the hardships and the dark side of the future under Sky Net.

2) Possibly my favorite all new chapter of the revised edition. Against all Odds depicts the life Sarah, Savannah, and Cameron had in the eighteen years post Judgment Day before John Connor arrives. Cameron has both the adult Sarah Connor as an example of what an adult woman is like and she has for her companion Savannah Weaver who grows up from child to teenager to adulthood. From both these ladies Cameron learns what it is to be both human and a female. Sarah pretty much stays Sarah, but with Savannah, she gets to be more of a mom than she was with John. If this story was made into a series or film I could easily see Lena as Sarah up until the scene where Savannah, now an adult, is sent by Sarah on a mission. From that scene onward I could see Linda Hamilton reprising her role in the future story.

3) While working on new material for part 3 of my story, I've come up with a new chapter, called Remember & Forget based on new and existing material. By placing this chapter between the first two, it puts all present day events in chronological order.

4) Some time ago I put together a time-line of present day events as they occurred in part 1; as the group from the future of part 2 would begin to interact in present day events of Part 1, things would begin to change. I thought I had taken care of everything but discovered I had unintentionally skipped an entire day in Part 3 of the original edition. If you have a copy of that first edition it is readily apparent as in one chapter we start off on one day and two scenes later it is the next day. So I've taken the time to put together a small chapter utilizing some scenes from Part 1 present day events in new edition and present day events from Part 3 old edition and wrote some new scenes to join it all together so we have one complete day from dawn to dusk. Taking inspiration from the situation, I've named the chapter Missing Pieces.

5) In the fall of 2011 when you were waiting patiently for the next chapters of Part 2 of Reunion - look above at the dates - I took some time to rework the chapters set in 2029. I did this based on new background information I included for Kate Brewster and her father General Brewster. They say some things which lend themselves to have experienced something like the events of the movie Terminator 3, but with a better or different outcome than the film. So that got me to thinking. What if something happened in the future that caused a division in time. An offshoot of a very different future compared to what we've seen. It took me a while to work out the details plus many other plot points that needed work. All the chapters set in 2029 are very different to the original edition, only sharing a few scenes which have been reworked as well.

6) The chapters, Babylon Falls & Going Home were originally just one chapter in the first edition. The first portion of that original chapter was thematically different to the second portion. After a great deal of thought, I eventually divided them giving each their own name to suit their theme. Going Home received the story of Cameron's death from that future John visited, where it should have been in the first edition. It also got some more scene time of Sarah & Kyle.

7) The Epilogue was greatly revised. The order of events has been changed. No longer are we in Central America but still in the states. The scene where we learn of Cameron's final moment in the future was moved to Going Home so it no longer clashes with 2029. It also allowed me to take 2029 someplace new than compared to before. The final part is almost exactly what was in the original, but the scene of everyone driving to the border was adopted from the first edition of Going Home and expanded to include the Connors, ending on a happier outlook for future of our main characters despite the new threat that has just arrived.

Why the Revision? Being this story was my first work of fiction since I was in middle school, about the time Summer Glau was born, I knew it was a rough piece of work. Part 1 of the original edition definitely showed its weak spots as Part 2 and then Part 3 were written. My intent was to just improve the quality of Part 1 of the story and replace the posted chapters. Unfortunately, after much debate with my Beta Reader, I succumbed and converted the 1st person POV chapters of Part 1 into 3rd person POV. I loved it and decided to go with it However, this threw off the chapter numbers from the original edition as the conversion expanded the chapters forcing them to be divided into two. If I had just replaced the chapters then existing reviews would have no longer matched up with the chapters they were meant for. I had no choice but to remove the original edition from this site. Since I had to remove it, I took the time to look at Parts 2 & 3. I realized that despite them being already edited for this new edition, the 3rd person conversion to Part 1 brought in many new elements that had to be addressed in Parts 2 & 3. Also, it allowed me the chance to remove some repetitive material from the first edition. During the course of editing the chapters told in 1st Person POV to 3rd person, some lines slipped past both my Beta Reader and myself, so you'll come across the odd sentence that stands out as being in the wrong voice. I apologize for that. I hope to fix it at sometime in the future.

The revised edition of Reunion is basically the same story as the original, only with improvements. It is not a rewrite. This was and is my thinking on the matter:

1) Rewrite would mean a complete redraft of the entire story including changes to key plot points; elimination and addition of characters; and changes to dialog and situations. Such an effort would produce a story completely different or substantially different from the original.
2) Revision would mean minor changes to dialog; developing secondary characters more; adding new scenes, new dialog, new characters; changes to minor plot elements. Story remains essentially the same, but with improvements.

