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Welcome to my site. It is kinda bland, but I will try to spice it up eventually. I love to read fanfiction (to read in general really), and I am starting one of my own up here pretty soon. It'll be an Alice/Bella fic called Rain Falling.

Okay, so my name is Jade, I'm 22, and I am currently living in Colorado. That's not too much info is it? Haha. Anyway I recently graduated, and will be going to med school in the fall. I play soccer, and pretty much any sport under the sun (or moon). I have a cat, Riddick, and two chickens, Homer and The Red Lady. HAHA, maybe that last part was a little to much info lol. Hmm...Anway thanks again for stopping by!

Oh and here is a poem from Bella's POV in Rain Falling. This will be in a later chapter..I guess it's a sneak preview...Enjoy!

Rain Enchantment

by: Jadefade

A beautiful sunset rests behind the cold sharp mountains

Only a glimpse can be caught as it disappears completely

The yellow, orange, and reds that once played out before me vanish

Leaving only a dark and desolate landscape

Darting eyes and a racing heart

An open field leaves a feeling of vulnerability

Rolling clouds have thickly hidden the stars above them

A rumble from the distances echo’s in my ears

The first drops crash haphazardly to the ground

An almost infinite number following suite

The earth drinks deeply from the sky

All fears seemed to leave my mind

As I tilt my head and close my eyes

I let the rain and darkness wash over me

I let it take me

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