During the last several months, I've come to discover, the line between rewrite and revision is quite thin and can be easily crossed. There are a few chapters I could point to that have been so radically updated compared to the original, only the basics of characters and locations remain the same. However such changes are done to get the point of the original scene across in a better means.

So if you read the Revised Edition expecting a completely different story, you are wrong. If it were a different story to the original, then I would have posted it under a new name. However, there are significant improvements to the story that greatly expands the character development and gives greater clarification to peoples motives and thoughts, especially to the first fifteen chapters.

In the original edition, I purposely left things vague as to why people were doing things. I wanted to leave it to the reader to figure it out for themselves based on the accumulation of information gleaned from all that the characters did or said throughout the entire story. In a lot of ways I was very pleased by the results based on the comments and questions in the reviews of that first edition. When it came time to revise the story, I thought maybe it was time to reveal some of what was behind the curtain, so to speak.

I still have the original edition of Reunion, plus an unseen 2nd edition that I never shared. The 2nd Edition is basically like the first edition, only Catherine Weaver's story is expanded in part 1, the interludes of part 2 are integrated into the main story instead of breaking up the flow of the primary story, and Part 3 is exactly the same as in the first edition. If it weren't for Fanfiction rules regarding duplicate stories on its site, I would have loved to have kept the original story up for a few months after completing the final revision, just for fun.


Discussions on Reunion are being held:

On the Terminator wiki:

On the Summer Glau . com:

A reviewer mentioned on May 22, 2012 that my story is mentioned on TV Tropes: I don't know if that is a good or a bad thing, but I guess any and all exposure is good. I've visited the site often and every time I do something has been changed.

Thanks for all of the great reviews everyone. I put my best effort into these stories and I appreciate it when you take your time to let me know what you think. Thank you.


Please do not reproduce my work in any format or on any device without my permission and especially not for profit. I claim all rights to my stories and the characters, situations and dialog of my creation. All rights regarding characters, names and situations belong to those who hold the rights to Terminator and Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Right now there are only three people who have my permission to reproduce Reunion. Steve's Place, who was converting my story into a format that can be easily read by text-2-speech software for the blind; Marcia Litman, who was translating my story into Portuguese on this website; and Martin who has been diligently translating my story into Czech. Any person wishing to redistribute my work should ask my permission first, as these people have done.

Since beginning writing in 2009, and even since starting on the revised edition of Reunion, portable electronic books like Kindle have entered the market, plus software that emulate these electronic books on portable computers, tablets and other mobile devices. I realize said devices and software make reading stories easier and more convenient. I have no problem with readers downloading my stories onto these devices so long as they are not edited for content, other than removing "Author's Notes." I expect my work to be respected as I would respect yours.

Thank you.




Future Writings I do have some ideas for a sequel to Reunion titled Resurrection. Like its parent, it will consist of a series of shorter stories each with their own title. I won't divulge any details as yet as I'm still in the brainstorming stage. Just so you know, I've seeded in details in Reunion that will get picked up in the sequel. I've also have begun writing scenes that will appear in the sequel. Unlike this revised edition, I may post each section of Resurrection as its own story. I have a lot of ideas and it only remains as to which ones will prevail.

To learn more about this project, and join in any discussion, go to: What will the future bring now that Reunion is finished?


My thoughts regarding the first edition of Reunion.

I should explain that Reunion wasn't originally intended as a Season 3 fanfiction when I began writing it in April 2009. It was written purely for fun at the urging of a friend I met online. He encouraged me to share the story. I did and I have been astounded and humbled by the generous comments I have received. It was only after the announcement that TSCC wasn't going to be renewed that I worked at turning Reunion into a Season 3 story. The revision was part of that process. One reviewer suggested it would make a season 3, 4 & 5! I don't know the details of the producers had in mind for season 3. All they've ever given us is just broad hints, some of which came astoundingly close to my own story, but that's just coincidence. I'm sure other writer's have come close as well without even trying just as I did.

I'd like to take a moment to apologize to the fans of the Sarah Connor character, so wonderfully portrayed by Lena Headey. My original idea for the story was going to be centered around her character, but as I began writing John Connor's part of the story, that part just took over. If I write a sequel, then I will try to correct that and give more balance. (See Future Writings above for more on possible sequel.)

I know Reunion appears solely focused on John Connor, and being the hero of the Terminator verse, he is rightly the central character. However, you may note the strong role Cameron plays throughout the entire story. She makes hard difficult choices at times, and sometimes its the wrong choice, then she has to live with the consequences of those choices. We're seeing a Cameron that has grown up a lot in eighteen years without John to protect.

The future story of Reunion takes place in an alternate future to what we've seen in future glimpses in the TV series. I've taken the position that the future has changed by John traveling forward and thus everything we've been lead to believe that has happened in the future hasn't. We do get to briefly see the future as depicted in the series as we visit that future to get answers in Part 3. I didn't want to recreate that future as other Season 3 fanfic writers have done for my entire story. I wanted to create something original, that stands apart from other writers excellent work, but remains loyal to the TV series that inspired it with tie-ins to it and the films. The Terminator franchise is an excellent universe of possibilities. My hat goes off to James Cameron, the genius behind T1 & T2, and Josh Friedman, the producer of TSCC.

I have been asked about the title reference for REUNION a number of times after I first began sharing it. I've already shared it with a few people so maybe it wouldn't hurt to share it now with everyone. "Reunion" refers to the ultimate reunion that will occur at the story's end. However, that isn't the only reunion that occurs. There are a few "reunions" of a sort that occur within the story. Some of which will surprise you.

I'm going to reveal something about Reunion that so far a great many readers haven't noticed. The whole story, TSCC S1 & S2 and Reunion, plays on being a metaphor for the film "The Wizard of Oz" John going into the future is Dorothy going over the rainbow. He encounters people much like those he knew in the past but they are different. Weaver is the equivalent of the Snake-oil salesman being the Wizard. She has a plan a means for saving John and the world in some grand scheme, but in truth she's just a con man running the biggest con of her life. Kyle is the scarecrow, loyal, brave and true. John Henry is the Tin-man, mechanically he doesn't have a heart, but shows he has one all the same. Andy is a bit like the Cowardly Lion, scared in tense situations, but when called on, shows his true mettle. Then there's Cameron. She is both the dream and the reality. John discovers a Cameron in the future much like his own but very different. He felt love for her and she for him, but his Cameron was back home in reality. For John to get his Cameron back, he had to leave behind the dream. He had to go back over the rainbow to discover that all he needs and wants is right there in his own back yard with the people who love him, and he loves in turn. The only way that could happen was for the dream to shatter, sending John back into reality.


Reunion - The Un-Official Soundtrack

While I was working on the original edition of Reunion, I drew inspiration by listening to the music from the Terminator films (1-4) and TSCC. I found that some of these songs fit some scenes and/or chapters very well. As I began looking for quotes that fit the themes or chapter titles, I would find songs that fit themes or scenes within my story. Some songs I found were just happy accidents as their titles or lyrics perfectly fit the chapter titles. It wasn't long before I compiled all the music into playlists for Reunion with the idea of having song cues within each chapter of when to start each song. When I created the revised edition, expansion of certain chapters and the addition of others, resulted in both the addition and subtraction of songs to the playlists. Unfortunately, I never selected songs specifically for the story in the future flashback chapters. No great harm as the songs I would have used are found in the rest of the playlists. I removed the song cues for the revised edition of Reunion, but the sequence can be guessed at by the chapter titles, themes, scenes, and events. Some songs are used more than once, like Sarah's theme.

Unfortunately, my playlists are currently unavailable for listening to while reading. Grooveshark closed their site April 30, 2015, due to copyright violations. I'm disappointed as that means you can no longer listen to the playlists I so carefully crafted to accompany Reunion. However, you can see the complete list of all music I used at Reunion - The UnOfficial Soundtrack at the Sarah Connor Fans wiki and compile your own playlists from the same resources as I used.


Thanks for reading my stories. I hope you will also read some of the author's and their stories on my favorites lists. There is a lot of good talent on this site. Future writer's of TSCC would do well to peruse some our work for any future productions of TSCC. And they'd better give us the credit and damn nice check too. ;-)

God Bless,


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A romantic adventure that begins in Season 1 of TSCC w/ John giving a locket to Cameron. As their time together continues, Cameron experiences changes within following the car bombing. They grow closer following Riley's death. John chases Cameron into the unknown future, where their relationship grows. Features appearances by many characters in regular or cameo roles. 13 Chapters.
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Cameron tries to help the Connors celebrate the day, only her knowledge of Kyle R. is like a bomb going off, with everyone scattering. Ultimately, each of them comes to realize the importance of the day. Cameron's final actions that day help John, Sarah and Derek honor Kyle Reese in the only way they can, by being a family. For all the Dad's out there and the people with Dad's.
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